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P34-353J is a barren sandy desert world on which the Tok'ra established a temporary base by using crystals to grow a maze of underground tunnels. Jolinar's memories within Carter led SG-1 to the planet and to the first encounter with the Tok'ra. When Cordesh's betrayal revealed the location of the secret base to the Goa'uld, and the System Lords dispatched two motherships to attack the planet, the Tok'ra evacuated and destroyed the tunnels behind them.

Location: Richmond Sand Dunes

Cross Reference: Cordesh, Garshaw, Lantash, Martouf, Selmak, Tok'ra, Tok'ra Tunnels, Yosuuf

Episode Reference: The Tok'ra

Stargate Coordinates: 38-9-28-15-35-3 / Point of Origin: 37

Address for P34-353J