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EDORA (P5C-768)


Edora is a pleasant world of woods and grassy meadows and valuable naquadah resources. It is the fourth planet in its solar system, and its orbit passes through an asteroid belt, causing a meteor shower, or "fire rain," at the same time each year. Due to the irregularity of the asteroid belt, certain orbits pass through a more dense debris field, resulting in an impact event approximately once every 150 years. An impact event during SG-1's visit buried the stargate and destroyed much of the village, but the community was able to rebuild and to eventually restore the stargate.

Location: Bordertown, Maple Ridge, BC

Cross Reference: Edorans, Fire Rain, Garan, Laira, Naytha, Particle Beam Accelerator, Paynan

Episode Reference: A Hundred Days, Shades of Grey

Stargate Coordinates: 28-38-35-9-15-3

Address for Edora