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Shen Xiaoyi

Shen Xiaoyi is a graduate of Beijing Foreign Studies University and the London School of Economics and Political Science, and she had been the attaché to the Chinese Mission in the United States before becoming the Chinese representative member of the International Oversight Advisory, a civilian-run organization that was formed after the signing of the Gate Alliance Treaty and consists of representatives from the various nations involved in the Stargate Program. Shen is very familiar with Daniel's background, as is he with hers, and they spoke briefly together in Mandarin when they first met at the SGC.

As a member of the IOA, Shen was very impatient with the secrecy surrounding SGC operations and with the limited sharing of military technologies with the Chinese government despite the terms of the Gate Alliance Treaty. In an effort to appease the Chinese government and to improve public relations by reassuring the IOA of the job the SGC was doing, the Pentagon made arrangements for members of the IOA to make their first off-world visit through the stargate, and Shen joined representatives Woolsey, Chapman, and La Pierre for a tour of the Gamma Site. However, an alien specimen at the base, a carnivorous insect known as R75, breached containment during the tour of the facility, and the visitors were forced to flee the base before an autodestruct sequence was initiated. Escorted by SG-1 through the planet's rough wilderness and pursued by the swarming insects, Shen broke her ankle in the rocky terrain. The visitors barely escaped with their lives, and Shen took a brief leave of absence upon her return home.

Although she had been impressed with the facility at the Gamma Site, Shen was disappointed with the visit, having expected a more thorough tour, especially relating to military research, and when reminded by Daniel that a certain amount of secrecy was to be expected while the US military was running the program, she implied that the Chinese government was preparing a move to take control of the stargate. Shortly afterward, Shen returned to the SGC with Colonel Chekov and informed Landry that the Chinese government intended to back the Russians in taking back the stargate and building their own stargate program under Russian and Chinese control. However, the Russians were merely using China's support as leverage in negotiating better terms for the Gate Alliance Treaty which was coming up for renewal in two weeks. In exchange for a BC-304 Daedalus-class ship, Russia agreed to renew the current treaty, leaving China with no additional influence, and the Stargate Program still under US control.

Portrayed by: Tamlyn Tomita

Cross Reference: Chapman, Colonel Chekov, Gamma Site, International Oversight Advisory, La Pierre, R75, Richard Woolsey

Episode Reference: The Scourge, Crusade