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MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday

ABC Television Movie
Airdate: November 24, 1994
Role: Angus MacGyver

Richard Dean Anderson as MacGyver
Beatie Edney as Natalia Krimm
Peter Egan as Frederick Moran
Alun Armstrong as Capshaw
Bob Sherman as Graves
Lena Headey as Elise Moran
Nicholas Farrell as Paul Moran
Robert Gwilym as Nikolai
Michael Cronin as Dr. Massey
Nicholas Hutchinson as Jenkins
Jack Ellis as Joseph

Written by: John Considine
Directed by: Charles Correll
Created by: Lee David Zlotoff
Executive Producers: Henry Winkler, John Rich, Richard Dean Anderson
Produced by: Michael Greenburg
Co-Producer: John B. Moranville
Associate Producer: Dominic Fulford
Production Designer: Tim Hutchinson
Director of Photography: David Geddes
Edited by: Ron Binkowski
Music by: Ken Harrison

A Gekko Film Corp Production
Henry Winkler/John Rich Productions in association with
© 1993

Filmed February-March, 1993 in London, England
Airdate: November 24, 1994 on ABC Television

In MacGyver's last adventure, he travels to England to celebrate his friend's birthday, only to witness instead his friend's death. An investigation reveals that the murder is linked to mysterious interests seeking to develop nuclear weapons.

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