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K'tau, a world of forests and villages, is relatively close to its sun, which appears brighter than that of Earth. It is included in the Protected Planets Treaty, under the protection of the Asgard Freyr. K'tau's civilization has its roots in Norse culture, using runic symbols for writing, and praying to the Norse god Freyr, Lord of the Aesir and god of K'tau. The locals refer to the sun as the Eye of Odin, to the stargate as the Annulus, and to the Norse homeworld, or Earth, as Midgard.

The SGC dialing computer overrode some dialing protocols to get a lock on K'tau. In doing so, an unstable superheavy element, probably plutonium, may have piggybacked onto the wormhole and become introduced into the K'tau sun's nuclear reaction as the wormhole passed directly through it, causing a shift in the light spectrum toward infrared that would eventually cause all plants on K'tau to die. Carter's solution was to introduce HU2340, an artificial superheavy element, into the sun's core, either by rocket or by stargate, so that the two elements would bind, rendering them inert and restoring the sun.

The K'tau people are deeply religious and declined the help of SG-1, preferring instead to rely on the Hall of Wisdom for communication and counsel from Freyr, for their guidance. The infrared light spectrum was eventually corrected, however whether the correction was due to science, or faith, or outside intervention is uncertain.

Location: Cloverdale, British Columbia

Cross Reference: Asgard, Elrad, Freyr, Hall of Wisdom, Dr. MacLaren, Malchus, Protected Planets Treaty

Episode Reference: Red Sky, Fail Safe

Stargate Coordinates: 18-2-30-12-26-33

Address for K'tau