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Tollana is the new homeworld of the Tollans who fled the destruction of Tollan. Tollana was originally outside the stargate network, but the Tollans built their own stargate, as well as highly advanced modern cities. The Tollans are friends and allies of the Nox, Tok'ra, and of Earth, however, when they refused the demands of Tanith, in the service of Anubis, he attacked the planet from the air and annihilated the cities from orbit. The fate of the planet is unknown.

Location: Simon Fraser University, Burnaby

Cross Reference: Ion Cannon, Narim, Omoc, Schrödinger, Tanith, Tollan, Tollans, Travell, Triad, Zipacna

Episode Reference: Pretense, Shades of Grey, Between Two Fires

Stargate Coordinates: 4-29-8-22-18-25

Address for Tollana