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P3W-451 is a desert world in orbit around the companion star of a newly formed black hole. All indigenous life on the planet recently became extinct, and the gravity of the black hole is slowly tearing the planet apart. Major Boyd and SG-10 were on a routine mission to the planet, and attempts to contact them opened a wormhole that could not be disengaged. The team was lost, and to break the wormhole connection, SG-1 forced the wormhole to arc to another planet.

P3W-451 was later accessed in order to use the extreme gravity to cause a supernova in the Vorash system. The coordinates were also offered to the Aschen.

Location: Richmond Sand Dunes

Cross Reference: Aschen, Black Hole, Henry Boyd, Frank Cromwell, Supernova, Wormhole Arc

Episode Reference: A Matter of Time, Exodus, 2001

Stargate Coordinates: 19-8-4-37-26-16

Address for P3W-451