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Land of Light

The Land of Light is the local name given to a forested planet whose unique rotation causes one half of the planet to be perpetually light, and the other half always in darkness. The population inhabits the light side of the planet and emulates a Bronze Age Minoan culture. A contagious histaminolytic virus had afflicted some of the inhabitants, causing physical and behavioral changes resembling primitive man. Those "touched" by the disease were banished to the dark side of the planet until SG-1 provided a cure. High Councilor Tuplo and the inhabitants of the Land of Light have become friends and allies of Earth, and they had welcomed Teal'c's family after they had fled Chulak.

Cross Reference: Histaminolytic Virus, Lieutenant Johnson, Leedora, Colonel Makepeace, Melosha, Touched, Tuplo, Untouched

Episode Reference: The Broca Divide

Stargate Coordinates: 26-2-?-38-10-32

Address for the Land of Light