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Solek had operated as second in command to Anateo, one of Netan's lieutenants in the Lucian Alliance who intended to challenge Netan's position as leader. Anateo lured the Odyssey with false information and ambushed the ship, and Solek was among the 15 men under his command who boarded Odyssey and took the crew hostage. Solek isolated Carter and Colonel Emerson, the commander of the Odyssey, and he brought them before Anateo, who ordered Carter to remove the ship's transponder, but when Emerson ordered her not to cooperate, Solek killed Emerson as leverage to force Carter's cooperation.

Solek also delivered the removed transponder to Borzin, an operative on a nearby planet, were its signal would lure the rest of SG-1. When Daniel and Vala followed the signal to the planet, Solek zatted and captured them both, bringing them aboard Odyssey to join the other prisoners. However, Daniel and Vala eventually managed to escape the ship's hold, and Vala realigned the ship's transporter to beam Solek away. He was not among the Lucian prisoners who were recovered when SG-1 regained control of the ship, and he may have been beamed into space, as was Anateo, by the instability of the realigned beaming technology.

Portrayed by: Sean Campbell

Cross Reference: Anateo, Borzin, Paul Emerson, Lucian Alliance, Netan

Episode Reference: Company of Thieves