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In the Eyes of a Stranger

CBS Television Movie
Airdate: April 7, 1992
Role: Jack Rourke

Richard Dean Anderson as Jack Rourke
Justine Bateman as Lynn Carlson
Geza Kovacs as Martin
Cynthia Dale as Nancy
Colin Fox as Richard
Gordon Pinsent as Lt. Ted Burk
Richard Fitzpatrick as Franco
William Dunlop as Reynolds
Denis Akiyama as Nelson

Written by: Warren Taylor
Directed by: Michael Toshiyuki Uno
Executive Producer: Cary Brokaw
Co-Executive Producer: Peggy Howard Chane
Produced by: Michael Greenburg
Supervising Producer: Julian Marks
Co-Producer: Randy Robinson
Production Designer: Gavin Mitchell
Director of Photography: David Geddes
Edited by: Peter C. Frank
Music by Tom Bähler

Avenue Entertainment in association with
Hearst Entertainment Productions, Inc.
© 1992

Filmed January-February, 1992 in Toronto, Ontario
Airdate: April 7, 1992 on CBS Television

Take a walk on Chicago's sinister side in this chilling tale of terrible secrets, turbulent love and treacherous deception. Returning home from work by train, shy Lynn Carlson (Justine Bateman) finds herself caught in a bullet-spraying dispute over two million stolen dollars. One of the criminals shouts something to her just before he is killed, but her Walkman prevents her from understanding him. Or does it? Enter Jack Rourke (Richard Dean Anderson), a handsome, hard-boiled beat cop who wants to do more than just protect the elusive and seemingly innocent Lynn. But just how far will he go in the name of love? Dark secrets and hidden agendas abound in this electrifying story which transforms victim into assailant, policeman into criminal and love into betrayal.

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