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Paul Emerson

Colonel Paul Emerson was the first commanding officer of the USS Odyssey. During Odyssey's shakedown cruise, Emerson and his crew were called into action to rescue SG-1 from P6G-452, where they had been captured by members of the Lucian Alliance. Emerson beamed the team to safety aboard the ship just as they were about to be killed. During the encounter with the Lucian Alliance, Odyssey was also diverted to investigate the theft of dozens of missing stargates, and Emerson confronted both Ba'al and the Lucian Alliance in his new untested ship before successfully recovering the stolen gates.

When a newly formed Ori supergate was discovered near P3Y-229, Emerson and the Odyssey retrieved SG-1 and joined an armada of allied ships to face the Ori invasion. An attempt to replace a dialing crystal on the supergate to prevent the gate from activating failed, and as the Ori ships entered the galaxy, Odyssey was badly damaged in battle. Afterward, Emerson confronted the Lucian Alliance as he attempted to rescue Teal'c from Netan's mothership, Carter from space, and Daniel from an Ori warship. Emerson also ordered his damaged ship to pursue SG-1 to Chulak, where he beamed Bra'tac and the team aboard during the battle with the Ori.

Colonel Emerson participated in the mission to Atlantis as SG-1 attempted to block the Ori supergate by establishing a permanent wormhole between the supergate and a black hole in the Pegasus Galaxy. The mission was successful, and Odyssey was able to establish the wormhole while simultaneously destroying a Wraith hive ship. Emerson also supported SG-1's mission to recover an Ori warship after an attack by the Dakara weapon left it abandoned. Although he was forced to retreat when Jaffa motherships also sought to claim the Ori ship, Emerson and the Odyssey pursued the ship to Dakara, where he beamed SG-1 aboard just as the Dakara weapon was activated and Adria launched the destruction of the Jaffa homeworld.

Emerson was in command of the Odyssey when false information concerning a second supergate lured the ship into an ambush. Anateo, a rogue member of the Lucian Alliance, launched an attack, and the Odyssey was critically damaged. Emerson sent an emergency distress signal to the SGC, using his authentication code of Delta-Six-Alpha-Five, but Anateo and his men boarded the ship. Anateo demanded that Carter disengage the subspace beacon, but Emerson ordered her not to cooperate, and without warning, Emerson was shot in the heart by Solek, Anateo's second in command. As Carter watched helplessly, Solek fired his weapon repeatedly, and Colonel Emerson was killed.

Portrayed by: Matthew Glave

Cross Reference: Anateo, Major Marks, Odyssey, Solek, Catherine Womack

Episode Reference: Off the Grid, Camelot, Flesh and Blood, The Pegasus Project, Counterstrike, Company of Thieves