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Netan, the head of the Lucian Alliance, knew SG-1 by reputation, and when SG-1 investigated the Alliance's kassa smuggling operation and was inadvertently drawn into Ba'al's scheme to steal stargates from across the galaxy, Netan assumed that SG-1 was behind the disappearance of the gates. His pursuit of SG-1 led him to Ba'al's mothership, which he destroyed, believing that SG-1 and the stolen gates were still aboard.

When Teal'c later approached the Lucian Alliance with a proposal for an alliance against the Ori invasion of the galaxy, Netan ordered that he be killed, however Teal'c overcame the guards and turned his weapon on Netan, insisting that an alliance was urgent, and Netan reluctantly committed three motherships to fight the Ori as they arrived through the supergate. After the devastating defeat, however, Netan was convinced that Earth had intentionally dragged the Lucian Alliance into the battle with the Ori knowing that it would deplete their forces. Infuriated, he took Teal'c prisoner and subjected him to torture, then demanded Odyssey's surrender, but without the resources to back up his threat, he was forced to retreat into hyperspace, now with a bitter grudge against SG-1 and Earth.

Netan's leadership of the Lucian Alliance faced mounting dissent among his lieutenants, or seconds, and amid rumors of betrayal and mutiny, Netan attempted to eliminate Anateo, his most worthy challenger. He ordered Anateo to capture the Odyssey, believing that he would fail, but instead Anateo succeeded in capturing the ship, certain that his success would ensure Netan's downfall and his own succession. Determined to regain control of the Alliance, Netan called together some of his lieutenants, including Gavos, Slaviash, Karug, Millic, and Rameris. Mitchell, using the Reol chemical, impersonated Kefflin, the most reclusive of Netan's seconds, to infiltrate the organization and to rescue Teal'c. Ruthless and vindictive, Netan killed Gavos over dinner for challenging his authority, and he ordered the capture of Anateo and Odyssey. In the confrontation with Odyssey, however, Mitchell's deception allowed Odyssey to escape as the two Lucian ships fired upon each other.

Netan's failure yet again to capture or kill SG-1 only made him appear weaker to his seconds, and he again faced the threat of mutiny among his own lieutenants. Plagued by SG-1's sabotage of Lucian kassa cargo transports, Netan placed a bounty on the heads of SG-1, and bounty hunters from across the galaxy sought the reward for bringing back SG-1, dead or alive. Each attempted assassination failed, however, and when SG-1 captured bounty hunter Odai Ventrell, they encouraged him to take advantage of the unrest in the Lucian Alliance by seeking his reward for capturing Netan instead. Ventrell was released, and aboard Netan's mothership, he killed a would-be assassin, then turned his weapon on Netan instead, leaving the leadership of the Lucian Alliance in doubt.

Portrayed by: Eric Steinberg

Cross Reference: Anateo, Gavos, Kassa, Kefflin, Lucian Alliance, P6G-452, Slaviash, Solek, Tenat, Teresh, Vashin, Odai Ventrell, Worrel

Episode Reference: Off the Grid, Camelot, Flesh and Blood, Company of Thieves, Bounty