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Sangreal Planet

SG-1 had learned that King Arthur and his knights had set off on their quest for the Sangreal, the Holy Grail that is the key to Merlin's weapon, long ago, and their journey had taken them to Castiana, Sahal, and Vagon Brei. A search of those worlds turned up nothing, but Daniel discovered that the coordinates of the three planets formed an equilateral triangle. When the coordinates for Camelot of PX1-767 were added, a tetrahedron, a perfect pyramid, was formed. A dream sent by Adria had brought Vala to the same conclusion, a recognition that the pyramid is the visual representation of "three into one" that was significant beyond coincidence. A search through potentially hundreds of permutations for planetary designations made up of symbols from the three addresses returned only one result: 30-19-34-9-33-18.

The world where the Sangreal had been hidden had been protected by Morgan Le Fay, who had put many safeguards in place to ensure that the Sangreal could only be secured by "those possessing truth of spirit." She had rendered the planet inaccessible to ships by making it invisible from space, thus preventing its destruction by enemies from orbit. She had ensured that the powers of ascended beings, such as the telekinetic abilities granted by the Ori, would be neutralized on the planet. According to local legend, the Sangreal was located in a cave beneath a lone mountain beyond the outlying forest, but the journey was fraught with peril and in the thousands of years that adventurers had been seeking the Grail, no one had ever returned from the quest alive. Ages ago, Morgan Le Fay enchanted the area with a terrible curse, and the Sangreal itself was said to be protected by the most powerful of magical beasts, a dragon.

SG-1 arrived on the planet by stargate and discovered a village of medieval Celtic origins similar to the village of Camelot. In the village library, they met Osric, the keeper of the archive, who showed them the Parchment of Virtues, an Ancient scroll left by Morgan herself as a guide for knights of noble spirit. Following the words of the Parchment, SG-1 carefully negotiated each of the tests that Morgan had put into place: a time distortion maze, a force field trap, a crying child, a series of riddles, a wall of fire, and a fire breathing dragon. However, both Adria and Ba'al also sought the Sangreal and Merlin's weapon, and they had preceded SG-1 to the planet. Circumstances demanded that they cooperate in their quest, and so they journeyed together until at last they came to a vast and deep cavern with a long narrow causeway leading to a pedestal with an Ancient transporter obelisk and a dais holding a holographic image of the blood-red stone. Grasping the Sangreal image caused the obelisk to activate, which worked in conjunction with the planet's stargate to instantly transport SG-1 and Ba'al to Merlin's cave. In a final safeguard, however, the device detected Adria's Ori nature, and she was left behind.

Cross Reference: Adria, Ancient Transporter, Ba'al, Camelot, Castiana, Force Field Trap, Merlin's Cave, Merlin's Weapon, Morgan Le Fay, Osric, Parchment of Virtues, Sahal, Sangreal, Sangreal Dragon, Time Distortion Maze, Vagon Brei

Episode Reference: The Quest

Stargate Coordinates: 30-19-34-9-33-18

Address for the Sangreal Planet