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Richard first gained national recognition in the long-running daytime serial General Hospital. He joined the cast from 1976 to 1981 as young resident and neurosurgeon Dr. Jeff Webber. His story lines included discovering that his wife, Monica, had slept with his brother, Rick. Depressed, he shot himself in the head, but later survived brain surgery. He also fathered Heather's baby, which was sold to the Taylor family. When his wife, Heather, was institutionalized, he left Port Charles for Carson City to start a new life with his son P.J.

Included here are a few clips from March, April, and July, 1979, during the storyline in which Heather accidentally overdosed on LSD, and from May and August 1980, as well as March, 1981 when he made the decision to leave Port Charles and the series.