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TOLLAN (P3X-7763)


Tollan was the original homeworld of the Tollans, a race of advanced technology and culture. Tollan had boasted modern cities, but there had been no animals on Tollan for generations. The Tollans had shared their technology with Sarita, their nearest neighboring planet, but the Tollan device to produce unlimited productive energy was misused by the Saritans to make war, resulting in the destruction of Sarita in a single day. The disaster on Sarita caused the orbital instability of Tollan, leading to environmental changes, and eventually intense volcanic activity which destroyed the planet. The inhabitants were evacuated, and SG-1 helped to rescue the last ten refugees who barely escaped the cataclysm. The refugees were taken in by the Nox and eventually rejoined the rest of the Tollans on their new homeworld, Tollana.

Cross Reference: Narim, Omoc, Tollana, Tollans

Episode Reference: Enigma

Stargate Coordinates: 6-33-27-37-11-18 / Point of Origin: 2

Address for Tollan