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La Pierre

La Pierre became the French representative member of the International Oversight Advisory, a civilian-run organization that was formed after the signing of the Gate Alliance Treaty and consists of representatives from the various nations involved in the Stargate Program. As the Prior plague began to spread on Earth, La Pierre joined Colonel Chekov and approximately seven other delegates of the IOA to meet with Landry at the SGC to discuss the crisis. La Pierre was especially vocal in expressing his outrage at how the situation had been mismanaged and had gotten out of hand.

Some weeks later, in an effort to improve public relations and to reassure the IOA of the job the SGC was doing, the Pentagon made arrangements for members of the IOA to make their first off-world visit through the stargate, and La Pierre joined representatives Woolsey, Chapman, and Shen, for a tour of the Gamma Site. La Pierre was very impressed with the facility, however an alien specimen at the base, a carnivorous insect known as R75, breached containment during the tour, and the visitors were forced to flee the base before an autodestruct sequence was initiated. Escorted by SG-1 through the planet's rough terrain and pursued by the swarming insects, La Pierre became rude and defiant, and he refused to continue through the forest, prompting Mitchell to offer to leave him behind with his handgun, warning of the tree ferrets which swoop down and separate a man's head from his torso before you can blink. Despite his protests, La Pierre remained with the group, and the visitors barely escaped with their lives.

Portrayed by: Mark Oliver

Cross Reference: Chapman, Colonel Chekov, Gamma Site, International Oversight Advisory, R75, Shen Xiaoyi, Richard Woolsey

Episode Reference: The Fourth Horseman, The Scourge