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Othala, the name given to the legendary Norse ruin and repository of numinous power and knowledge from past generations, is also a home planet of the Asgard in the galaxy of Ida. The address uses 8 glyphs, probably as a distance calculation for destinations far outside our galaxy and beyond the known stargate network. O'Neill used the knowledge of the Ancients to build an energy generator which provided ten times the usual power to the stargate, making it possible to dial an address using 8 glyphs. On Othala, O'Neill first encountered the Asgard, who cured him of the knowledge that had been downloaded into his brain from the Ancient repository.

Othala has also been used as the name of the galaxy in which the Asgard homeworlds of Hala and Orilla are located. Carter and Teal'c used the cargo ship that had been modified by O'Neill using the knowledge of the Ancients, and they were able to reach Hala in approximately ten days.

Cross Reference: Ancient Repository, Asgard, Energy Generator, Hala, Ida, Orilla, Stargate

Episode Reference: The Fifth Race, New Order

Stargate Coordinates: 11-27-23-16-33-3-9

Address for Othala