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Pandora's Clock

NBC Television Miniseries
Airdate: November 10-11, 1996
Role: Captain James Holland

Richard Dean Anderson as Captain James Holland
Daphne Zuniga as Dr. Roni Sanders
Jane Leeves as Rachel Sherwood
Richard Lawson as Captain Daniel Robb
Stephen Root as Mark Hastings
Tim Grimm as Steve Ellis
Edward Herrmann as The President
Robert Guillaume as Ambassador Lee Lancaster
Robert Loggia as Jonathan Roth
Jennifer Savidge as Barb Rollins
Kate Hodge as Brenda Hopkins
Vladimir Kulich as Yuri Steblinko
Penny Peyser as Lisa Erickson
Wolf Muser as Horst Zeitner
Michael Winters as Professor Ernest Helms
John Considine as Dr. Turnheir
John J. Nance as Air Force Chief

Teleplay by: David Israel
Directed by: Eric Laneuville
Executive Producers: David R. Ginsburg & David Israel
Co-Executive Producers: Cynthia Comsky & David Comsky
Produced by: Michael O. Gallant
Supervising Producer: Judy Ranan
Production Designer: Chester Kaczenski
Director of Photography: Steven Shaw
Edited by: Stephen Lovejoy
Stunt Coordinator: Vince Deadrick Jr.
Holland's Stunt Double: Steve Blalock
Technical Consultant: John J. Nance
Music by: Don Davis

A Citadel Entertainment production in association with
Comsky Group for NBC Entertainment
© 1996

Filmed May-June, 1996 in Seattle, Washington
Airdate: November 10 & 11, 1996 on NBC Television

In this four-hour pandemic thriller, an airliner full of holiday travelers suddenly becomes a pawn in a game of international intrigue when a passenger collapses apparently from an unknown virus so deadly that it can kill millions within days. Captain James Holland, unable to find any airport in Europe that will allow him to land, must weave through the potentially lethal maze of biological warfare, international terrorism and political deceit to ensure the safety of his passengers in this harrowing race against the clock.

The blockbuster miniseries is based on the novel, Pandora's Clock, by John J. Nance.

The complete video is available in the Video Gallery