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February 12, 2022

In January, the Companion website, a subscription site focusing on science fiction television and movies, hosted a conversation between Richard and Brad Wright, the creator and executive producer of Stargate. Afterward, as a follow-up, the site scheduled a Q & A to be aired in February, and fans were invited to submit questions to be answered during the live broadcast.

The site had also prepared for a taped greeting from Christopher Judge, and a live appearance by Amanda Tapping. What they hadn't anticipated was that Richard would arrive 20 minutes late for the live appearance, but Brad masterfully filled the time by talking to the fans as they waited for Richard's arrival. What followed was a lively conversation among Richard, Brad, and Amanda, as well as answers to fans' questions.

The full Q & A is available here, posted with permission. For more information as well as other prior and similar videos, visit The Companion website.