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NID Off-World Operation

Under Colonel Maybourne, several rogue NID teams operated with the express mission to use whatever means necessary to acquire goods and technology that could help Earth in the battle against the Goa'uld or other unforeseen aggressors. With command coming from very high civilian levels, the offshoot of the NID operated through the beta stargate and from a modern facility within the ruins atop steep cliffs of a barren rocky planet that served as an off-world base of operations. By creating an intentional power overload, off-world agents were able to force a returning wormhole to arc and to connect to the beta stargate rather than to the SGC. Team members, including Newman, Tobias, Grieves, and Kershaw, stole alien technology, including the Touchstone, a vanishing device from PX3-595, an anti-gravitation device, a powerful beam weapon from P3Y-294, and the technology behind the Sentinel device from Latona, to be reverse engineered or sent back to the NID through mole operatives such as Makepeace.

The illegal operation was exposed and shut down by O'Neill's undercover mission, and the rogue operatives were arrested, convicted of high treason, and sentenced to death row. However, a number of shadow cells continued to operate, and rogue NID operatives, who eventually became known as the Trust, continued their aggressive acquisition of off-world alien technology. Agents Smith and Jones, in collaboration with Colonel Simmons and Adrian Conrad, hijacked the Prometheus in an attempt to reach a cache of alien weapons. Their attempt failed, however the later acquisition of Osiris's alkesh by rogue operatives presented the Trust with a base of operations from which to launch attacks against Goa'uld and Jaffa worlds and to continue the pursuit of alien technology, all in the name of their stated goal of defending the planet.

Cross Reference: Area 51, Beta Stargate, Brooks, Committee, Sean Grieves, Hoskins, Jennings, Jones, Lieutenant Kershaw, Colonel Makepeace, Harry Maybourne, Major Newman, NID, NID Rogue Operation, PX3-595, Sentinel, Frank Simmons, Smith, Clare Tobias, Touchstone, Trust, Wormhole Arc

Episode Reference: Touchstone, Shades of Grey, The Sentinel, Prometheus, Endgame

Stargate Coordinates of the Off-World Base: 38-28-15-35-3-19

Address for the NID Off-World Base