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Chapman became the British representative member of the International Oversight Advisory, a civilian-run organization that was formed after the signing of the Gate Alliance Treaty and consists of representatives from the various nations involved in the Stargate Program. In an effort to improve public relations and to reassure the IOA of the job the SGC was doing, the Pentagon made arrangements for members of the IOA to make their first off-world visit through the stargate, and Chapman joined representatives Woolsey, La Pierre, and Shen, for a tour of the Gamma Site. Chapman was extremely impressed with the tour and remarked that the scope of the facility surpassed his expectations. However, an alien specimen at the base, a carnivorous insect known as R75, breached containment during the tour, and the visitors were forced to flee the base before an autodestruct sequence was initiated. Escorted by SG-1 through the planet's rough terrain and pursued by the swarming insects, the visitors barely escaped with their lives. Chapman, however, remained relatively cooperative throughout the crisis, and he survived to return to his position on the IOA.

Portrayed by: Andy Maton

Cross Reference: Gamma Site, International Oversight Advisory, La Pierre, R75, Shen Xiaoyi, Richard Woolsey

Episode Reference: The Scourge