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The log in Merlin's phase-shift device revealed the gate address to PX1-767, the planet on which Merlin had hidden his weapon capable of destroying ascended beings. SG-1 visited the planet in search of the device and found the village of Camelot, the past and future home of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. Despite a thorough search of Merlin's library, the weapon was not to be found, however SG-1 learned from Meurik, the governor of Camelot, that the Sangreal they sought might be found on Castiana, Sahal, or Vagon Brei. Eventually a combination of the coordinates for those three worlds produced a gate address that would lead to Merlin's weapon.

Cross Reference: Camelot, Castiana, Merlin's Phase-Shift Device, Merlin's Weapon, Sahal, Sangreal, Vagon Brei

Episode Reference: Camelot

Stargate Coordinates: 20-2-35-8-26-15

Address for PX1-767