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Vagon Brei

Searching for Merlin's weapon that would destroy ascended beings, SG-1 visited Camelot on PX1-767. There they were told that the Sangreal, the Holy Grail that was the key to Merlin's device, was no longer there, but that King Arthur and his knights had left to quest for the Sangreal long ago. It was said that they had journeyed to three distant lands mentioned in Merlin's prophecy: Castiana, Sahal, and Vagon Brei. Daniel was able to determine the location of Vagon Brei by researching the legend of Sir Gawain. Gawain was a knight of the Round Table, and in one of his earliest incarnations, an old Welsh tale, he went on a quest to help rescue a lost love. The legend says that Sir Gawain, also known as Gwalchmei, visited several lands over the course of his adventure, including a place called "Gwlad gan brenhinol gwir," which is Welsh for "the land of royal truth." Translated into Ancient, the name becomes "Verus Gen Bree," or Vagon Brei. Continuing his search for references to Gawain in Merlin's library, Daniel discovered a volume dedicated to Gawain's adventures, including a depiction of a sword he once carried. In the illustration, the blade of the sword was engraved with the symbols of a gate address: 3-8-2-12-19-30 (if read from the hilt down the blade).

SG-1 gated to Vagon Brei and found a misty world of decaying buildings. There were no signs of birds or wildlife, and the inhabitants had long since become skeletons, many of whom seemed to have died in their beds. Records in the village archive described a cave overlooking the village that was once home to Morgan Le Fay, and they made mention of a mysterious sleeping sickness that many blamed on Morgan's curse. SG-1 was joined by medical personnel, but as members of the team began to fall ill and slip into a deep sleep from which they could not be awakened, it was determined that the illness was due to a microscopic parasite. A lizard discovered in the cave was the only sign of animal life, and its natural immunity provided the key to develop an antidote.

No clue to the location of the Sangreal was found on Vagon Brei, however, Daniel noticed that the coordinates of Castiana, Sahal, and Vagon Brei formed an equilateral triangle, and the addition of PX1-767 as a departure point formed a tetrahedron, a perfect pyramid, a discovery that suggested more than coincidence. A computer search of permutations for planetary designations made up of symbols from all three addresses returned only one result, and SG-1 journeyed next to that world to continue their quest.

Cross Reference: Bernard Ackerman, Camelot, Castiana, Dr. Grimsby, Merlin's Weapon, Morgan Le Fay, PX1-767, Dr. Reimer, Sahal, Sangreal, Sangreal Planet, Sleeping Sickness, Vagon Brei Lizard, Vagon Brei Parasite

Episode Reference: Camelot, Morpheus, The Quest

Stargate Coordinates: 3-8-2-12-19-30

Address for Vagon Brei