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Colonel Chekov

Colonel Chekov has acted as a Russian envoy and liaison to the SGC. Following the joint mission to P2X-388, he was outraged and highly suspicious of the deaths of three of the four Russian team members in the ziggurat of Marduk. He reluctantly agreed to lend the Russian DHD to the SGC in order to rescue Teal'c, and he demanded complete Russian involvement in the US stargate program in exchange for allowing off-world teams to return through the Russian stargate. Following the destruction of the SGC stargate by Anubis, Chekov helped to negotiate a compromise in which the Russian stargate would replace the SGC gate in exchange for a financial arrangement, Russian participation in the SGC, and full disclosure of technology including the X-302 and X-303. He insisted that a Russian team member be added to SG-1, however he later settled for the inclusion of a designated Russian team at the SGC.

Because the Russian government is unwilling to incur the expense and risk of running its own stargate program, Colonel Chekov has since been very supportive of the SGC, acting as an ally in the Pentagon briefing in which the Stargate Program was disclosed to China, France, and the UK, and voicing his approval for allowing the US to shoulder the cost and the risks while Russia reaps the benefits of shared technology. When a Goa'uld scheme to acquire the Ancient defense weapon in Antarctica brought the world to the brink of nuclear war, Colonel Chekov returned to the SGC and cooperated with O'Neill to convince Russian President Mikhailov that his Defense Minister, General Kiselev, had been taken as a host. Through his efforts and cooperation, the crisis was averted.

Following the signing of the Gate Alliance Treaty and the formation of the International Oversight Advisory, a civilian-run organization made of representatives from the various nations involved in the Stargate Program, Colonel Chekov became the Russian representative of the IOA. In this capacity he maintained contact with the SGC, and he and La Pierre were among the delegates who met with General Landry concerning the crisis of the Prior plague on Earth. On the eve of the renewal of the Gate Alliance Treaty, three years after its initial signing, Chekov returned to the SGC with Shen Xiaoyi, the Chinese IOA representative. In a move intended as leverage to acquire more favorable terms for his country, Chekov informed Landry that Russia would no longer be participating in the Stargate Program under the current structure and that the Russians intended to take back their stargate and establish their own stargate program with backing from China. His tactic worked, and in exchange for a BC-304 Daedalus-class ship, Russia agreed to renew the treaty under the current terms.

The 304 class ship acquired by Russia as a result of the new agreement was the Korolev, and Colonel Chekov became its first commander. On the brand new ship's maiden voyage, Chekov and the Korolev joined the armada of allied ships at the supergate and faced the Ori warships as they entered the galaxy. During the devastating battle, however, the Korolev was destroyed, and Chekov and his crew are presumed dead.

Portrayed by: Garry Chalk

Cross Reference: Ambassador from Britain, Ambassador from China, Ambassador from France, Paul Davis, Disclosure, International Oversight Advisory, Miroslav Kiselev, Korolev, La Pierre, Russians, Russian Stargate, Shen Xiaoyi, Daria Voronkova

Episode Reference: The Tomb, 48 Hours, Redemption, Disclosure, Full Alert, The Fourth Horseman, Crusade, Camelot, Flesh and Blood