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Fairly Legal

USA Network Television Series
Guest Role/ Episodes: #105, #108, #109, #110
Series Premiere Airdate: January 20, 2011
Role: David Smith

Sarah Shahi as Kate Reed
Michael Trucco as Justin Patrick
Virginia Williams as Lauren Reed
Baron Vaughn as Leonardo Prince

Recurring Guest Cast:
Ethan Embry as Spencer Reed
Gerald McRaney as Judge Nicastro
Richard Dean Anderson as David Smith

Created by: Michael Sardo
Executive Producers: Steve Stark and Michael Sardo
Music by: Mateo Messina

A Steve Stark Production and Garfield St. Production in association with
Universal Networks International/Universal Cable Productions
Broadcast on USA Network Television

First Telecast: January 20, 2011
Last Telecast: March 24, 2011
Episode Guide

Kate Reed is a firm believer that justice can always be found, even if it's not always in the courtroom. Once a lawyer at her family's esteemed San Francisco firm, Kate's frustration with the legal system led her to a new career as a mediator. Thanks to her innate understanding of human nature, thorough legal knowledge, and wry sense of humor, Kate is a natural when it comes to dispute resolution, except, it seems, when it comes to conflicts in her own life. Since her father's sudden death, Kate's relationship with her new boss, her "wicked" stepmother Lauren, has grown ever more complicated, and the situation with her soon-to-be-ex-husband Justin, a San Francisco DA, is no less confusing. With help from her resourceful assistant Leonardo, Kate's doing her best to focus on work and avoid her own problems. Richard Dean Anderson appears in a recurring guest role as David Smith, a charismatic but secretive man who enters Kate's life shortly after the death of her father, and it is revealed that David has deeper connections to the Reed family. The series is set in San Francisco and filmed in Vancouver, BC.

Video of Richard's appearance is available in the Video Gallery

Episode Guide

Fairly Legal January 20, 2011
90-minute pilot episode
After the sudden death of her father, San Francisco mediator Kate Reed must work with her stepmother – who's the same age - to keep his firm alive by resolving a dispute between a clothing magnate and his son, who's due to inherit the business, and hiding a dark personal secret which could ruin an innocent boy's life.
Written by: Michael Sardo
Directed by: Bronwen Hughes
Starring: Sarah Shahi as Kate Reed, Michael Trucco as Justin Patrick, Virginia Williams as Lauren Reed, Baron Vaughn as Leonardo Prince
Guest Starring: Ethan Embry as Spencer Reed, Patrick Gilmore as Douglas Pease, Tim Fellingham as Andrew McKinnon, Ken Howard as Charles Pease, Gerald McRaney as Judge David Nicastro
Co-Starring: Sean Rogerson as Brian Michaels, Jessica Parker Kennedy as Jessica Nord, Paul Anthony as Lou Pompilio, Philip Granger as Carl Roth, Rukiya Bernard as Susan Williams, Ted Whittall as Tim Connelly, Luc Roderique as Nathan Henry, Anthony Joseph as D'Sean Henry, Alex Arsenault as Hoodie, Michael Adamthwaite as Cashier, Terence Kelly as Marty Fliegel, Maureen Thomas as Phyllis Fliegel, Ty Olsson as Sergeant Danny Harrington, Dan Joffre as Deli Owner, Elfina Luk as Waitress, Elizabeth Weinstein as Secretary #1, Lissa Neptuno as Secretary #2, Marci T. House as Nathan's Mother, Katherine & Jane Blinston as Baby Lila Reed

Fairly Legal January 27, 2011
Episode 2
Kate mediates a settlement between the State of California and Steve Jenks, a wrongfully convicted man who spent 22 years in prison. As Kate tries to put a price on the years he lost, Steve escapes into a prison of his own making, refusing to deal with the pain of his past - until, when pushed, he explodes.
Written by: Michael Sardo
Directed by: Andy Wolk
Guest Starring: Ethan Embry as Spencer Reed, Belita Moreno as Betty Crevier, Malcolm Stewart as Harry Karl, Chelah Horsdal as Brooke Keller, Tim Fellingham as Andrew McKinnon, David Orth as Ben Collins, Paul Schulze as Steve Jenks
Co-Starring: Fred Keating as Wally Snider, John Anthony as Robber, Rob Morton as Tommy Rosso, Aaron Sholomenko as Raymond, Geoff Gustafson as Driver, Brad Dryborough as Cyclist, Julian LeBlanc as Young Steve Jenks, Juno Ruddell as Girl in Store

Fairly Legal February 3, 2011
Episode 3
Kate's nemesis Judge Nicastro assigns her to mediate a case between a high school football coach and the angry parents who claim his old school methods border on abuse. When the videotaped evidence doesn't make sense to her, Kate unearths the real reason for the coach's controversial actions.
Written by: Aaron Tracy
Directed by: John Showalter
Guest Starring: Dean Norris as Coach Gardner, Tim Fellingham as Andrew McKinnon, Barclay Hope as Joe Riley, Gerald McRaney as Judge Nicastro
Co-Starring: Tom Stevens as Rick Riley, Don Knodel as Robert Kenton, Brenda M. Crichlow as Laurie Davidson, Lini Evans as Mrs. Gardner, Evan Johnson as Dana Sacks, Gordon Myren as Large Boy, Shaw Madson as Agent #1, Connor Widdows as Russell

Fairly Legal February 10, 2011
Episode 4
While mediating a dispute between the star of the cooking show "Burnin' with Bo" and the company releasing his barbecue sauce, Kate discovers that Bo's assistant Beth is actually the brains behind the business – and that Bo's holding her up for a bigger piece of the profits. But none of this matters when someone from Beth's past emerges to claim an even bigger piece for himself.
Teleplay by: Jan Nash and Michael Sardo
Story by: Linda Burstyn
Directed by: Anton Cropper
Guest Starring: Ethan Embry as Spencer Reed, Eddie McClintock as Bobby (Fake Bo), Esai Morales as Aaron Davidson, Camille Sullivan as Beth Resor, Rob Labelle as Frank Griffin, Chris Ellis as Maddox Resor (Big Bo), Jill Teed as Margot Harvey, John Ashton as Lou Fisher
Co-Starring: Michael Karl Richards as Sam Balfus, Benjamin Ratner as Willie Schmidt, Conner Dwelly as Young Beth, Mitchell Duffield as Young Bo, Jim Shield as Big Bo, Michael Sangha as Concierge, Crystal Dalman as Mother

Fairly Legal February 17, 2011
Episode 5
Kate mediates the settlement between an insurance company and a man who was hit by a truck, only to find the real conflict is between the man and his wife, who claims the husband she knew never came back from the accident. Meanwhile, Kate and Lauren attempt to track down David Smith, the mystery man mentioned in Teddy's will, but when they do find him, David won't talk.
Written by: Jan Nash
Directed by: Paul Holahan
Guest Starring: Brian Markinson as Richard Neumeier, Eileen Pedde as Marsha Neumeier, Belita Moreno as Betty Crevier, Aaron Craven as Lester Marrin, Anne-Marie Johnson as Jennifer, Richard Dean Anderson as David Smith
Co-Starring: Luke Camilleri as Alex Brownstein, Raugi Yu as Ben #1, Conrad Whitaker as Ben #2, Iris Paluly as Karen Brown, Juan Riedinger as Grant Sloss, Michael Brock as Bike Messenger, Eliza Norbury as Woman, Yash Kapoor as Vendor, Holly Hougham as Pretty Girl

Fairly Legal February 24, 2011
Episode 6
The exasperated young inventor of a revolutionary new device, Marcus, threatens to jump to his death when John, his employer and the rights holder to Marcus' invention, asks Kate to mediate his firing. Kate must get Marcus off the ledge, recover the device, which he's stolen, and find a fair resolution for both the disenchanted employee and his former boss.
Written by: Jim Adler
Directed by: Tricia Brock
Guest Starring: Currie Graham as John Marsden, Devon Gummersall as Marcus Wright, David Richmond-Peck as Detective Harrington, Teryl Rothery as Valerie Donovan, Dan Payne as Nick Grunyan
Co-Starring: Devon Weigel as Kim, Melissa Dionsio as Receptionist

Fairly Legal March 3, 2011
Episode 7
A big client of Reed & Reed's asks Kate to mediate a simple financial matter, which quickly morphs into a case of identity theft before escalating to an immigration issue where Kate must defend a brave soldier against a rigid Homeland Security prosecutor.
Written by: Jim Adler
Directed by: Steven DePaul
Guest Starring: Peter MacNicol as Judge Smollet, Christina Vidal as Sophia Pena, Ryan Kennedy as Tim Hemmond, Steve Belford as Jeff, Robert Moloney as Paul Hainsley
Co-Starring: Carrie Ruscheinsky as Claudia Evans, Aubrey Tennant as Cyrus, Bart Anderson as Steve Karros, James Kot as Todd, Neelam Khabra as Jolene, Ryan Booth as Security Guard, Ol Bramble as Bailiff, Jeffery Bowyer-Chapman as Server

Fairly Legal March 10, 2011
Episode 8
Paul Shelton, lead singer of the 1990s one-hit-wonder band, Ultravinyl, seeks Kate's help to cash in on a lucrative offer for use of their song in a commercial. What seems like a slam dunk stalls when Paul's former bandmates refuse to negotiate, and Paul reveals the real reason he needs Kate's help.
Written by: Blair Singer
Directed by: Bob Berlinger
Guest Starring: Chris Vance as Paul Shelton, Jonathan Potts as Mac Belber, Jennifer Copping as Sherry Belber, Richard Dean Anderson as David Smith
Co-Starring: Colm Hill as Brandon Belber, Travis Turner as Billy, Nadine Wright as Donna, Devon Weigel as Kim, Laura Soltis as Margo, Patrick Sabongui as Roadie, Derek Morrison as Large Man, John Stewart as Guy #1, Chris Keeler as Man in Suit

Fairly Legal March 17, 2011
Episode 9
Kate's best friend Julie comes to Reed & Reed for a standard prenuptial agreement. But her father – a Tae Kwan Do master – has deep suspicions of his future son-in-law. Kate investigates, determined to prove him wrong – but what she uncovers shocks everyone.
Written by: Ben Lee
Directed by: Vincent Misiano
Guest Starring: Brittany Ishibashi as Julie Chang, David Alpay as Eric Malloy, Clyde Kusatsu as Joseph Chang, Richard Dean Anderson as David Smith (flashback)
Co-Starring: Devon Weigel as Kim, Sandy Robson as Chuck, Sean Baden as Attorney #1, Raugi Yu as Ben #1, Conrad Whitaker as Ben #2, Kaitlin Cheung as Young Julie, Taya Clyne as Flower Girl

Fairly Legal March 24, 2011
Episode 10 (season finale)
One day in the life of Kate: prevent an international incident at the Croatian Embassy and mediate between two litigious brothers before her nemesis, Judge Nicastro, throws her in jail – all while bracing herself for the possibility of some major personal changes.
Written by: Jan Nash and Michael Sardo
Directed by: Peter Markle
Guest Starring: Roman Podhora as Goran Pavlek, Scott Holroyd as Peter Marshall, Joe Cortese as Danny Sabbatino, Kathleen Gati as Renata, Lou Casal as Ralph Sabbatino, Olivia Steele-Falconer as Veronika, Gerald McRaney as Judge Nicastro, Richard Dean Anderson as David Smith
Co-Starring: Colin Lawrence as Lawyer Buddy, Justin Doran as Security Guard, Barry Nerling as Fire Marshall, Camille Atebe as Officer Vandorn