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JUNA (P3X-729)


Juna, a forested world, had been under Heru'ur's control until SG-1 led a rebellion and liberated the planet. The inhabitants, also called Juna, were told to bury their stargate, but Cronus came in his mothership, claimed the planet as his own, and instilled much fear among the population. Darian and the other simple warriors of Juna were no match for the Goa'uld, and they submitted to Cronus's rule. When the synthetic duplicates of SG-1 arrived on Juna from Altair, they were captured by Cronus, and Harlan sought the help of the SGC to rescue them. SG-1 returned to Juna, and with the help of Darian and their synthetic others, they were able to kill Cronus and free the planet once again.

Cross Reference: Cronus, Darian, Hira, Sindar, Synthetic Duplicates

Episode Reference: Double Jeopardy

Stargate Coordinates: 29-8-18-22-4-25

Address for Juna