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Kheb, the mythical place where Osiris hid from Seth, is a planet in the system of the Loc'na ko, and a world feared and despised by the Goa'uld. According to ancient legend, when a Jaffa could no longer carry a prim'ta, he would make the journey to Kheb where his kalach, or soul, would learn the path through the darkness into the next life. The ancestors of the Sodan had also set out to find Kheb as they fled from the Goa'uld Ishkur, but their search did not lead them to the mythical world. When the Goa'uld learned of Kheb and traveled there, they did not return, and so it was forbidden to speak of it.

Kheb is an untouched wilderness with great mountains and a single temple in a distant valley. The temple was built millennia ago by the Ancients known as the Others, who may have inspired the original basis of Buddhism and the mythology surrounding the concept of Mother Nature on Earth. These powerful beings discovered a means of ascending to a higher ethereal plane of existence and they left behind the writings on the shrine as a guide for others to follow.

Long ago Anubis had journeyed to Kheb seeking the knowledge of the Ancients, and he learned to ascend, only to be cast out to a plane between mortal existence and ascension. It was to Kheb that Amaunet's closest aide took the Harsesis infant to live in hiding. Searching for the child at the temple, SG-1 encountered a single monk who spoke in Zen koans intended to offer enlightenment. They also found the infant Harsesis in the care of Oma Desala, before she took him away through the gate to safety.

Cross Reference: Amaunet, Anubis, Ascension, Bra'tac, Harsesis, Loc'na ko, Monk, Oma Desala, Others, Sodan

Episode Reference: Maternal Instinct

Stargate Coordinates: 26-35-6-8-23-14

Address for Kheb