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Abydos is a sandy desert planet with 36-hour days and two moons. Once ruled by Ra, the planet was home to the Abydonians who lived in simple villages and worked in the naquadah mines in the shadow of Ra's pyramid where the stargate is housed. Abydos is relatively close to Earth in the stargate network, making it possible to dial there without compensating for stellar drift. Thus it was the destination of the first stargate mission from Earth. With the discovery of a map room and an elaborate cartouche containing all the stargate addresses known to the Goa'uld, the necessary drift calculations could be made to successfully dial other planets.

SG-1 maintained contact with Abydos, and returned to the planet on several missions. When Anubis arrived at Abydos, seeking the Eye of Ra buried in a secret chamber within Ra's pyramid, he used the power of the Eyes to create a superweapon and destroy the planet. Inexplicably, on another plane of existence, contact with the planet was restored, and SG-1 returned one final time to learn that Oma Desala had spared the Abydonians. The chaapa'ai remained only until SG-1 had gone, and the Abydonians began a new journey of ascension.

Location: Richmond Sand Dunes

Cross Reference: Abydonians, Abydos Cartouche, Amaunet, Anubis, Anubis's Superweapon, Apophis, Chaapa'ai, Eye of Ra, Harsesis, Kasuf, Oma Desala, Ra, Sha're, Skaara, Tobay

Episode Reference: Children of the Gods, Secrets, Forever in a Day, Absolute Power, Full Circle

Stargate Coordinates: 27-7-15-32-12-30 / Point of Origin: (unique)

Address for Abydos