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Martin Lloyd's Homeworld

Martin Lloyd's homeworld had been populated by humans and had come under attack by the Goa'uld. Realizing that they were losing the war, Martin and four others were sent out across the galaxy in a spaceship to find allies. However, they abandoned their ship and settled on Earth, never knowing for certain the fate of their planet. When Martin contacted SG-1 and was able to recall the address of his homeworld, he joined SG-1 to return to his planet, only to discover a deserted world of destruction and ruins. Although Martin and his four compatriots, including Peter, Ted, and Bob, had survived, the fate of the rest of their population is unknown.

Cross Reference: Bob, Martin Lloyd, Martin Lloyd's Spaceship, Peter Tanner, Ted

Episode Reference: Point of No Return

Stargate Coordinates: 24-12-32-7-11-34

Address for Martin Lloyd's Homeworld