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Happy Birthday Richard!

For the differences you've made,
For the person you are...

Happy Birthday, Richard!


I apologize this is one week late, but I still wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! I miss you on Stargate, but still watch Mac on DVD. You're still number one in my book! You spend time with Wylie as much as you can, but please don't forget about the fans. We love you.

Your #1 Fan, Joy H.
Madison, WI

Happy Birthday Rick !!


Howdy. Happy belated birthday. I did remember it on the don't go thinking I forgot it.

Well, I hope it was nice and that you are enjoying your retirement.

Your pal,

Rick, Happy B-day. PLEASE reconsider rejoining Stargate,we miss you and you KNOW the show isn't the same without you!!! Love ya man!

Rick Nokes

Dear Richard,

I wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday, even though it is late. I have watched you on TV since General Hospital days and I am your biggest fan!! So big that my husband gets jealous!! I sent you a card in the mail too, but I don't know that you see those. Miss you on SG1. Are you going to do anything else? Well, Happy Birthday handsome!!

Marla Schauf

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!Ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute. Sorry, dass ich nicht am 23 gratuliert habe. PS:Stargate ist ohne Sie kein richtiges Stargate mehr!

Valerija A.

I know a little bit late, but Happy Birthday Richard!!


Hi Rick

Happy belated birthday. I am a longtime fan and I do believe that you get sexier every year. Must be the hair. I love it. The best to you. Have fun with Wylie, children grow up so fast. If you are ever in Georgia, I'd be happy to give you a tour.

A forever fan...
Pauline Myers

Hi, Rick,

Hope you had a fine birthday. Other than the distinguished silver hair you sure don't look (or act) 56 years old. I think Wylie is keeping you young.

I may be 70 but you still look d--- good to me! You have a real fan in Seattle and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. Miss you on SG1 but I still love the show. Hope we'll be seeing you again soon.

As an animal advocate I really admire your support of Sea Shepherd. I bought one of your autographed pictures in support. (First time I ever asked for an autograph:>)

Thanks for all the enjoyment you've provided over your career.


happy birthday to you rickie. i have went back to my childhood home to help take care of my mom. like i told you i would. i hope you are doing well i miss you but i prey everynight that you are happy and that God smiles down on you. i look up at the moon most everynight and remeber, thankyou.



Hi Mr. Anderson and Happy birthday!

My son (16 years old) and I love to view your episodes of Stargate SG-1.

I was looking on your web site to know more of you as a person and as an actor. We are from Quebec, Canada.


I know this is late and you will never read it anyway, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Well my little girl is getting fussy so I got to go. Again Happy Birthday

Love always Robin

Happy Birthday!! May your year be blessed with joy, friendship, and love!!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful acting talent and your generous spirit! God Bless!!

~ A Texas Fan ~


Feliz Cumpleaños Richard!!!

Que todos tus buenos deseos se hagan realidad y que tengas larga vida, para seguir disfrutando de tu talento que tanto nos ha deleitado.

PD. La verdad es que eres como el vino, mientras mas años estas muchisimo mejor


Happy Birthday Rick and many many more!

Thanks for all the enjoyment you've shared, and when the time is right, hope to see you onscreen again. We miss you!

Happy Birthday again,


hello richard! im a big fan of yours, and i used to watch every serie with macgyver on tv. unfortunly i dont get home before it starts on tv, since im going on school but still i love ya

big birthday hug from trine 16 norway


Hi Rick!

I'm a 13 years old girl in Norway, and I watch MacGyver every day after school. Unfortunately stargate isn't on TV here in Norway, but you quit it, didn't you? So it doesn't matter now...

Well, I am a humongus fan of yours and I wish every thing good in this world to you and Wylie. Happy birthday!

Love ya!

on 23 January 1950
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
a wery special person was born... a person who daly put's smile on my face...

happy birthday!

love nina *nn*

Go call them and get on that 200th episode!

PS - Happy Birthday!


Yo Macgyver.Happy birthday!!!!!!!! You are the king of the world Macgyver or Richard Dean Anderson.I like to call you Macgyver!!!You don't know how i am but i know how you are!!!! I live in Norway and i see you on the television all the time. My father say don't see on the television to much we know Macgyver can everything he can fiks everything and I say to my father of course he can fiks everything that is Macgyver.any way good luck and remeber one thing : You are the king of the world My email: Thank's for everything Macgyver and I am sorry for what happen to Dana Elcar YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL SMILE




damn, I'm so late... anyway...
Happy wonderful magic and peaceful Birthday Richard
a lot of kisses from a fan from Poland

eve :)

Nachträglich alles Gute zum Geburtstag und Erfüllung des liebsten Wunsches!

Hier bei uns ging leider grad die 8. STaffel zu Ende.
Hoffen wir, die 9. kommt bald - denn was soll ich sonst schauen, mittwochs abend.

Sylvia Kolbe

A little belated, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICHARD!

I hope you had a great day, with lots of cake!

All the best to you and yours!

P.S. when are your documentaries coming out?


Happy birthday lots of Hug's and kiss. I wish for you the very best. Can't wait to see you on "The Simpsons" in March. Have a super day and lots of SEX and a wonderful year. Miss you on TV Stargate just is not the same with out you, but maybe you can pop in on the 200th episode or guest star on some of the new shows. You have given such joy to so many remember what you put out you get back so there are a lot of us wishing you joy, love and cheer. See you in my dreams you are the best.


happy birthday rick big kiss and i love the simpsons, so do you? good bye!!!!!!!!!


Happy 56th birthday Mr Anderson!!!

I wish you and your daughter well in everything you do this year and i hope it will be better than the last one which was already great for you.It's true that i miss you on my tv screen, you're one of the best actors of this world, i lived my youth with MacGyver and now i'm growing up with Stargate !!! You're so great.
Thanks for being there, you make me feel better.
Take care
Marion from France

ps: Can i dare ask you to be a guest star on the 200th episode of SG1 ??? It would be so wondreful!!!


joiyeux anniversaire


A very happy birthday to you Rick (if I dare). I know you heard/read it a lot, but I try my chance too! And, as Jack would say:

Well, General, you know what they say, if at first you don't succeed, TRY ... try ... try ... try, try, try, ... ah ... try again!

<== I love this face!

Happy birthday!!

I dont't know if you are actually reading all these hundrents of messages, but i just wanted to wish the very best for you and your daughter!

I've grown up with 'MacGyver'and i want to say that the series really influenced my way of thinking towards life..Being an environmentalist myself,I would also like to congratulate you on your action for the environment!Be safe and sound!


Oh my gosh! I cannot believe that a year has gone by,not to mention the 23rd. Duh. Happy belated Richard, I trust it was a good one.


Happy 56th Birthday! Best to you this world has to offer. Gosh, My computer was out of sync. But, I knew your B-Day was coming. I hope you'll have an awesome year. (Reruns of MacGyver and SG-1 are a part of my relaxing mode for the day and week.

Love ya lots,
Sylvia R

Happy Birthday from a couple of Aussie fans. Thanks for all the pleasure you've given us!

Lyn and Annie

Happy Birthday from your biggest 12 year old fan!!!!! Wants to be you or Sam!!!!! Drives us crazy!!!!!!!! SG1 obsessed!!!! Likes MacGyver too!!!!

Sarah and family!

Happy Birthday Richard !!! I wish You everything well and the best.

Would tell You that I am watching MacGyver every day on the TV2 N

Just go on, for me You are the best actor and will allways be !!!

Very best regards

Désolé pour le retard!

Bon Anniversaire Richard Dean!

Happy Birthday to you!!

We you and miss you.


Happy belated birthday! 23 Jan. is also my sister's birthday. Let's all get and Sis can go first.

Gilder McCarroll (Mrs.) in San Antonio, TX

Hello Richard,

I was born on January 23th too.Not the same year.I first saw you on tv when I was a teenager.Since that day,you are still my hero.

Happy birthday,

Wow... this page's still open... Sweet!

Aaaand? So? Well? What??? Come on, feed the hungry masses with info... Was the morning after the party that bad? Still have a head ache, huh? I heard aspirin won't help... Try cake. There's nothing left??? Wow... How about booze? That gone too, huh? And you wonder why you have the head ache? Tsk tsk... Go see if there ain't some left over guest sleeping in your pool... it's been known to happen. I'll wait... *hums*

So? No one? Good, good... How's the house? Need to move, you say? Well... you have been working on that new one you're building... Guess you knew what you were doing. How's the head ache? Have you tried tomatoe juice?

So? C'mon, get on that keyboard. Can't you see how many people here care more for the cake than for your B-day? Does wonders for headaches... 5 minutes in front of your monitor and you'll pass out for a few hours and be as good as new.

Mr. Anderson? Are you listening?.... Sir?.... Hello... Yup... out cold... Must have been a pretty happy B-day, huh sir?

post-it note: check the shower for any passed out guests.


Dear Rick,

Even though I am a day late I want to wish you all the best for your B-day. You changed my life in such a wonderful way and I really admire your work! All the best to you and your little girl,


Happy 56th Birthday Rick

Hope you had a great birthday and wish you at least 50 more.

You are one of my most favorite actors of all time. I loved you when you played in 7 Brides for 7 Brothers and was very disappointed when it ended. Loved you even more in MACGYVER...

I just celebrated my 45th birthday January 18th, so we almost share the same birthday. I can tell by the pictures of you and your daughter that you must be a great & proud daddy.

I wish you well in everything you do.

A fan from Arkansas
Pamela Perry

You are the coolest peson in the big world but i just want to say have a nice day, to you, and your family, wish you all well and only good things to happen for all of you

Johannes from Joffen Norway

D'oh! Guess I'm a bit late. But nevertheless:


(Count yourself lucky that this message comes without sound )

Wish you and Wylie all the best for the future, esp. in regards to happiness, health, and in making a change with your numerous charity projects.

Thanks for many many hours of top-class entertainment.


PS: Miss ya on Stargate. It's not the same without you.

Hi Rick,

Happy birthday to you...:o)


Just want to say have a nice day, to you, and your familie, wish you all well and only good things to happen for all of you.

from mikkelulv
Norge Norway

Hello Richard, Q so your day of yesterday? I hope that without undertows, q goes fatal for the jar (head). I hope that you enjoyed it intensely and we waited for for proximo year to you, to return to decirte what we threw to you of menos. Espero which you return to although single the soul of the series is poquito. Eres, without you is not the same. We want to you.

PD:That photo is of the Fair of Seville. Of heart it invites to you to spend days in her, although single you I can offer my modest house. Yet Maria affection. AH! La fair is in April, and I am sure much that to your daughter gustaria him, much, much.


Hello Angus!
Your the best and you will always be!
And happy birthday on on your day!
I hope that you will have a nice week!

Love Ida-Kristin!!!

Dear Rick

Happy Birthday to you. Hope you have a great day with Wylie and all your friend and famylie

Im a fan of you since 17 years now and im 28.
Hope it was a Perfect day.

from me Manuella Smit

You are stil the best and you wil be always A hug for you en your little Karate Princess Wylie

like so many others we just want to share in celebrating the birthday of a man who has touched so many

Happy Birthday

Hi Mr.Anderson
Happy Birthday!
I'm a big Stargate and MacGyver fan . Could you write back, please?
Thanks, Nora

Hi Rick,

Me and the "girls" want to wish you a very happy birthday. Eat lots of cake!


Hi Rick I hope you have a very Happy Birthday. I miss seeing on T.V. every week but I know you are on a better mission in life by taking care of your family I really admire you for that. I just wanted to tell you to have a Happy Birthday and please eat alot of cake and go out and buy some The Simpsons DVD for your birthday, if you don't have them already!! I can't wait to see you in the episode coming in March!!

Take care.... Tracy Trana {in Minnesota.}

Dear Mr. Anderson,
from a long time fan. It started with MacGyver and continued on with Stargate SG-1... and all that happened in between. My oldest son is now stationed in Iraq and he loves the show SG-1. We are sending him SG-1 seasons so he can have a little bit of home there. Anyway have a wonderful birthday and I hope Wylie makes you a fabulous present this year!


May your soul be filled with happiness. May your heart be filled with cheer. May your mind be filled with good thoughts, and may your glass be filled with beer!! :

Happy birthday!! I hope you get everything you want, and enough cake to last a lifetime!!


Hello Rick,
Have a Grand Ole Time on your special day with your family and friends. Wishing you good health and many more birthdays to come. I love Jack O'Neill and the gang.

Take Care


Best wishes for your B-day and all the best for the year ahead. We hope that it is filled with joyful moments.

Look forward to hearing about any future projects you are in, and maybe seeing you back on TV.

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, from two of your biggest fans.

Natalie and Tanya Cislowski

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Happy Birthday!

You are my absolute favorite actor and I LOVE Stargate and MacGyver. I also think what you do for charities such as the "Signed and Sealed Campaign" and the Waterkeeper Alliance is wonderful, please keep up the good work.

I hope you had a great birthday and that you and your family are well!


I had the pleasure of seeing you play a celebrity hockey match against the Phila. Flyers alumni in '93. It was a memory my best friend and I will treasure forever! We were major MacGyver freaks in high school! Still love the show! Have a great birthday!


Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. Wow, it looks like the French love you almost as much as Jerry Lewis!! I am not sure if that is a good thing. Oh well, we hope the best for you and hope you are enjoying time with your family.

From The Ballards

Dear Mr. Anderson....

Just wanted to wish you a warm birthday wish... and thank you for the twinkle you put in my eye, you hunky you!

Happy B-Day! And many more.....


Wishing you Health and Happiness
on this your Birthday!!!!!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Rick :~)

May you be blest with many more years to share with your Angel Wylie and with all of us who admire and appreciate all you have done in so many ways for so many people.

Take Care
Jean :~)


Have a truly wonderful day
I hope you get everything your heart desires.

Take care of you and yours

Love and Hugs
Joanna Sharples xxx

Happy birthday. Still looking great after all these years. Enjoy yourself today your birthday.


happy birthday from France sir anderson

And thank you for they is 15 years of TV show, I hope that you will make other TV show and films.

still thank you, and happy birthday and merry Christmas and happy new year 2006 in family.

one soon
Jonathan C.
a fan of France since 15 years (i m 20years old )
Ps:sorry for my english

Dear Rick,

Just to say thank you for eight fantastic years of Jack O'Neill, and I hope you have have a lovely day!

All the best for the future,

Lots of Love and Hugs from Scotland!

Susan xxxxx

Dear, Richard i wish you a happy birthday you are my biggest and the best actor on the earth. My biggest wish is too meet you some day. it will be nice if my dreams come true!!! So i come from SLOVENIA.i hope you now where it is ,our neighbours are ITALY ,AVSTRIA and HUNGARY.I"ve be very happy ,if you send me your email too this addres ( i hope you are going to read this WISHES ,so happy birthady to you RICHARD

SEE YA SOON by by,

You Rock! Happy Birthday! I was so sad when you left stargate, but i still watch every episode!

Go Macgyver!


Hi Rick,
Well, here we are again. Another year older, but not looking any older Hope your day is filled with lots of love, laughter and happiness. I really miss seeing you ever week on Stargate, but I am glad that you're doing what your heart desires.

Take care, Love Yvonne.

I know it's my third message, reminding you you're one year older, blame Kate for keeping the guest book open on your B-day. Bless her heart, sweet girl that she is.

As my gift to you, I decided to profess my undying love for you, and leave the wicked games aside.

My beloved,

I have thought about you many a night, when it was dark and cold and I had to get out of bed to put white sock on so my feet won't freeze under the covers. I have treaded paths less taken through mountains and fields, with you in my thoughts leading me on, thinking you'd have a field day saving this environment. The sound of water broke through my thoughts of you, a question arising in my passion fogged mind. Would you go bananas if you saw how polluted it was? Everywhere I turn I see you, I hear you. Jealous minds who do not understand such pure passion, such love, have given me medication against hallucinations. But I know that you are real... somewhere over the rainbow.

It's 10 am over there right now, as I longingly look at the watch. I have one set on LA time because it's hard to deduct 10 hours out of my time at the drop of a coin. I'm not MacGyver you know? I even wear two watches on my wrist so that I always know what you are probably doing. I am addicted to coffee, just as you are. I like pie.

My last thoughts as I go to sleep are of you. Looking out the window and thinking that you shine brighter than any star in the sky. You've been in the spot light so long, you've probably absorbed enough photons that NASA can use you as a beacon. You certainly light my darkest moments. You stop my thoughts mid sentence like a spell that has been cast over my mind one would say, but it is truly over my heart that the spell was cast, cutting my words short each time I'm about to finish a sentence with a preposition. The shame, the pain of admitting something like this to you... but how can I lie? I have done you wrong, my beloved... You must forgive me... or at least write a text book for speech without wrongly placed prepositions.

With this I take my farewell... with a solemn promise that, now that my heart has had its peace, I will no longer write you birthday messages reminding you you're one year older. You wouldn't really throw that vase at me would you?

Thank you, you've been a wonderful audience, good bye and good night... my someone, good night.


Hello Richard, I hope my Englis is good enough:

I am born on 01.23. too.
This day in 1950 and in 1989 are the best days ever !
Please come back to Stargate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nobody can replace you! I haven't missed any episode!


(Of Cource I am your gratest Fan! )


Happy Birthday! I've been a fan since the General Hospital days! I watched Emerald Point and Legend prior to MacGyver and Stargate. (Sorry, missed 7 Brides...!) When my youngest daughter (who is now 16) first started to talk, if you asked her who made her so cute, she would answer "MacGyver"! (I taught them well!) So, anyway, hope your day and this coming year is all you're hoping for! Many happy thoughts ...


I wish you a happy birthday . I have been your fan since the 1st episode of McGyver and Stargate SG-1. I still watch everyday both shows. I am sorry that you aren't in Stargate anymore



Hi Richard and
Hope you'll have a great day with friends and family.... unless you are opting for a relaxing day in solitude- although I'm sure your cute daughter will be part of the day at some point!Little girls love surprising their parents (speaking from sometimes painful double experience!!), so have fun!!
All the best from Good Old England

Susanne & family

P.S. When are you coming for an off-worldish trip to the UK ??

Happy Birthday to Richard Dean Anderson

Its clear to see how many people you have touched
by all the wonderful messages you have received.
Its easy today to think of people who are on tv , sports , etc as idols ...But you are a role model by the way you live your life

Hope you have a great day

God Bless you and Wylie

Warm regards, Beth

Richard: Happy Birthday!I grew up watching Macgyver and now I get to watch again with my 7 year old son, Tres. He has watched all 3 of the first seasons. Its amazing to see how taken he is with Macgyver's ability to manufacture a way out of any situation. Of course, this has just fueled my son's interest in making contraptions out of pipes, rubber tubing and duc tape! Thank you for the values, creativity and innovation displayed throughout the Macgyver series. Most of all thank you for giving us something that the whole family can enjoy together!

Anne Dickerson

I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoy your special day as you deserve it.

Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us, the fans. We enjoy all that you give us in your performances and interviews.

I hope to see you again soon on the screen; know that you are missed. I still enjoy SG-1 but it will never be the same without Jack O'Neill. You've made your mark on that show and it is missed when you aren't there.

I wish you joy, happiness, and success in all aspects of you life. Enjoy your time with your daughter and live each day to the fullest.

Wishing you warm birthday wishes from a long time and forever fan; Happy Birthday!

Angie S.

Well here is the big day. I hope it is a fabulous one.
Have cake, Sir!

Best Wishes and when you get time let us know how your big day goes and if you have fun today. I have no doubt you will find a way to do so.

Ms. Bobby

Porque siempre te recuerdo y en mis sueños eres mi gran amor, por los años felices que te he visto frente a la pantalla de mi tv. Gracias por existir, gracias por estar aqui, gracias por ayudar a nuestro lindo e invaluable planeta.

Toda la felicidad del mundo para ti mi querido Rick. Besos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valentina Mejias

My dearest Mac,

Dear Ricky Dean,
forgive me for loving calling you both these ways)

From the bottom of my heart, I wish all the best for you! First of all, I wish you and your loving people always have the most essential thing of all: health.
I also wish you always have the strength and desire to follow what your heart and soul command you to - it's difficult, true, but a line from a greek song says "Anything worthy brings pain and is tough".
So, I really wish you always feel this freedom of mind which I believe you have always been blessed with - correct me if I'm wrong.
Another wish: may you get, whenever you need it, as much inspiration as you have offered all these years through your roles and real life.
Last but not least, I really wish that you will admire your daughter as you dream and desire (I am sure that what you dream and desire is whatever she makes her truly happy)...

Once more, happy birthday!!!

Sincerely and friendly yours,

P.S. It's Monday, 23th January, 22.15 p.m right now here, in Greece, and -cross my heart- after a quite difficult day at work, writing a wishing note for you was absolutely wonderful. Thank you... for everything)


Happy Birthday from David + Tessa -- We have been watching the MacGyver series together from the beginning and are enjoying it very much. It is always an inspiration to everyday life to think of all of the ways that you can creatively use your environment to achieve goals -- without violence.

Hex Sensei


Just want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Wish I could be there to celebrate it with you and Wylie. Someday we will meet. I go to Malibu with my family a lot so I know we are bound to run into each other.

A very good fan

Hi Rick

Here's wishing a special U,
an oceanful of joy,
on your big day !

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y.

Alles gueti zum Geburzelte....

Big hugs & xxx - Albina

Hi Rick,

A big hello from Holland
I wish you all the best for your 56th birthday
Three kisses(that's what we do when we congratulate someone in the Netherlands) for you and youre two ladys!

love Saskia Janssen

Happy birthday Rick!
I love you and kiss you for the special day.
your are a great actor and man!

Become quickly ! and
Best wishes.
An french fan.

hello rick !!HAPPY BIRTHDAY.joyeux anniversaire in french.kiss! I love your work at the TV!


Hi Richard,

This is the first I've written to you in over a decade I think...first I have written since little Annarose was born (on my birthday Aug 2! ). How time flies...

I wanted to wish you Happy Birthday and thank you for inspiring me with the person who was MacGyver...and the person who is Richard. I wonder if you know how much you have influenced my life (and probably many others like me) to follow dreams accross continents and oceans and find strength, solace and a life goal with the earth. Lets hope my environmental work makes as much difference as yours ...even though I doubt I'll ever touch as many people as you have.

Thank you for being such a great role model and thank you for showing people that there is much more to life than being a commercial success.

Love always to both you and Annarose,


P.S. don't need a stranger telling you this - but you are an incredible father ...I still continue to hope that one day our paths will cross so we can share life notes.

Dear richard,

I wish you a happy birthday.
I hope you are having a great day.



Happy Birthday, Mr. Anderson. Hope you have many, many more. Thank you for all the great stories over the years.

Ellie Curtiss

Wishing you all the happinest and love in the world on this special day and always!
Wish you get many hugs and kisses from the ones you love.

My humble gif to you , a picture I took in the south of my country last year when I was there with the love of my life, Paul .
Believe me, it's the closest you can be to paradise

Muy Feliz Cumple Richard!!!!!

Veronica de Buenos Aires, Argentina

My bad Rich...I left a birthday message with a "technically incorrect" reference. I said my favorite MacGyver episode was "Hell Fire" and I meant "Hell Week." That episode was a classic!!! Thanks for the great memories and have a good one!!!

Andre Theobalds

PS-When I go to this bar to celebrate my birthday tonight...I'll be sure to drink a glass of milk for Mac!!! LOL

Happy Birthday !
Wish you Happiness, Love, and to do everything you want to
We love you.

Have a great day.


you are maybe not going to read this, but i still want to wish you a happy birthday!!! i hope you have had a nice day with your daughter and the rest of your family. i wish you all the best of luck.

tomorrow i get 15 years old. it is cool, i have birthday one day after you! i have been watching MacGyver since i was little, and my dad was watching it. now, i and my brother watch it almost every day after school, even i have seen almost every episode. you are my ideal.


Happy birthday Richard.


So... it's the 23rd. Where's the cake? Yeah yeah, we know it's your b-day too, where's the cake? You're not dieting are you? Perish the thought! Must have sugar.

56 and you have more women wanting you than you have fingers to count... hands and feet. How's that for your ego? Growing old my a**! You don't know the meaning of the word!!! I mean the word "old"... not the word "a**". Hey, I'm a lady you can't expect me to say it in mixed company.

Can you give Kate a pic for the site with your B-Day cake? You can be in it or not, whatever, we wanna see The Cake.


(what do you mean stop reminding you?)

I really tried to be serious this time... I'm sorry... I am weak... hence the pic... Hey, it rhymes... What?


Mr. Anderson, I have a confession to make...I am 47 years old and just starting watching Macgyver about a year ago.( the 80's were kind of busy for me with getting married and having my babies)..Boy what a mistake that was...I fell in love with you than and drove everybody crazy with you (Even my WWMD (what would Macgyver do) T-shirt. Then starting watching Stargate...bigger husband and I love the show and especially your attitude. You seem more like Jack in real life than Macgyver. Thank you for being you and I can only think of one word when I see you....the first spoken line from Streisand's Funny Girl movie....Gorgeous. Have a wonderful birthday by doing what you want and being with who you want to be with.

Nancy Nason

Happy Birthday! Don't listen to people who tell you to eat right, exercise and live clean. They think they're so smart . . .
. . . and one day they're going to feel pretty stupid don't have freedom.

Celebrate your party!



Happy birthday Richard.

I hope you are having a great day.

Birthday hug from Kaja.

Hello Richard!
First and foremost Happy New Year
for you, Wylie and all your family
To conclude to Happy Birthday!
I hope see you in stargate(s10) like guest star .
I miss you !
Thank you for your kindness and your simpleness

Friendship Angélique Mialon

Best wishes from Kansas on your birthday!


Happy Birthday, lovely, lovely man!!!
My very best wishes to you on this day and always. Have a wonderful time and eat lots of cake, or pie, or cake and pie.
Miss you - and Jack O'Neill - something awful, but I'm very glad you're enjoying your life with your best gal.

Lots of love...
Mirna Monal

We wish you an happy birthday Richard !

We hope to see you again in new Stargate episodes .

with our best regards ,

hello richard

As firtst,mine english is not so good mine excuse here for.but i must write this letter.I hope that you reat it.what i will se is this.I am more than 17 years fan or you.And i whan that you now that i find you so whanderful.

selfs more.We have much common,so if our hobbys and more things we love the same things if dog its mine favourit people to and i like horses to i have 1 horse her name is beauty i have to 3 dogs it be 2 jackrussels and one chihuahua.

our childeren be the same age and in the same month be the birthdays.our relations is in the same year begining and in the same year over,with you and April and me with mine ex.its sound crazy but this is the true.I have the feeling that we maibe we become good friends in spite of that i live in holland and you in usa.I hope that you to whand be mine friend.And i hope that we once a day meet eachader.

Im june-15-1972 is mine birth i am now 32 year.i have you once first send you a letter that i wash in vancouver,it wash a short letter.I wash there for you but you wash not there.i wash not happy at that moment.thus i send that letter to you.Maibe as i have money again than i com to LA.and i hope that i welcom ben as i meet you.I now what you think again so craizy

fan but that is not true i have respect for you and treat you as a normal person,not as a movie star.what you ar,but you understend me ye.Maiby they more womens write you a letter,but what i feel for you is not describe

I think that it is the lot maiby.I hope that you this time contact me its so important for me.or react at mine letter,i wait for it.mijn address is
name; esmeralda keek
mine e-mail is;

i heve the feeling that we one of the other manner nonconscious in contact whit eachader.its sound crazy maiby but i feel it so sorrie

kisses Esmeralda
and give wylie to kisses of me

Hello mr. Dean Anderson, i myself was a great fan of mcgyver in my childhood... How u could make a bomb out of a bycicle and some soap or so still never seizes to amaze me .

But i know this woman who is still one of the biggest fans of you, she is really fond of you... I guess that she is not the only one .

I don't know if you read all these messages you get and i guess you get these requests a lot, but you would really make her day, if not her life if you would send her a message.

This woman i'm talking about is Heidi Vanlinden, she has sent you a happy birthday message some hours ago too.
Her e-mail adress is
If you would send her a message she would be really thrilled and i would find it very, very kind and sweet of you!!!

And by the way: happy birthday from me too!!!


Bonjours je m'appelle Cyril et j'ai 23 ans.

Je vous souhaite un trés Joyeux Anniversaire!

Merci encore pour les 8 années dans STARGATE SG-1. Vous nous manquez beaucoup depuis votre départ.

Dans votre carrière, je retiendrais surtout votre rôle dans la série MacGyver qui a changé ma vie et sera et restera toujours mon modèle.

On espère vous revoir.

Happy Birthday


happy birthday to you!


Hi Richard!
I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY,healt and success and I hope to see you again and again-at least on TV!
All the best for you and your family-Lots of Love from Germany

-Sorry,my english is not the best!-

Hi Rick, happy birthday from Italian Cial'trons Lord.


Hi again!

I wish you and Wylie lots of fun on your Birthday

Maybe you both enjoy the Birthday-Thingy-Box.

for making my Birthday (20th of January) with that hug.

I'm still smiling.

Alexandra Gmeiner

Hey Rick,

Have a nice 56 birthday, and have a happy and
successful year 2006.
and thanks for Stargate

Linda S.

Hi Rick

Happy Birthday to the second sexiest man on TV, (of course Homer being the first) only kidding!!!!!!!!!

have a great day


Hi Rick

Today's the day your 56th birthday.
And your beautyful!!!
Have a very good day with Wylie friends and family.

Gerda Schuilenburg

Dear Ricky
I wish you an happy birthday. I hope see you soon on tv. I'm falling in love with you when I see you in "Mac Gyver", and I love you very very much. Happy birthday to you. Big kiss.

Sophie Horen

Happy Birthday,dear Richard.
I wish You a many years of happiness,long live,many happy returns.

Step over the live,gracefully.
Above all I wish you many exotic travels and many love from daughter Wylie and April.

P.S At your feets I put the flower of rose.Best wishes and good luck.

Your sincerely
100 lat!!!!!!!!!Bye.

I wish you an happy birthday. I hope you have a good day today.


Lorhélène ( from france, Versailles)

Ello Rick,

Happy birthday to you, squashed tomatoes and stew, I saw a big fat monkey and I thought it was you!!

Hope you have a fab birthday. You are sadly missed on SG1 and hope it won't be long before you are back on our screens in "Sunny Manchester"!

Have a good one!

Luv Cheryl Miller xx

It's easier and quicker to send you an e-mail than to send you a letter as I used to do ... so ....
I wish you a happy birthday in the company of all that you love.
All the best
A big hug

Rosario Lucas (from Lisbon, Portugal)

Dear Richard,

Happy Birthday!!! I always think of you on your birthday every year. I have been a fan of your since I was 12 years old and I'm now 33 years old.

Wishing you good health and happiness always.

Love Sinead Maher xxx

dear Rick

happy birthday to you!


Dear Richard,

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!

I hope you have a wonderful day together with your family!!

And I wish you all the best of luck in the near future for everything you do.


happy birhtday Rick!

I hope your day is filled with all the peace, love, joy and laughter that you deserve. God knows life is so precious and every minute of it should be celebrated with friends and family. You have your own style in everything you do and that makes you my favorite to watch. On a lighter note I have a funny story for your birthday. When I was younger I watched magyver like my life depended on it. On night as my family and I sat down to eat I heard the very first few notes of the macgyver theme song. I leapped out of my chair so fast that I sent it flying down our basment stairs. Of course I was already in the living room, so all I heard was the loud thumping and my dad swaring. Needless to say from that point on I have yet to live that moment down.

So anyway congratulations on being 56 years young. Enjoy every minute of your bithday, and make as many beautiful memories with your daughter as humanly possible. I know I treasure every minute I had with my dad.

Happy Birthday with love

leah sies

Well, let's be serious here (after we write this message)... what on Earth can you say as happy birthday to Richard Dean Anderson (aka Loretta if we are to believe Amanda Tapping... as she requested, we won't ask... yet...)? But let us put our imagination to good use and see what we come up with...

I wish you to be happy, be loved, be adored and respected. I wish you to see all baby seals living happily and free from oppression. I wish you to see all rivers saved from impending destruction. I wish you to see global warming come to an end. I wish you to see all the world benefiting from clean unpolluted water. I wish you to see all forests and wild life secure and prospering. I wish you to see Wylie grow and grow and grow and grow (feeling old yet?) while you remain forever young as you have so far. And I wish you to get through this winter without any fractures what so ever. We will then move to wishing you get through the whole year without a fracture, but it's all about baby steps. I wish you to end up on the board of trustees on every organization you want... don't know why but it just sound so darn COOL!!!

And I wish you to be able to find it in your heart to forgive all us passionate, insane, desperate, inconsiderate... yet charming and lovable fans, who miss the heck out of you and just want you back. We are but poor souls who are victims of our mind's passion for a wonderful, talented, drop dead gorgeous, intelligent, funny, lovely man (you did say flattery will get us everywhere... I can go on...). So how can us simple mortals escape your divine charm and not miss you?

But in all seriousness Loretta... I mean Mr. Anderson, I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY... and a very big cake...

With hopes that my witty humor has not offended you... and with hopes that you actually read it... hey, I still believe in the tooth fairy, ok? ... with all my simple love, Mr. Anderson, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

PS: why Loretta?



Happy birthday Richard!

Wishing you health and happiness.

I really miss you and I hope we can see you soon.

Thanks for all you do for us.

Love from France.


Hello Richard:

Happy Birthday!

Wishing you Health and Happiness!


Darcy Baldon Filho - Campinas - Brazil

Hi Richard,
I hope you have a happy birthay!!
I held to thank you for these 8 years for "Stargate Sg-1" and "McGyver".
Thank you for everything, all the best!!!!


Hello Richard. I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY all the way from Denmark.

Best wishes

Hi Rick, Happy Birthday !
You are like a fine wine that just gets better as it gets older , Love Louise , xxxx.

Hello Rick,
Have a very Happy Birthday and another happy and healthy year. We have missed you in SG1 so we hope that the next project you do will be shown outside the USA and Canada so that we all get a chance to see you.Love Pauline,xxx.

hi Richard,

happy birthday!!!

I'm Heidi from Belgium and I've made myself a promise when I was a teenager

I had to write you a message but didn't know how....
now this year is the right time...
today it's you're birthday and this year i know you for 20 years.
when i was 9, my grandfather told me about thé guy with thé knife.
together we looked at my first mcgyver it was woow!
later that year we went to austria and I'll had to have such a knife like mcgyver, I was soooo proud of it
when I was a teenager, I was lost..
my room was full of mcgyver
well, you know how young girls are
now, 20years later, you don't come on tv here but i still apreciate your work, thanks for the great times!!!!!
hope you have a lots of fun
big birthdaykisses from

Heidi Van Linden

It's the D-day.

The first thought of the day : to wish a merry birthday with Richard Dean Anderson,

Then Happy Birthday and that this day brings much happiness to you.

Friendships, love and kisses.

With all my love.

Happy Birthday! It's my birthday too! I hope you are having a fun retirement! Enjoying SG1 reruns. Happy Happy Birthday!


Richard Dean Anderson

Happy Birthday!!!(^-^)I wish you a lot of happiness!!!Hope that 2006 is a wonderfull year for you and your daughter Wylie!!!Richard I want to ask him to continue always on TV!I like you very much and also your work!!!I hope to can on day to know you,therefore it's my dream of childhood that in February complete 20years!!!I feel happy because I'm aquarian like you.A lot of health and sucess always!!!Happy Birthday!!!(in English)Otanjoo-bi Omedetoo!!!(in Japanese)Feliz Aniversario!!!(in Portuguese) I'm descending of Japanese,been in born Brazil and now alive in Japan!Today I think a lot in going to the United States to know you!!!I hope that day arrives soon!!!Kiss of your fan that loves you a lot!!!Bye.

m.shizue okada

Dear Rick

My baby girl and I wish you a Happy birthday.

I love you so much since Mac Gyver, and my little girl too since she heard you in my belly, she recognize the musical theme of stargate and mac gyver.

We hope you love, health and success...

bigs kisses and hugs

Adeline & Juline

Happy Birthday, Rick!

Wishing you health, happiness and lots of cake!

With love from CT...


Happy birthday Rick,

I have recently become a huge fan of yours. I am studying environmental chemistry and physics, so MacGyver is my idol, but you have become an inspiration as well, with all your social and environmental contributions, and adventurous spirit. My friend and I are planning a bike trip from Oregon to the east coast after we graduate, and I read about your trip to Canada, which actually inspired me. Just wanted to let you know what a huge impact you have had on my life, and wish you a happy birthday.


Kia Ora Rick!!
Wishing you an awesome birthday Hope you have a wonderful day
From the Murphy Whanau in New Zealand

Hi Richard:

Happy 56th Birthday!

I have been your fan since MacGyver WOW !!! so many years and you look better every day !!

Thank you for been such a great star who shines so much in this universe taking care about others and the world where we are living. Keep on going!

Thanks for sharing your life with us, for all the happiness you've brought me and my family over all these years

God bless you and your family and give you a lot of health, love happiness and peace through all your life.

I really miss you I hope to see more from you in the nearly future .

Enjoy your day with your family and friends, and always remember you have a friend who cares and prays for you in Mexico

Mexico City

My birthday is tomorrow as well...I was a huuuuuuge MacGyver fan back in the day (and still am). I would watch the show religiously as a 1st/2nd grader right before Mission Impossible..."Hell Fire" was my favorite episode. Anyhow have a great one and thanks for the memories of the greatest TV show EVER!!!


Seeing as it is now late on Sunday, Jan. 22 this is my last chance to wish you once more the Happiest of Birthdays and I hope you get everything you want. Party your brains out but stay safe.

for making me smile for over 30 years. I love you as though I really knew you. Take care and consider some little thing on T.V. or the big screen.

If I may be so bold as to refer to you as Richard or Rick, I hope you are happy and life is being good to you. Enjoy your day. Good-bye for now.

Your huge fan,
Ms. Bobby Henderson

This is my son and a friend enjoying back country skiing at Turnagain Pass in Southcentral Alaska.

Wishing you a very happy birthday, Richard, and the deepest powder you can find!


Happy Birthday!

I joined The Waterkeeper Alliance this year because of you.
Thanks for the inspiration!
Have a great day and a wonderful year.

--Ellen in New York

Well this is the night before the I actually bought you a card to send but figured you would never see it before your birthday. Often wondered if you ever read mail that was sent to you. I think over the years, I have found my answer. OK, so this is supposed to be a Happy Birthday message, so here goes.

Happy Birthday to one hunk of a man! Yes, there are some of us out there who still think so. Some that can't think of nothing else. Regardless of the fact that we don't see you every week anymore (except on Syndication). We still love you more than ever and would love to hear more from you through one of the web sites. The line comes to mind - 'never call, never write' - would love to hear from you anyway.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow, while I will be struggling with VIP's at my job. Whoopee!! When the VP of the world's largest salty snack foods comes to visit, you got to pay homage to 'the man'. Can't wait to see you on SciFi Monday. What a terrific way to spend your birthday. Watching YOU!

Lots of love, many happy returns, yadda, yadda, yadda. Not too far behind you and hope to look as good - only why do men age so much better than women? Some get so @#$% goodlooking with age (as in YOU). Hugs & kisses and lots of birthday wishes.


Wow, Rick, did you notice that there are already more than a thousand entries in this "birthday book?" Will you really read all of them? (Any of them?) Somehow I have a hard time picturing you sitting at your computer scrolling methodically through this multitude of well wishes, but then I suppose hope springs eternal...

Speaking of picturing - about the lizard photo - this is Gimli, my daughter's bearded dragon. He has no interest in your birthday. In fact, he doesn't even have any interest in you... unless you come bearing live bugs or fresh cantalope. I haven't any idea if you're into lizards - well, except for one inspirational Tahitian gekko. I only put Gimli's portrait on here because he's cool and maybe a little unique among the usual birthday fare.

Now, I suppose in a birthday message it's traditional to say something complimentary about the honoree. So, is there anything you haven't heard yet in the other thousand messages? Hmm. I suppose instead I might make "old age" jokes. I could do that because I'm younger than you. However, you've probably heard them all before; plus, 56 is still a bit premature for the "best" ones. (Sorry, I know I just butchered the meaning of that word. LOL!)

Well, anyway, down to business.

A compliment: Oh yeah, never mind. I've decided to bypass the compliment for lack of anything original to say.

A gift... of advice: (Doncha just LOVE free advice?) Beware of giving a child too much "combat" training. Their sinewy youth catches up to you faster than you might think!

A wish: May your 57th year be filled with much love and laughter.. and devoid of respiratory viruses, broken bones... and tabloid features.

Happy birthday, Rick Anderson!

In friendship,

P.S. I'll now be expecting a witty email from you on MY birthday.

Well, heck, what's a birthday without about a thousand people or so whoopin' and hollerin' and all eating cake in your honor, eh?!

It's your day, your way

Be well and Happy!

And hey, did Miss Wylie Q get the book "Lily Serena" I illustrated and wee fairy wings I sent up to Vancouver a while back? The story is from a little gal in St Paul MN who has a fairy living in her back yard. More books in the making, then on to the publisher.

Her name and Wylie's are on the dedication page.

Hope she enjoyed it if she ever got it. I also hope you enjoy building your house. I designed and built mine with my own hands and it's delightful and very much the case that home is where the heart is.

So big grins from gorgeous Colorado. Cheers,


Congratulations RICHARD!!!!!

A Very Happy Birthday to a Very Nice Person!!!
God bless you and your daughter, forever and ever.
Your smile is so sweet ... I like it!
Have a wonderful 2006!!!

Hugs & kisses to you!
Fernanda from Brazil.

*** PHOTO: A big rock formation in my city, call "Sitting Dog Rock" ("Pedra do Cão Sentado", in Portuguese), situated in Nova Friburgo city, Rio de Janeiro state, BRAZIL.



Happy Birthday Rick!
Hope you have a great day!
You are always an inspiration to many people.
We certainly miss seeing you on a regular basis.
All the best to you! More cake!


A VERY big happy birthday to you Mr. Anderson from the brugger household from NJ! I hope you have a great birthday and that everything is happy at your end.

Your loyal fan for 7 years
Krystal Brugger

Happy Birthday , dear Mr. Anderson and all the best for you!

First of all: good well, power and stay as funny as we love it! We will miss your humour in Stargate SG-1. Stargate is not the same since you are rare in it.

And please being an inspiration for all of us furthermore in such important thing than save the nature!

Best greeting from Germany
Kathrin and the German Stargate-Fans

(I hope my english is not to confused! I work on it!)

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!


Hi Rick

Happy Birthday

All the best for the coming year

Jack O'Neill and Mac see me through the good times and the bad -

Take care

Alison C

Well, Happy birthday monsieur Anderson. and, heu... well as we don't know each other, I can't find anything else to say. I never know what to write on a card even to my best friends so....


That's the best I could find.


Because of what you do you will live 100 Years + . The second half of your life is just beginning. Not to mention that you will ascend... hehe


Oh, and don't forget to practice your mobility. Helps more than you think.


Happy Birthday, Richard!!!

for being who You are.
I hope You have a great day today.

Whenever you see a shooting star never end Your wish without whispering 'I believe'.. and Your wish will come true.

All the best to You and Wylie.

Love, Piret

Dear Mr. Anderson hope you have a wonderful birthday and wishing you many more years. Hope to see you again sometime on Stargate.

Bradford G.

Hi Rick,

Here I am again wishing you all the best for your Birthday, hope there are still many golden years to come, to enjoy with your darling daughter. A few months have passed since my first entry, where I wrote a poem for you (message # 11). Now, I'm taking the liberty of putting another one here I made about the most known roles you played on tv.


There was a man called MacGyver
He was a runner, he was a diver
No jungle too deep, no mountain too high
Always to the rescue, without a sigh
Even with a killer on his track
He never failed to come back
Keeper of nature and many lives
Never a gun, just his mind and a knife

There was a writer named Ernest Pratt
A Legend was following his path
With Nicodemus began his fame
The wild Wild West was never the same
A friend with the best intentions
Helped with strange inventions
Pratt and Nic enjoyed this life so much
They changed identity with a touch

There was an officer called Jack O'Neill
Always stayed cool, with nerves of steel
Then the Goa'uld came from Outer space
They were a very evil race
Wanted to enslave the human kind
To take over our body and mind
With an ancient weapon found on the Pole
He endangered himself to save our soul.

Hope you liked it and while you're going back to have a look at my first one (I hope) please have a stop at entry # 37 made by my friend Aidan from Canada. She did a great job and it took her some time to create this wonderful drawing for you. She's a really talented lady.
Oh yes, I want to thank you too, because it is because of you and this site from Kate, I met her and she became a great friend of mine, so distance doesn't matter you see.
Anyway, you may not even realize it, but through the years you made some people really happy and brought smiles back to the world.

Happy Birthday!

Rita P.

Dear Rick, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Wishing you a very happy birthday from everybody down under. Will miss you on Stargate. Jack was one of a kind. Say hello to your family. Best wishes, Janine Lennox

I said it twice before, and I'll say it once again: Happy Birthday!!

This picture (hopefully) attatched is my gift to you. It's the view from my bedroom window right now. I know it's winter up there in the Northern Hemisphere so I thought it'd be nice to give you something hot and sunny.

So happy birthday from Otago Harbour at 10 am in the middle of summer...
Maybe you should spend your birthdays here

SO looking forward to seeing your Simpsons episode!

Lots of love (in a never-met-you sort of way) and good luck for your birthday,

(AKA Selma - but I don't look like her )

Hi Richard!

I just want to wish you a happy birthday, and that you will have å wonderful day with your family and friends.
And as we say in Norway; Gratulere så mye med dagen!

PS! If you contact your fanclub - there's a card, and on the back it say's "Collection By Rakel". In the card there's a "surprise" for you!

Warm greetings from Norway!


Hi Richard !!!!

I hope you have a very happy birthday !

I held to thank you for these 8 years of happiness that you brought to me in Stargate SG1 and thank you to have been the hero of my childhood in MacGyver. I would like to be an actor and for me you are an example.
Thanks for everything.

Have a nice life Richard


Hi! I'm Angie and I want to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
I'm a great fan of Stargate and despite the fact that I'm only 14 I fell in love with Jack O'Neill ...and I'll always know you as him... I've been a little shocked when I received the news of your retirement from the show (in Italy we are only at the beginning of the 8th season), but I understand your reasons... anyway Happy Birthday again

for being who you are

best wishes
Angue O'Neill

P.S.: if something isn't grammatically correct I'm *really* sorry!

Dear Rick,

How are you? I hope fine
I am OK.

I wanna wish you a Happy Birthday!! ,
I've never seen many men who are looking still handsome on an age of 56! (although I'm 15, I think you handsome haha) so be proud of that haha!!..

My biggest wish(like many others)is to meet you once. Not only for an autograph or a picture, but more to speak with you, I mean, that's much cooler than writing right?

I love watching you on TV. You might wondering why..
Let me tell you:
- You're sweet, cute
- You've got a great sense of humour, witch I like very much.
- You're a great actor.
That's what I would miss the most, if you're not going to do any show anymore.
But I think it's very good what you're doing now (what I've heard so far)
Being more with Wylie, doing things closer at home and kind a stuff.

I become a fan of you not long ago, but what I've seen in the meanwhile, made great impression on me.

I also wanted to say that you've got a great, sweet and beautiful daughter.
She looks a lot like you, she even got your smile. And when I look at pictures of you and Wylie, you can see that you are very proud of her and that you love her a lot. Cool that Wylie is on karate! I do martial arts myself, and I like it very much too.

Well this is all I wanted to say to you now, and I hope you'll read it (not to push you, but I'd like that)
And maybe if you want to, i hope you'll answer to this .

Much love,
Anica Raas

Hi Rick,

Have a wonderful birthday. I hope you have a great day. I miss not seeing you on screen.

Have a great year.

Tina from the land of Oz

Be happy.
Continue to live well.
Enjoy every single moment.

Elisabeth Millenaar

hay richard




Hi Mr Anderson,
I wish you a happy birthday!
I hope you enjoy your day with your family.
I am 18 years old, turkish but I live in Germany - Heidelberg and I am your fan since I was a child and that will never change, you are my favourite actor and my idol!!

PS: This on the picture are me and my dog Cindy!
We always watch Stargate together

best regards


Happy Birthday Rick,

enjoy your day - have a popsicle or two, live, love and always be happy.

Blessed be


We are realy glad we can wish you to your birthday You are wonderful, beautiful,nice, likable and SEXY person we are very happy you exist! so we wish you happy new year and good luck!!!! Let this year is the best zbo¾òuje tì, stra¹nì moc moc!!!!

Mía + Efík

Happy Birthday.
Macgyver is the best.

Matias Martini

Richard Dean Anderson
Happy birthday!!!(^-^)I wish you a lot of happiness!!!Hope that 2006 is a wonderfull year for you and your daughter Wylie!!!Richard I want to ask him to continue always on TV!I like you very much and also your work!!!I hope to can one day to know you,therefore it's my dream of childhood that in February completes 20years!!!I feel happy because I'm aquarian like you.A lot of health and success always!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!(in English)OTANJOO-BI OMEDETOO!!!(in Japanese)FELIZ ANIVERSARIO!!!(in Portuguese) I'm descending of Japanese,been in born Brazil and now alive in Japan!Today I think a lot in going to the United States to know you!!!I hope that day arrives soon!!!Kisses of your fan that loves you a lot!!!bye.
(*-*)*********2006 .01.23*********
m.shizue okada

fantastick in stargate when are you coming back in to it.
have a great day on your birthday.

christopher welch



"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." -Marcel Proust

Dear Rick:
Thank you for making me happy. Wishing you and Wylie many blessings always. Happy Birthday.

Wilma Aponte

Hi! Richard(could I call you Mac? ), Hope you have a great birthday!!

And the picture is you in "In the eyes of stranger", I like your sideburns

Do you know you are very famous in Taiwan, so...if you have time to make a trip, do you wanna go to Taiwan? The fans in Taiwan always very welcome you!

Finally, Happy birthday and hope all of your family and friends always healthy and happy!!

Jerry Jian from Taiwan

Hey! It's 2006 and George Bush is still President!
If that doesn't scare ya, what's another birthday!
Have a Healthy and Happy One!


May you have the best birthday ever, filled with fun, surprises, and laughter!

In the past, you have often referred to Legend as your favorite project. I had the great fortune a few months ago to see this series for the first time and can now certainly see why you would say that. In fact, I so fell in love with this show that I decided to create a web site dedicated to it.

Wishing you much joy and happiness in your future,

Beth I

Rick...Hope 2006 brings you all you hope for and that your birthday reminds you how young at heart you truly are. You've brought lots of smiles through your acting, and inspiration through your work with Waterkeeper and Sea Shepherd. Happy Birtday Ricky D.


Hope you have a great birthday Rick !

Love ya !


Dear Rick,
Happy Birthday! I hope this is your best birthday ever. Hope that 2006 is a wonderful year for you and your family.

Thanks for your performances throughout the years in General Hospital, in MacGyver, in Legend, in Stargate SG-1 and in your various movies. Your roles have brought much enjoyment into my life.

Best wishes for your birthday and for the new year.

Georgia, USA

Happy Birthday Rick! Can't wait for your appearance on the Simpsons. Enjoy the day and upcoming year. You are missed on Stargate but atleast I have the repeats to watch between classes. I highly doubt I would be able to get up to go to class in the morning if I couldn't watch MacGyver before I left. Again Happy Birthday and thanks for everything


Happy Birthday!

Love you.
Miss you.

Panda Bear


Hey RICK! Miss you on Stargate and love you on reruns... Happy Birthday and you are still sexy at 56!


Happy Birthday Rick,

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to the Best of the Best. You and I go way back. I have been a loyal and devoted fan since the very beginning, well over 30 years now, and am very proud to be called a fan. I followed your career in everything you have done but MacGyver holds a very special place in my heart.

During the MacGyver years you helped my son, a child you never knew, so much during that time that no words I say can thank you enough. You are a hero to my son and you will always be my hero.

For this special birthday, I wish you health and happiness, love and laughter and all the joy that you deserve. You are a wonderful, kind, devoted and loving dad to Wylie and I hope you will always be as close to her as you are today. This world is a much better place with you in it.

Happy, Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day, you deserve it!

With all my love and admiration,




Good health,good skiing,love, and Wylie,Wylie,Wylie = peace and happiness.


Happy Birthday, Richard.

Don't forget us, we will never forget you.


Happy Birthday Rick

Maria Tyrnavos

Happy Birthday Rick!

I hope the year ahead will be especially wonderful for you.

Praying for you always,
Deb Sindlinger

Happy Birthday, Rick!! Hope you had a good time in Banff and made alot of money for the Waterkeepers.

Thanks for the seasons of Macgyver and Stargate you've shared with us.

Sally Pedersen

Happy Birthday Rick! May your day and the coming year be filled with all the best life has to offer.

Much love,
Leslie M.

Happy Birthday Richard! I hope you have a wonderful day with your loved ones. Thank you for all the years of entertainment you've given us. And who knows how permanent that retirement of yours really is, eh?

I do hope you will one day realise how much you mean to each and every one of us, even if we don't know you personally. Thanks for everything and enjoy your special day!


Happy Birthday Rick, from one Aquarian to another. Hope you have a great day. I'm going snowboarding with my sons (9 & 10 yrs old) for my birthday (48 for me.) I hope you have as good a day as I hope to have. Maluhia (It means "Peace" in Hawaiian.)

Happy Birthday to the Sweetest Man on the Planet!!

Rick, You made a dear friend of mine VERY happy at Banff this year. THANK YOU for caring about people!

You are a TRUE !!

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and thank you for all the great years
as macgyver and jack o'neill. I may just be seventeen but I just love
you and your work. My friends tease me about liking your work and all
but I just ignore them and keep on going.I just love you.
Shannon Kelly

I wanted to wish you the happiest of birthdays and thank you for not going Hollywood on us. In a profession that for some is all about scandalous relationships and buying the biggest house, tiniest dog, and most expensive watch, you seem so grounded and normal. I appreciate that you put your attention to matters of real importance.
You've been a part of my life since I was 8 years old, longer than any of my best friends! And what a good influence you've been. While you will always be Mac to me, thanks for being who you are. Again, happy birthday.

Love Nickerson

Dear Rick,

Happy 56th B-day and many, many more.

Appreciate you sharing yourself for the many years that you have.

As a fellow midwesterner and a soon to enter the 5th decade of life I look to you for inspiration on how to live life to the fullest.

Take care and best of luck,
Jack's CSM


Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! Thanks for being an inspiration!

Hi Rick,
a very happy birthday to you!!! Hope you have a lovely day! Thank you so much for many wonderful years of MacGyver and Stargate and for always putting a smile on my face. I love you!


Happy birthday to you richard

Huumm Donnuts ?

Christophe Rouot

Im not even sure what to write...only that I wish for much love and happiness on your birthday and always!! Hope this finds you and your family well. Just know that you are sorely missed...

"Sci-Fi Friday"(as my hubby calls it) just hasnt been the same without you.

Much love
Maria Moore

Happy birthday Rick!
I hope you get to spend this very special day with all your loved one.
I miss you so much! Thanks for the memories, you'll always hold a special place in my life and in my heart!
Love always,

Happy birthday Richard and thanks for being such an inspiration to all of us!

Little Ant

Happy birthday Richard!!!

I wish you a wonderful day und I would like to say thank you to you. Thank you for beeing such a great actor for so many years. You have such a wonderful sense of humor, that you made me laugh in many, many times. I have seen you last weekend und you are really amazing! I'm impressed of you Ski racing. Remain as you are.


Dear Rick,

I'm sure 2006 will be a wonderful year for you and Wylie. Enjoy every precious moment together. Your continued environmental efforts are greatly admired and I thank you for being such an inspiration to so many.

Have a Very Happy Birthday,

Love and Warm Wishes from Emma Marshall x

P.S. Being a Brit I have to admit to really missing your particular style of humour on SG-1.

Not too long ago my husband was overjoyed to see tears in my eyes when I opened the gift he gave me for my birthday. He thinks it was the Macgyver box set he picked out that made me happy. While the gift was something I wanted, really it was just that he took the time to make it a special day for me. Here's hoping that someone makes your birthday a special day for you.

Shell Perry

Happy 56th Birthday Rick,

You are such an inspiration to so many people. We miss seeing you every week and we are so happy that DVD were created so we can watch you whenever we want to. We do hope that you will do some smaller new projects soon. Even if you continue to give us a continued insight into your river trips.
Enjoy your special day with Wylie and your family and friends and know that there at thousands of us out here who will be celebrating your Birthday in our hearts. Thank you for giving us so many memories and know that we all love and admire you very much.


Danni Sanchez in Southern California

Happy 56th Birthday, Rick!

I hope you have a wonderful day with your precious daughter Wylie and the rest of your family.
Your brown eyes, your smile and your
wonderful sense of humor have always
caught my attention and they still do.
You are a special man and a wonderful
human being. You are one of a kind and
that is why you are so special to us
(your fans). Thank you for making our lives better because you have been a part of them for over 30 years. Enjoy your days with Wylie for now and always,
because they grow up so fast. Happy Birthday, Rick

Linda Pettit


gloria nario

You're my hero!
Still enjoy watching Mac whenever I catch an old episode on TV.

Happy birthday - a roll of duct tape is on it's way!


Thank you for another year, giving your time and yourself to help the enviornment and those around you.

Happy Birthday!



Miss seeing you on on Stargate, but I know new things are in store for you.
I wish you a great birthday with your daughter and friends!

Shannon H,
Seattle, WA

Happy Birthday Rick!

You're a one of a kind guy and I wish you well in all that you do.


Hi,sweet Rick!!!
I wish you all the best on your birthday :
Sucess;Love and Health!
Love you and I hope to see you at Rio de Janeiro someday!

Luciana Marinho

Um grande beijo e tudo de bom!

Wanted to wish you a wonderful birthday once again and to wish you all the very best wishes. Sure miss you lots.
All My Love ,

Hi Mr. Anderson,

Just want to wish you a wonderful day on your special day and say thank you for being an inspiration in my life. Your the best.

Myra Garza

Happy Birthday Richard!

Hope you're enjoying your new beginning and the hookless fishing!


Dear Mr. Anderson,

I have been a big fan since you were Dr. Jeff Webber on GH. Luckily between MacGyver and SG1 I can see you every day. Miss Jack O'Neill terribly. The SGC isn't the same without you. Enjoy your retirement and your family. I wish you all the best. Happy Birthday!!!!


Have a wonderful day doing all the things you love. You have such an amazing gift as an actor one you have been able to share with the world, also as a human being, you are a unique and very special man. You have brought so much pleasure, happiness and love into so many homes and opened minds to issues you feel strongly about. Thank you for weaving your magic in the roles you have played for all these years. I admire you so much for retiring to fully participate in your Daughters life. I think the two most precious things you can give to a child are your love and time and you are giving Wylie both. What a gift the security of your love is, to guide her and help her become all she can be is priceless. What an amazing role model she has, you have such a love of life and approach to it, it's a lovely thought that growing up with you, what most of us think of as adventurous Wylie will think is normal - what a thought! Lucky girl! I loved Stargate and Jack, from the humour to the serious side, from when he was injured (nobody does injured like you) to the romance, the words "come here" always meant an all enveloping hug was to follow. I haven't watched since you left. You were Stargate.
I know your first love was ice hockey but if you had followed that course we would not have got to know the beautiful man you are. You have a truly beautiful smile and heart, with an infectious personality and wonderful sence of humour and fun. You have touched so many peoples lives in such a wonderful way. Please enjoy doing whatever your heart desires. If that is relaxing and being there with your Daughter then have a wonderful time. If ever you decide to do some more acting, I'll be waiting to watch you weave your magic once more. Here's a thought how about an attractive, charismatic, distinguished MacGyver for the cinema, starring of course Richard Dean Anderson. Oh the thought! I have sent you a letter and card with a small donation to one of your charities via Sea Shepherd which I hope they will forward to you. I am a member and they are a lovely group of people so I hope they don't mind. Please don't be a stranger to your website, a few lines, maybe a picture every now and then so we know how you are would be very much appreciated, maybe a homemade video clip for the website. If you have moved into your new home I hope that love and laughter fill it always. Have a truly lovely day, I am sure Wylie will have it organized for you from the time you wake up. Sit back later and enjoy a glass of fine wine, it would be from me if I was there. I wish you and Wylie good health, happiness and love, always and may all your hopes and dreams for you and Wylie come true.
With love and best wishes,
Linda Wilcock

Happy Birthday Mr. Anderson. I just wanted to wish a Very Happy Birthday, to our most honored citizen of MN. I hope you have a very wonderful birthday, and wish you the very best in your retirement. Also, keep up with your wonderful work in helping the seals. Many happy returns. Love Debby

Hi Rick

I just wanted to wish you a very happy and fantastic birthday. May it be an enjoyable day for you and your family.

I look forward to your simpsons episode later on this year, and hope you do some more environment projects for TV.

Love Ness

Hello Mac!
I just wanna to write a note for you!
But I have a problem.......I don't know what to write...
But I'm sure I'll find out something.
But anyway....I'm always be happy so long as you are here! And do you know what? Every day when I see you on MacGyver I feel so happy, and I think it's because of your smile!
And I'm a really big fan of you

Love Ida-Kristin Johansen from Norway!

p.s. I'll never be the same if you was gone from here in a single minute! Good bye!

Hi Rick
I already have post my birthday message for you, but wanted to post one more birthday message for you.
Today's your special day. Hope that it is perfect in each and every way.
Wishing you rainbows with colours so bright.
Hoping this day for you will be filled with delight.
My wish for you is happiness and may all your dreams come true.
Have lots of fun on your birthday and celebrate life!
Gerda from leiden The Netherlands.

Happy birhtday Rick!! You're the best. I hope that you will keep up the good work, and that we will see a lot more from you in the future!!

Best wishes

May you feel on the top of the world on your Birthday and all year through!
Wishing you a day as special as you are!


¡§¯¬§A¥Í¤é§Ö¼Ö¡B¯¬§A¥Í¤é§Ö¼Ö ¡B¯¬§A¥Í¤é§Ö¼Ö¡¨¡Fall that mean is "Happy birthday to you" song, wish you have a great birthday party.


Dear Richard, I wish you an happy birthday
I'm a great fan of Stargate.
(sorry for my bad English).


I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and I hope you will be able to spend the day with those you love the most...I hope you will enjoy the day as much as I have enjoyed watching you perform on TV!

Pam Richardson


Another year has come and gone...


From beautiful northern NJ!

Darlene Lange

Mr. Anderson,
First happy birthday! I just celebrated mine too, 44, but it was somber with special toasts.
My Stargate watching hubby/buddy died the week before. We were married for 23 years, total sci-fi nuts. Friday was usually Stargate tenderloin on the grill and watching both sets of shows into the enjoyable fantasy world of the "Gate." It was always a wonderful way to escape from stress and leave reality. But reality and a blood clot stole him from me in an hour.
I know you "retired" from the show for your family. You're missed on the show but I applaud your desire for family, there is nothing worth more in life. I thank you for being a part of our family through your movies, MacGyver, and Stargate. I have a first born foal named Tau'ri, a cat that did have a symbiot, and fights his devil brother named Tok'ra.
Watching the show isn't the same yet, I miss Scott so much, you and he had the same amazingly wild, slightly wicked, but kind sense of humor, nature, dedication, and smile.
I'm sorry I should be just giving you birthday wishes, and I wish you the best in true sci-fi form, "Live long and prosper." I also ask you revel in your loving relationships and maybe think of someone like me whose heart has been torn out by a death--but I'm hoping Stargate will help, just a little, in easing the tension and finding the wonderful side of life again. I learned tons from my husband over the years, even some from your series'. Take care, share the best with friends and family, happy birthday, and I too promise to share the best with those I can and my amazing 21 year old, who will carry on partly for her dad.
Enjoy your special day. PS I even received a special birthday gift after my husband died, he ordered another piece of horse jewelry from a favorite jeweler. Hey, I can ride my horses in style. If you're ever in Des Moines and want a ride through trees, hills,lakes, seeing deer, birds, and a few specials an invitation is always open to you with a special pony ride for your little gal. Got to watch a doe raise her twins all this summer and a huge 12 point buck was always watching us. Blessings in Him--Deborah leBrun, phd

Mr. Anderson,
Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday from the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia!I love spending my birthday (Jan 30th) here If you're in need of a quiet vacation spot, this is the place I think you and Wylie would have an awesome time! I have been a fan for over 14 years and my family and I love watching you on MacGyver and Stargate; though the new episodes just aren't the same without ya'! Have an awesome birthday and may God richly bless you and Wylie. If you're ever in Virginia, look us up, we'd be glad to show you the beauties of our area!

Tonya Southers

Rick I hope you have a terrific birthday, and that you have many great years more to enjoy your retirement, your daughter, and your life.

However, if you do happen to get the urge to do some arts, like maybe TV or a movie, go right ahead!! We miss you!!!!

So have a Happy Birthday and a great life!!

Mig Crowe humbly saying

Happy Birthday Rick!!!

Just wanted to thank you for all the
years of sharing your life with us.
May God surround you and your family.
I hope you have a blessed birthday and
many, many more!!!

Molly Ann Meridieth

Dear Rick:

I wish you love and happiness throughout your life. Thank you for sharing the way you are with your fans.
Ana Ibaños

Happy 56th birthday. You were great in SG-1. Hope your daughter is doing good. Have a good birthday.


Happy Birthday!

I really loved your work on MacGyver and enjoy watching rerun episodes. You probably don't realize how many people you have affected, but I can tell you that your work on that show teaches tolerance, loyalty, love and appreciation for others. I also appreciate your current environmental work, especially with the Seal Campaign in Canada.

Have a wonderful birthday and may you realize how you have touched the lives of others!

Very best,

Hey Rick!

I have posted a message here before,
but I want to do it again. You deserve it!
Have a really nice day

Love Ann Kristin!

i've been a huge fan of you since macgyver.
And I just wanted to say happy birthday to you and your family!
Keep going!
best wishes!


alles gute zum geburstag
komm zur 11 staffel zurück

Fabian S-P

To Richard
I hope you have a nice birthday, 23.01.06.
I watch on MacGyver every day on TV.
You should begin to make some new MacGyver episodes.
From Anders in Norway.




Mister Anderson,
i wish you a happy new year, a good health and all you want and need for this new year 2006 as for your family. As everybody, i saw you and loved you in MacGyver and Stargate SG1 and in your movies. Thanks for your investment in the protection of Nature. You are a great man. Hope to see you in movies in the future.
I almost forgot... happy birthday !
Big kiss from France.

Dear Rick. I hope you have a fantastic birthday with many more to come. Miss your good looks and humor on Stargate SG-1, but completely understand your reason for hanging up your holster. Children grow up much too fast. Anyway, happy birthday and hope you have a super 2006.

Best always,

Charleston, SC

Happy Birthday, Richard.

I've seen some recent pictures of you from Lake Louise, it looks like retirement agrees. I've been a fan of yours for over 20 years now. I'm so happy that you seemed to have found peace and fullfillment since retiring from Stargate. Bravo. I hope your special day is filled with nothing but the best. Good luck with all the environmental work you are doing. Your attitude has been an inspiration to myself and countless others I'm sure.

Wishing you love and Peace


Dear Richard,

Hope you have the most wonderful day imaginable. Thank you ever so much for some of the happiest memories I have to this day, it is because of you and the show's you've been involved with that I've made some of the best friends I'll ever have. For that I thank you.

Hope you have a great birthday.

Kris Keogh

Happy birthday Richard. I hope you are happy. Keep up the environmental projects.

chris wraight

Dearest Richard

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wild and wonderful birthday party with lots of cake and blue jello.
We love you loads
Tracy and Emma

Hi Rick,
Happy b-day!
Hope life is treating you well and that you get to spend as much time with Wylie as you had hoped for, when leaving Stargate SG1.
Don't be a stranger, let us all know how you are doing!

Tillykke med fødselsdagen!

Best of all from Denmark,


happy birthday to you!

we missed seeing you on tv. do you have any upcoming movies or tv series?

we would love to see you here in asia. Nyen Yu

Here's wishing you a happy birthday and many more joyous years to come! Everyone admires you for putting your family first but you're far too young and good looking to retire completely. Your fans would love to see you in a film or as a guest star on Stargate SG1. I can't wait for your Simpsons episode. Thanks for four decades of fun and entertainment.

Edna Dryden

Thanks for all the viewing enjoyment from MacGyver to Stargate SG-1. I so miss you on Stargate SG-1. It just isn't the same without you.

I am looking forward to the Simpsons' episode. Hoping we'll see you on TV again sometime...even if only a guest appearance.

Have a great birthday and all the happiness you deserve.

Annie Wheeler

Just wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and to thank you for so many years of wonderful entertainment. I am sooo looking forward to your Simpsons episode but miss you on Stargate. Enjoy your special day.

Lisa Woolley

Many happy thoughts for your birthday from a fellow Aquarian and Simpson fan.


I just wanted to take a minute to wish you the happiest and healthiest of birthdays. I would also like to thank you for the good works you do and for the shows you have been involved with.

Susan Price

Hi Rick,
Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday . Hope you have a great day & time with Wylie & your family & friends. Also, thanks for being who you are and being a great inspiration to me. For me that means alot. Miss you on TV, but i think what you did to be with Wylie was more important & you are a great dad to her. Tell her hi from me. And if your in Northwest Arkansas, I'd love to meet you.(+ i happen to work at the airport here). Again, Happy Birthday!!! Much Love, Andee Gilbert

Happy Birthday! Growing up you have been my idol and not for who you were on tv but for you as a person. Your work with the environment really impressed me in addition to your top quality acting. Thanks for all the inspiration and I hope you enjoy your time with your family after sacrificing so much of it to please your fans.

Thomas Burghardt

querido Richard te deseo un muy feliz cumpleaños junto a todos tu seres queridos,espero que puedas leer este mensaje y quiero decirte que eres una persona hermosa de alma y sentimientos gracias por ser tan dulce te mando un beso enorme


mar del plata Argentina

Hope this is your best ever,HAPPY BIRTHDAY Richard!!!!
We love you!!!!
Kathy & Rebekah

Hi Richard

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and a great year ahead. Really miss watching you on the TV but I am sure you are enjoying your 'retirement'and that is by far the most important thing.


I just want to wish you a happy birthday to you .
And for all your family a very happy new year .


Richard, I hope you have a beautiful birthday, I miss you so much on SG-1! You are irreplacable IMHO! Hope you are well and happy, love you lots xxx.

Linda Merryweather

Hi Mr. Anderson

Sorry, my english is not the best. But my wishes to you comes with all one's heart.

I wish you a Happy Birthday and only the best for the future. Enjoy the love of your daughter and the life with her - have fun together!

Keep this special smile and the twinkle in your eyes. Thank you for all fun in the past.

Best wishes from Germany

Happy Birthday Mr. Anderson and remain yourself.

Wishing all Well for You, Wylie, Your family and friends.

Instead of a present, here my watchword for the and every day:
Friendship is kind, a true friend is hard to find!
So if you find one good and true, don't change the old one for the new.


I'll keep it short:

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag

Happy Birthday to you!
Hope you enjoy your special day and have lots of fun with Wylie an Zoe!


Happy birthday "MacGyver" And the best for 2006. From all of your fans in Norway


Dear Mr. Anderson!

I wish you a Happy Birthday and I hope you have a great time with your loved ones, especially on your special day!


Hi there Mr Anderson.

Nearly too late... nearly but not quite!
All I can say is thank you for everything and everything I feel I've said below:

'Special' is a word that is used to describe somethng one-of-a-kind.
Like a hug or a sunset or a person who spreads love with a smile or kind gesture.
'Special' describes people who act from the heart and keep in mind the hearts of others.
'Special' applies to something that is admired and precious and which can never be replaced.
'Special' is the word that best describes you.

To that all I can add is my love and hope that you have a wonderful birthday

Deryn Corner

PS Does it glow in the dark?

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Rick
Happy Birthday to you.

Good thing you can't really
hear me sing. (lol)

Happy 56th Birthday Rick!!

You are not getting older, you're
getting better.

Thanks for all the years you have
entertained us(your fans).

Give Wylie a hug and kiss for
me. She is a smart and beautiful
girl. Have a great day and a wonderful
life together.

Good luck now and in the future.

Happy Birthday, Rick!!

Love, Linda Pettit

Hi, Rick, Just want to add my wishes to you for the happiest birthday yet and many more to come.

Miss you TERRIBLY on SG-1. It sure isn't the same without you. How about a couple of guest appearances? Maybe a scene or two with Amanda? Kinda play on how the last season ended? Remember?

Can't wait to see you on the Simpson's.

Treasure your time with Wylie. What a beautiful, special, lucky little girl.

All the best to you and your family in the years to come.

Becky (Iowa), also a January baby

I know you certainly don't need (or I'm sure desire) our approval for your very responsible and respectable decision to "retire" from SG1 , but most of the bulletins agree with me, we respect you all the more for your decision - while missing you intensely every Friday night I hope you have the most fantastic of birthdays and, of course, many more. Enjoy every second of your beautiful daughter, they grow up very fast HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. "Dogs are my favorite people too"


Hi Rick
Monday its your birthday.
Have a great day and enjoy yourself have lots of fun.
I wish you a flower for every day to make you smile.
But the most beautiful flower you have is Wylie Quin Annarose. Enjoy fatherhood Rick and give your daughter all your love.
Have a good life, and always do what your heart tells you.
Carpe Diem! Enjoy!
Happy Birthday Rick and have a fantastic day.
A big hug for you and Wylie.
Gerda Schuilenburg from Leiden The Netherlands.

Happy Birthday and may God, Homer and all your family pay you the respect, love, and happiness that you deserve on that big day.
Miss you on the boob-tube so much but we all have to do what is right for our individual self worth and health so you go for it guy.
I send you many hugs and kisses as you can handle. Peace

Ms. Bobby Henderson

Let me take this occasion to say "Thank you" for all the wonderful years you gave us on "Stargate SG-1." You are very much missed, but I know you are spending more time with Wylie and that is the most important thing you can do as a parent. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and a year of good health, peace and happiness!

Love and hugs,
Mary Ann

Happy Birthday! May God bless you with many more


My best wishes to you and your lovely little princess, Wylie.

Have a Happy Birthday Rick!
Thanks for all you've done for us, your fans!

Victoria Rullán
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Dear Mr. Anderson

I wish you all the best for the future.

I met you approx. 15 years ago in Vancouver. My friend Peter Partridge introduced me to you and I spent a few
days with your McGyver crew. Maybe you will remember. I do.

Manuella Schmitt

Hi Rick,

Warmest wishes for a happy and healthy birthday.

Jackie M.

Have an incredible Birthday Mr Anderson, I'm a retired 100%disabled
U.S.Army Veteran-Combat Medic & Military
Intelligence Operative. I have enjoyed
your entire career,(yes,to include Legend!*g*). Thank you for sharing your
life and talent with us. Enjoy your
retirement but never lose your childs'
heart or lust for adventure-till the day
I die I will be grateful that my father
gave me that as a very young girl. The only thing I regret not being able to
finish was being in the Equestian events
at the Olympics, although now I may be
able to be in the Paralegics(sp)in the
3 Equistrian events~
Teach Wyle to take chances with wisdome,
to see the world ALWAYS with a childs
eyes...decades ago I wrote in my year
book....'I may die of old age, but I will die with a childs heart' this I pray for your whole family, and that you
will be able to teach this incredible ability to your daughter! Thank you again and btw, welcome to the Military
Community! for all the months I spent in
Walter Reed I do wish I'd have been there when you visited *BG* all my wishes and prayers for an exceptional life with your family!Thankyou
SSG(R) D'Ellen M. Donohue

Hi Rick

I would just like to wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope you enjoy your day with your beautiful daughter Wylie, family and friends.

Love and kisses

Hilary and 3 Year Old Daughter Hannah

rick, je te souhaite un joyeux anniversaire
et tant que j'y suis une bonne année a toi et wyllie


Happy B-day pally! My son Nicolas takes karate lessons too, he just made yellow belt and I had to tell him that orange is quite a bit harder but he Loves all of it. Antonia takes skating lessons (no hockey yet) and they both play soccer and they both miss "papa" and even gretchen quite a bit now and again...

Waterkeeper huh? Well, yuh can't live without water that's for sure

Take care bud
Don Rock

Hey Rick, I wanted to take moment and wish you a Happy Birthday and once again(like all the previous years)thank you for being such a great role model. You have been my personal hero for many years. Not because of your fame though that is how I was first made aware of you. I have followed your career for years(I'm 31) and watched for any interview that provides more insight into who you are as a person and I have always been inspired to do more with my life and become more diverse due to your example. I have gone to the SECAUCUS, NEW JERSEY (New York City Area)conventions(next one is Nov 3-5, 2006)and have spent some time with many of your fellow castmates as well as Henry Winkler and they have all assured me that I have picked the right man to emulate . In the years since I first became inspired I have started an acting career, I sing and play guitar with my wife Cindy under the name "Harmony Constant" as well as staying creative with art,writing, contibuting to websites and songwriting. Most importantly I have learned how to be a happy, giving, optimistic and (I hope )humble person thanks to you and your work. I was talking to Don Davis regarding your decision to "retire" for a while and raise your daughter. I said that as much as I hate not getting to see you weekly, it's the reason for not seeing you that makes you my idol to begin with .
I hope you have a great year and I look forward to seeing you again on TV and hopefully in person. Feel free to contact me anytime .
Happy Birthday,
Mac "Mike" Jackson
511 Meridian Ave
Scranton Pa 18504

Dear Richard,"Out of sight-out of mind" is just NOT true.Miss seeing you in new episodes. Hope you will return to TV work after some time off.Wishing you and your family best wishes and you a joyous birthday. Hope you will have time soon to let the RDA webpage in on your current plans. Thanks, M.A.C.
P.S. Loved the pics of you & Wylie in the park ('Inside TV' mag)

mary agnes

Happy birthday! Your most important role in life is "DAD".We miss you on SG-1 but it is a great show with some very strong actors; it will survive. Your daughter is beautiful. I have two daughters ages 1 and 3. My husband introduced me to sci-fi and I only got into it because of you. I just wish more happened between you and Carter before you left...I always felt this energy between the two of you...maybe a guest shot could address this. I am a huge fa. Have a super birthday!

I want to congratulation ..
23 January 56 years... You're still a young man. I still like to watch Mac Gyver.

Love from Norway

Mr. Richard Dean Anderson:
Happy, Happy Birthday! Here's a wish that 2006 is your best year yet! Here's to Health, Happiness, Success and most especially FUN! Hope you get back as much happiness (tenfold) as you given all of us fans over the years! Miss seeing you on Stargate like crazy, but if you're happy and content and in the place you want and need to be, that's good enough for me.

Many, many happy returns and a big virtual hug from me.

Oh, and I can't wait to see you on the Simpsons!


Dear Mr. Anderson:
Wish you a "Very Happy Birthday".
Hope you have great time with everythings comes out!


Feliz Aniversário!tudo de bom,muita saúde,paz,felicidade e amor.
Ana Pires

Con todo mi cariño,te ofrezco este romo de rosas por el dia de tu Cumplaños
Me gustaria poder mandartelo en vivo,pero no puedo.
Espero que disfrutes de ese dia. Maria (HATHOR)



It's seems odd calling you Richard,I always prefer to you as Macgyver,me & my daughter want to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY which you & her share,I also want to tell you that I'm your BIGGEST fan you have & will ever have I've seen you on everything that you have ever played in,I have all of the Macgyver seasons so far & all the movies on dvd's that are available at this time.I also wanted to tell you that I'm so sorry about the passing of Dana Elcar I really liked his character as Pete,anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY We love you so much!!!!
Kathy S.

Well, here it is that time of year again! A great big hug and birthday kiss and may you have just a great day. Miss you on Stargate, but know you are enjoying your time with your daughter. They grow up so fast. Take care, and I wish you a great New Year! Karen

Espero que pases un feliz dia,alrededor de todas las personas q te quierien,que por desegracias no estaran todas las que somos pero q estamos siempre contigo.
Y que te hechamos de menos en la serie,esperamos todos q regreses pronto,aunque solo sea un poquito,te hechamos de menos.


From one baby boomer to another, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You prove the adage that men get better with age.

Miss you terribly on SG-1. If you won't come back to the show, then please do some tv guest spots or a movie! You are too good an actor to just hang it up.

Hugs and kisses to you and Wylie!


Happy Birthday Rick.

Good luck on your future plans.


Hello Richard
we wish you a very happy birthday.
Keep fit and healthy.
We love to watch your TV shows McGyver and Stargate.
Have a nice birthday and enjoy it with your daughter.
All the best for the next 56 years!

Brigitte und Wolfgang

Thank you for continuing to work with your passions and not fading into the fatal fifties oblivion. There's a lot of us dreamers from the sixties left, fighting the good fight. Glad you have found yours with the environmental causes. You make getting older look good.

Happy Birthday, Ricky Dean. Long may your freak flag fly.


Happy Birthday !!! Mr Anderson...
I enjoy your TV Series all my life!!
Many thanks for entertaiment us !!

Esmeralda - ARGENTINA

Yo Rick! Hope you have a fantastic birthday

Please, please, please come back to Stargate for Season 10

Annette Stone

Have a happy and healthy Birthday!!

Seriously miss you on Stargate, not the same show without you, hopefully you will return soon and reconsider the decision to leave. O'Neill needs to return with that great dry wit of his. And if not Stargate then something new perhaps.

Take care and have fun on your special day with all your friends and loved ones.

Best Wishes,

Dear Mr. Anderson,
I hope you have a very happy birthday and many more to come.
OK Thats over.....When the hell are you ever comming back to Stargate. I couldn't even watch this season. It's not the same without you! Please, Please come home to us loyal fans. You are a terrific man and missed by all. Sincerely, Irene Dorr
P.S. If you are ever in the state of CT, look us up in New Milford.

Happy Birthday Rick,

May the next year bring nothing but fun and joy.

I miss you.


Mes voeux de bonheur pour ton anniversaire
My wishes of happiness for your birthday

Je suis écrivain de science-fiction. je serais vraiment ravie si tu lirais mon livre.
Tu est pour moi un ami très cher.
I am writer of science fiction. I would be really charmed if you would read my book.
You is for me a very dear friend.

(j'espère que la traduction anglaise est bonne)


Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to Richard.

I hope you will have great birthday,
on the January 23.

Love from Ann Kristin.

PS: My aunt child have birthday 2 days after you. She will be 4 years old.

Hi Rick!

I wish you all the best for your new year! Hopefully we will be able to see you as an actor every once in while again!

Your fan always

Wanted to again wish you the happiest of birthdays. Have a great time and enjoy your family. Thanks for everything. Much love and thoughts for you.

Timothy Shaw

Wanted to say Happy Birthday from Vancouver, Washington! Hope you enjoy your day!

Rhonda Schafer

Hi Richard! Hope I'm not too late for this. In any case I just want to say that I hope you have a Wonderful Birthday! I enjoyed watching you all those years on MacGyver and Loved watching you on Stargate too. I hope you pop in from time to time and make some appearances on tv just so we'll know that you're still around. Thank you So Much for entertaining us all those years, either on MacGyver, Stargate or in some of your made for tv movies. For that, we will always be grateful! Despite all the great gifts you'll be getting, I'm sure the greatest gift will be spending your birthday with your daughter. I'm sure that will be the best gift of all! She is such a lucky little girl to have a dad like you, who loves her and cares about her very much. I come from a very close knit family too, so I think that is wonderful that you and Wylie have such a caring and loving relationship. Like I said, she is a very lucky girl! Again, I wish you a Very Happy Healthy, and Exciting 56th Birthday! Lots of Love, Sincerely, Nancy J Smith

yo son the show sucks without you cutie yada mean since you left i stoped watchin well check ya out happy b-d

rick perez

Yo Rick!!

I just have to tell you that i watch MacGyver every day!!! I just love it....
your just perfect for that role,and you are my hero

Just wanted to say happy birthday and hope you will have a great time!!




Happy Birthday Rick! The big 56! Sorry you probably don't want to be reminded, but in all honesty you aren't 56 to me, you aren't anywhere near that age...your older...nah i'm joking, your still a kid to me, your gorgeous, sexy and still make my heart skip a beat when ever i see you.
Your the best actor ever and your my hero, no matter what you do i love you for it!!
Oh and let me add, Wylie is the cutest thing i have ever seen, she's gorgeous!!

lots of love

Steph Mallinson xxxxxxxxxxx

happy birthday and all the best wishes i send you from berlin! i also have birthday today !!!

All the best!!!

Anne Berger


We're sitting here, watching MacGyver once again, and we started talking.
We decided that MacGyver is the best TV-series of all times.
We are all huge fans and wish you and yours the very very best.

Best regards from Stavanger, Norway.

Dude!, What ru doing? You need to go back to SG-1 fulltime. Browder's ok, but it's not the same without you or Don Davis. If you can't do that atleast get Corin Nemec back & put him on the Atlantis show. Any way happy b-day bro!!!

Mike Heiser

Happy Birthday!!!
×ñüíéá ÐïëëÜ


Maria T

happy b-day rda hope you have a good day miss you on stargate hope you return soon. i love watching you on macgyver.


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday, have a great time and may the day bring you all you could wish for.

xx Mich

Dear Richard,
I wish you a very nice Birthday and all the best. I don't know if you really read my message but I hope you will. Thank you for being such a great actor, who bring fans like me laughing, even when we're sad. Thank you very much


Happy Birthday to you ^_^

i'm come from Taiwan.


Happy Birthday



Dear Mr. Anderson!
Happy, happy birthday!!
I wish you a good luck and healthy for the rest of your life. Thank you for the movies you made and hopefully will make. It´s a pitty, that you left Stargate. But I understand you. It´s better to spend more time with your daughter! But it´s very hard for your fans not being able to meet you or even to see you on TV!!
Bye! Have a nice time!


Only elevan days left till you can have a Happy Birthday Mr. Anderson. Mine is on Ground Hog Day (Feb.2nd/06 and I will turn 60. So you are just a spring chicken with lots of good years left that I would love to see you do somemore acting. Please think about it. There are many of us who have followed your career a long time. For me personally it is about 30 years and I am finding it difficult for it to be over. I think you would be surprised how many of us females love you in so many ways and really miss the contact, even if it is through a screen. for all the wonderful years till now. I don't watch Stargate anymore because it is not the same with you gone.
Anyway Happy Birthday and take care.

Ms. Bobby Henderson

Hope you have a great birthday!! Have a terrific year. miss you on stargate. Looking forward to the Simpsons

Jen Shipp

Dear Rick,
I remember when I was a teenager and we communicated brriefly through the mail. Now I'm an old 40+ year old Stargate fan. Where has the time gone? Happy b'day to you and my daughter who will turn 15 on the same day (she is a red belt in karate). Stay safe.

Risa Lewis (Handelman)

A pleasure to be able to wish you a Very Happy Birthday again. Enjoy!

Julie Rodbourne

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I know God has been watching over you and Wylie and will continue to do so.

All I can add is Have A Happy Birthday and a wonderful New Year.

We miss your smiling face on the screen. What a great actor you are.


Dearest Rick

Here wishing you a very many happy returns for your birthday. I have been a fan yours since MacGyver you will alway be my hero and role model.

Here is a virtual save some cake for me.

I miss you on SG-1 it not the same without you

you have touched my life in a way that has kept me going through the rough and good times

Please give Wylie a hug from me and my friend and fellow Stargate fan Elizabeth

Sarah and Elizabeth O'Neill

Leicester England

Rick, Happy Birthday and may you have many more.

Pat Johnston

I have really missed you on SG-1 the show just isn't the same. Been a fan since your days as Jeff Weber on GH amd feel like a friend is missing. I don't mean to sound presumtuous I just really enjoy watching you as an actor. I hope you have a great birthday.

Teresa Montgomery

Hi Rick
I want to wish you an happy birthday and an happy new year.
I wish you to have a lot of joy and fun in your life with your so cute daughter. Sure we miss you on TV screen, but knowing that you're happy is the best thing for all your fans.


Happy birthday Rick, you are badly missed on my tv screen but I fully understand your reasons family must come first. I gave up work when my kids were small the best choice I ever made. All the best for the coming year.
Love Shirley.

I wish you happy birthday and happy new year. You are my favorite actor. I like Stargate and Macgyver. You are the best.
Big kiss and I love you.




Here's hoping you have a wonderful birthday and a fantastic upcoming year. While you are certainly missed on Stargate your reason is understood and admired! Life is so short the ability to spend time with family should not be passed up.

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag,Rick!

Many Greetings from Germany!
Big Hug!

Dear Rick,
I wish you happy birthday. Enjoy the time with your family and your friends. Time can be never made up. There is no bigger present than the family. Unfortunately, one forgets it only so often. Enjoy the time and your life. Excuse please my English lots of love


Hi Rick, I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Hope all is well with you and Wylie. I'm so happy you are getting the chance to spend all the time you want with her. Kids grow up so fast, and we need to take advantage of every moment with them.

You are, by far, my favorite actor, and I hope that one day I get the great honor of meeting you.

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you get all you wish for.

Wendy Woodruff

hi richard dean anderson happy birthday i love you i wish i could meet you hope everthing is going good

katrina bauer

Happy Birthday RDA. I have enjoyed every episode of SG-1 and really miss you. Thanks for the time you gave entertaining us and hope to see you perform again.

Idonna Trevino

I want to Thank you for all of the entertainment you have provided us throught the years and hopefully in the future also. My husband has Mulitple Sclerosis and is housebound and we love watching you on Stargate. It is kind of a date night for us.
Have a Happy Healthy life.
Cindy and David
Also give Wylie our best and enjoy your little girl, they grow up so quickly.

Gizmo and I hope that you have a wonderful Birthday. We would also like to thank you for all of the wonderful things that you contribute to the world. A million thanks. You are a great inspiration to all.


Your fan forever,


What can I say: another birthday, another year. I have to tell you that from the instant I saw a glimpse of your work I was hooked. You convey your emotions simply from a glimmer in your eye. It is amazing how you have made your career through the 7 MacGyver years straight through your 8 Stargate years. It doesn't matter whether you make one more guest appearance or none at all,one thing that I know for certain is that you have made a lasting impression on myself as well as every other fan around. Thanks for simply being you. Happy Birthday Richard you deserve it!!


Ps hope you are relaxing and enjoying the outdoors as much as you can!

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear RDA, happy birthday to you!!

Wow- where did the year go! So how do you feel after celebrating another year of life? You look great, count yourself among the truly blessed, in many ways.

Have a great day and enjoy yourself. I sincerely hope that this year brings you great joy and contentment. While I miss your presence with SG1, I envy your "retirement" raising Wylie and being there for her during this very impressionable time of her life. You're probably busier now than ever. We all just grow older way too quickly. My own daughter turns 18 this year.

Keep in touch - I (all your fans) enjoy hearing what's new from you. Love ya!

-Vicki, NW Ohio

dear rick

i just wanted to say happy birthday.i hope you get a good day.i see you every day on tv.i love you.I'm from norway.hugs and kisses from me to you.

tonje hollum



Hey Rick
just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! Love watching you on MacGyver reruns & on Stargate & my kids & I sure do miss seeing you on tv.You're my favorite actor of all time!Give Wylie a big hug & kiss from us.My birthday was on January 9th-just 2 weeks before yours!Love you & have a wonderful birthday.
Love always Kianna

Hey Richard,

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday. It's my flatmates 23rd on the same day and we will no doubt be drinking a toast to you at some point during the present opening, games and general craziness. Hope you have a good one, Frankaay Mayhem.

Dear Richard,
First of all I would like you wish a happy birthday and all my wishes for the new year. I followed you during the 7 seasons of Mac Gyver as in the 8 seasons of Stargate sg1. You were the hero of my childhood with the role of Mac and you will remain ever has my model. I wait impatiently seasons 9 and 10 of sg1 as well as season 2 and 3 of sga. I hope that you will nevertheless make some appearances in the future seasons of sg1 and sga. Thank you still for all these marvellous years spent in these various series. I wish you full with future happiness with your family.
Still happy birthday and with soon.
Mathieu Carruzzo

Happy Birthday Rick

Hope all your dreams come true for the coming year.

Stay happy ... with very best wishes ... Deb

Dear Richard.
Just want to wish you a very happy birthday. You are sorely missed. Give Wylie a big hug from all of us. Have a fantastic day.
With love, Debbie Davidson

To RDA or dare I say Jack

Have a great time on your birthday!

I will be thinking of you onyour birthday!

Sending Birthday wishes from Leicester!You will alwyas be in my heart

your biggest fan

Sarahleigh Richardson aka Rebecca O'Neill

Dear RDA, or if I may be so bold, Angus.

I am writing to inform you that my associates and I have a healthy obsession with your stint as an agent of the Phoenix Foundation. You have inspired numerous re-enactments, ranging from episode ten, "Target MacGyver" with your playful banter with your hard-nosed, yet lovable grandfather "Harry," to your brilliant antics in "The Heist," culminating in an airborne, diamond-filled 1975 MGB. But, perhaps our favorite moment is in episode four, "The Gauntlet" when you construct a home-made periscope, while driving a school bus and being shot at. Yet through it all, you remain cool under fire. This episode is the Holy Grail of the "Mac" series, and every time we watch it we are inspired...God you're good. In all seriousness, we love you, and are so thankful that you chose an acting career over playing hockey. Please give Pete and Harry our best regards.

Sincerely yours,

Brahm "We've got a job to do" Callahan
Laurel "I know what famine does" Steinhauser
Sally "I'm makin' a blow gun" Howard
Cathy "Best I ever had" Dillon
Darby "well I'll be dipped" Wolf

P.S. What is your favorite episode?
P.P.S. Would you like to see our re-enactments? We would be honored to send them to you.

Brahm Callahan

From my Kindergarten class to you, A VERY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
Happy B-day to you!
Happy B-day to you!
Happy birthday, Dear "Mr. Anderson"
Happy B-day to you.
And many more on channel 4.
I'll sing it again on channel 10.
Just one more time on channel 9.
Yeah WHO!! to you on channel 2.
Enjoy your cake from "K-channel" 8.
Once again...Have a great birthday!
My class thinks it cool your daughter was just in Kindergarten. Please give our best to Wylie and tell her we hope 1st grade is alot of fun!!

Many wonderful wishes and heartfelt thanks for the many continuous years of entertainment.
Love, Cheri Diamond

Happy Birthday Rick

Have a stupendously wonderful day and I hope it is all you want.

You are missed. Stargate is not the same without you but it is only a television programme. Like you say there is much more to life than that.

Just wanted to say thank you for re-awakening my adolescence. Life is much more fun now. People may laugh but I say let them.

Lots of Love

Jennette Battisby

From our family to you,
Happy Birthday!

The Mills Family

Happy Birthday Richard!
I just recently started watching the reruns of Stargate SG1 on Sci-Fi, and I just wanted to tell you that I was really impressed. You're a very talented (and attractive ) actor. I wonder if you are anything like your character on the show. I suspect you possess the same humor and compassion that makes Jack O'Neill so desirable. Maybe we'll bump into each other some day (hey, you never know), and I'll get to find out for myself.
Until then, a very happy and healthy life to you and yours.
All my affections,
Northwood, OH

Thanks for 8 great years of Stargate. You are sorely missed.
Happy Birthday!


Hi Rick I already post my birthday message for you its no. 14, but than I thought we see so many great pictures of you and you dont know how we look like. That's why I desited to post a second birthday message for you with a picture of myself.
I hope you have a great birthday Rick and losts of fun. Thank you for all the years in Stargate sg-1 Jack 'O Neill I miss you in Stargate, but you made the right choice to be with your daughter Wylie. Enjoy fatherhood Rick and have a great time on your birthday and enjoy life!
May all your dreams come true.

A big hug for you and Wylie.
Gerda Schuilenburg
from Leiden The Netherlands.

Dear Mr Anderson

For your birthday I wish you all the best. (For the next 100 years...)

Just seen Stargate Season 8 here in Switzerland. It's just great fun. And by the way: I have some fish in my pond...


Happy birthday !
Excuse for my english but generally in France we're not much talented at foreign language
I wish you health for you and your daughter. I appreciate your action for animal's protection in sea sheperd organisation.
I like Macgyver and Stargate. I hope you'll do again few appearances in Stargate.


First of all : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
(Even though it's a little bit late..)

If you see that my english isn't that good, its because I'm from Norway. And I'm only sixteen, so this is all that I've learned.But I hope you understand.

I watch at MacGyver everyday at the tv
And I think that it's too bad that it's the only tv show with you, that they show here.
I haven't seen a movie with you either.. and I really want to

Yeah, I know that you will never answer me. Actually, I don't think that you'll ever read this. But I'ts worth trying

Oh, now I've really forgotten that this is supposed to be a birthday message so I think that I should stop writing now.

Have a nice life, Richard
Hugs and kisses Andrea

Hi,Richard!I'm here again
just to wish you a



Happy Birthday my dear friend...

Lisa O'Neill Sukys

thank you for respecting all different lifes; thank you for helping specially animals,and thank you for all those years doing a great and nice work for your fans,finally i wish you a good luck in your projects and happy and simple life with your child.
do not think that your retirement from acting means retirement from your fans
lila from algeria


I have been a long time fan of yours. Since your MacGyver DVDs have come out, now my two girls are long time fans. We have seasons 1 through 4 and watched all of them, many, many times. We would love to wish you a happy birthday and best wishes to you and Wylie. Reading your Biography, I realized that Wylie is 4mths older than my youngest daughter,Katlyn. If at all possible my daughters (and I)would love to have an autograph picture. Really they want to see you in person.

Gail, Megan and Katlyn

Hello! Just to be more specific than giving you my first name, I am the 779th person to leave you a birthday message, the 622nd person using Explorer, 662nd using Windows XP, the 173rd American. On that note, Happy Birthday! One of many many many...many well wishes for you. Enjoy!


Just want to wish you the best birthday!
We hope you have a great one and do some fun things with Wylie.
We really miss seeing you on the small screen.


Have a wonderful birthday, Richard!
I wish you all the best!
A longtime fan,
Célia Regina

Hi, Richard! I'm here just to give you a big kiss in your heart!
Have a happy birthday!!!!And thanks for beeing such a wonderful person!


Que Deus o abençoe pela pessoa maravilhosa que você é, e grande artista.
Felicidades, hoje e sempre!
Um grande abraço!

Dirce Maria Tilelli

Dear Rick (if I may be so familiar),

Best wishes for a truly happy birthday and a sweet year filled with purpose and promise. You are sorely missed on the small screen, but your pursuits in the "real world" must be giving you joy and a sense of accomplishment. Enjoy what you have earned, and thank you for continuing to give from your heart.

I look forward to your appearance on The Simpsons, and certainly am thankful for reruns and DVDs! :>) May your countenance grace the screen in some way for years to come...


Happy birthday to you from Crissie & boys XXX

Hello Again Rick,
It looks like its this time again i usually forget to right you a message but this year i remembered.I hope you have a great birthday and tell ur daughter Wylie hi for me. Shes lucky to have a great father like you. Love you lots ps Macgyver was my favorite thanks for everything Richard Love Amy Tye

Dear Rick,
happy birthday!!! I hope you'll always be so happy as you seem to be!
And I hope we'll see you on the screen again, because you're being missed, A LOT.
I wish you all the best. And a lot of successes with the Sea Shepherd Seal Campaign!
Your devoted fan,

I miss you on stargate it is not the same with out you are you coming back? or are you doing another series. i wish you luck i love you and wish i could meet you i am a fan since general hospital. happy birthday your number 1 fan loren slutter

hi Rick!
I just wanted to wish you Happy birthday !!


Dear Rick,
Very happy birthday to you for your 56 years.
I am fan of MacGyver and Jack O'Neill.
Excuse me for my bad english



Happy Birthday!

I could have been the 5th person to sign this guestbook--but I had no idea what to write. So, I decided to send my birthday wishes to you on my birthday (1/7). (Hopefully, you have time enough to read down this far. )

May you have a wonderful, fun-filled birthday and time do some the things you love to do.

P.S. Like everyone else seems to be saying, I enjoy your work as well and thank you so much for your efforts. I wish you the best in all your future endeavors whether they be personal or professional.

Happy Birthday Rick! I hope your birthday is festive and that all your wishes come true!

Maggie P (retired USAF)

Happy Birthday Rick

I love 'Stargate SG1', but the series isn't the same without your comic anecdotes, but after seeing those lovely photos of you playing hide and seek with your beautiful daughter Wylie you made the right choice.

Children bring such joy to life and every minute is precious. I nearly lost my eldest son to cancer when he was 20, but after enduring 14 months of chemo and radiotherapy he beat it and has been 'All clear' for 4 years now. Thank God!

Best wishes

PS. I had the great pleasure of meeting Michael Shanks and Amanda Tapping in London last year.

Hey Richard,
Happy Birthday, again! To me, it seems the years are going to quickly. I'm nearly 16 already. I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and best wishes for the rest of 2006. My dog buffy wishes you a Happy Birthday as well. I would also like to thankyou for replying to my fan letter I sent you, the autographed picture means a lot to me. Thanks for everything, you're a special human being, an inspiration to the world. Peace! Regards, Alex Thorpe.

Hello I would like to wish you a happy birthday. I have enjoy your work for a long time. Thank you all so for your work with waterkeeper alliance, and tell people about the seals.I live way north of canada I never hear of this. beause of you tell us about this problem as a canadian I am working on a way to help. So have a very good birthday."JUST REMEMBER ITS NOT THE AGE BUT THE WAY YOU ACT. I AM 40 YEAR OLD GOING ON 30.


Hello and Happy Birthday. I have never written a message to any TV star or any other star in my life. There is always a first and so, here it is.
I have enjoyed the MacGyver series and absolutely love the Stargate SG-1 series. I have never have been a fan of sci-fi but, you made that a reality because of your distinctive work and all that you brought to the show. I have missed your presence in the new season and wish that sometime that you may return to the show. I enjoyed the humor that punctuated the scripts and the strong intelligent character of Colonel O'Neill. Also, I have followed some of the charitable work you have accomplished and applaud you for your efforts in all of them.
I also share the same birth year with you. So in wishing you a very happy one, I too will be arriving at the same milestone.

Happy Birthday. I pray that your upcoming year is a full of blessings and joy.
Be Blessed!
From Jo Robinson

Have a very happy 56th birthday!
I wish you all the best.
I hope that all you wish for comes true for you on your special day.
You are very much missed in Stargate SG-1...
Love you always...


I love you
I love you
i love you

I wanna wish you a happy birthday and say that I love you

i think you are the cutest man in the whole world

by the way... do you have a fan adress or something?

I love you
hugs and kisses from Anette

hello Mr. Anderson! happy birthday!! i hope you, and your family will enjoy the day!

great wishes from Ireland!

Helen Moira O'Neill!

Hello Rick,
It's me again,I just wntd to wish you happy birthday. And may there be many many more years to come.

Love Marit Brown one o your biggest fans.

I send this message with much and adoration:
Happy Birthday and best wishes for the upcoming year.
I hope that you and your daughter are spending many precious moments together!

Blessed Be!
Theresa J. Albury

Sending your way good luck charm,
to wish you a day bubbling,
laughter and lots of good cheers.

Happy B-Day Rick !


Happy Birthday Rick


Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. I have enjoyed watching you for over 30 years. Thanks for the memories!


Mr. Anderson,

Have a very happy 56th birthday!
I wish you all the best. It is a delight to watch you on television, especially as MacGyver. Thank you for your consistently top-notch performances in all of your work.

Thank you, also, for being a truly terrific person whom we can respect and admire for qualities beyond your fine acting skills. It is a joy to be your fan.

Happy Birthday!!!



happy birthday
hope you have a good one
I am just in the middle of watching season 4 of macgyver which is really ace, i have been a fan forever and i really respect your dedication to wildlife
and would love to meet you, i try my best for the florida manatee and i am also a fellow scuba diver
keep up the good work love Rachel


I hope that all you wish for comes true for you on your special day. I have enjoyed watching you perfect your art over the years and admire you.

Enjoy your new life away from the cameras and know that there are those of us (the fans) that understand your need for privacy and a life with your family.

Happy Birthday and thank you for what you have given us, the world


Dear Richard, Hope you have a great birthday whatever you and Wylie end up doing, and if it's skiing please be careful. There is no way I can express to you how much you have meant to me. After my mother died finding you acting again on "Stargate SG-1" was the only thing that helped me to stop crying and laugh again at your wonderful sense of humor. Although you have left SG-1 now you brought me out of a very dark place and I will be forever grateful and remain your fan for the rest of my life. May you have many more healthy years ahead with Wylie. Love from Linda Skinner

hi rick. wishing you have a very happy birthday. hope you get everything you ask for (as long as its expensive)surely not another pocket knife for disarming nuclear weapons and aiding perfectly timed breakouts....!!!! but seriously you will be sorely missed on stargate as one of the best characters ive ever seen on tv. youve made me laugh to the point of bursting and cry to the point of taking out shares in kleenex but it was sooooo worth the trauma.the show will never truelly be the same without you even if the new guy is real cute! id go for the older guy anyday!! anyway have a good one and dont do anything jack would do.xxxxxxxxx


Happy birthday to you Rick. I think you're the best actor on the whole planet. If you ever decide to come to Czech Republic, I hope you stop by for cup of coffee . All the best love Monika.
P.S. I love you baby

Happy Birthday! May the day be whatever you wish it to be and may your year be truly blessed. Lori

Have a Very Happy Birthday and all the very best for the New Year.

You are very much missed in Stargate SG-1.

Thank you so much for your wonderful portrayal of Jack.

Much Love,



I want to say to you : YOU ARE A VERY GOOD ACTOR.

It's a shame that you have left STARGATE SG-1.

A big thanks for all that you give us.

And so I wish you an HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!



Dear Sir,
I wish you a wonderful time on your birthday and I extend my thanks to you as producer for Stargate SG-1. The show has been a great therapeutic assistant as I immersed myself in SG-1 world at the time of my separation. As for your retirement from SG-1, I hope it will result in your increased presence on the silver screen. There has to be some interesting projects out there for an actor/producer of your caliber. Again, Happy Birthday with a big chocolate mousse cake!
P.S.excuse my weird English - I'm French-speaking
P.P.S. It's -10C today, fresh snow, nice skiing.

Line (pronouced Lynn pleaaase!) Blain

dear rick
happy birthday & many your it be the best, & many wishes for the furture for years to come.

iv been a huge fan of yours for 4 years and know all your lines in stargate sg-1 , & watch most of your movies & love u in them.

thanks for lovey 8 years of stargate and 10 years of mac gyver. thank you
im goin to miss you when im goin the new stargate sg-1, but i will aways have the old 1 2 remember u by.
love u

Happy Birthday and congratulations on joining the fight for clean water. I'm sure it's not a new thing for you, but it's great your on the Board. You should see if you can get a Riverkeeper started on the upper Mississippi! Maybe that's more of a new year's resolution message than a birthday wish, but either way have a great year.

We miss you on SG.

Sally Benjamin

Happy Birthday Richard
I'm a faithful fan for 20 years. I saw you the first time in France with MacGyver and I follow you until now.
My 4 and a half daughter, Tatiana, is one of your new fan now.
So, from Québec, we both wish you
Hope to hear about you with your news projects. Big kisses to you and Wylie. to make us dream.


To Richard, wishing you much health and happiness for your birthday and the year ahead. Hope you return at some point to SG1 as it is not the same without you!
Hope you are well in health.
All the very best to you and your folks... hope all your family are well too.
Blessings on you for all the kind things that you do too.
Kind regards, Pat Stoneham.

hey, rick!

i wish you all the best for your birthday. you and your familiy a happy new year.
i miss you. stargate is never the same withaout you - it's not even stargate.

nice days and greetings.
your big fan jule

HI RICKY!!!!!!!
I love Stargate(espeacialy JACK)

Vinka Bogdanoviæ

happy birthday rick. miss you on sg-1 but hope its not long before you are back on our screens xx


Wish You all the best from little country far, far away - Poland
I'm crazy about Stargate, I can't live without watching it!Thanks for Jack O'Neill, he's the greatest
I just love his sense of humour
Thanks for everything!
Lots of love,


My husband and I received the last 3 boxed sets of Stargate for Christmas and we have nearly finished watching them all. Can't wait for season 9 to come to Australia. However we will miss you as it seems you are only in 3 episodes. PLEASE make more guest appearances in Stargate in the future.
Have a great birthday and wonderful year and don't forget Australia loves Jack o'Neill and you of course!

Happy Birthday, Rick - may the sun shine on you all day.

I've always said, "Stargate just makes you feel good". But not so much since you left the show. Hope you can make a guest appearance at the 200th episode!

Or a convention appearance would be great - Burbank's not too far to go, is it??? Just take questions, and you'll be surprised at how fast the hour goes. We'd love to see you there!


Dear Rick,
I wish you a happy birthday ,
and lots of nice presents ,
Enjoy your day with your family and have a big piece of the cake.
Never mind the candles you are still a "fresh chicken"!
Because i can't sing this must do

Have a happy time
lots of love

For one of the most extraordinary men I have ever met a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

Lots of kisses from one of your biggest fans of the world.

Mónica Silva

Another year gone and the you are looking better than ever. I've beena fan through all the day and prime time shows and movies. Keep them coming.
All my love and respect, Happy B-day.
Cathy Jo from Maryland, USA

Happy Birthday Rick!

Thanks for 30 years of wonderful entertainment. I've watched you from Jeff to MacGyver to Jack and all the others inbetween and you've never disappointed.

Best wishes for the coming year. Enjoy Wylie before she becomes a "teenager"; I know, I have one.


Birthday Greetings from San Antonio!

Hope Birthday #56 is a happy one.

Stargate isn't the same without you! I and many others miss you!

Please make a guest appearance soon!

Marybeth Tomka



Happy birthday Rick! Lots of love and best wishes from New Zealand. I hope 2006 brings you much happiness and peace.

Love Kirsty

Happy Birthday Rick,
Miss your humor on SG1. Hope life is all you want. Best of everything to you. Thank you for your work to keep our planet a beautiful place. My dream is to some day meet you.
Always your fan Sandi

Happy Birthday Richard and many greetings!!!



I know you don't going to see this...but I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

AND... I just have to say... you did a GREAT job on those films!!!

well... I have to be going now..
bye bye


PS: If it's something you don't understand.. it have to be because i'm from Norway..

hey, happy birthday.

and many greetings


happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear richard, happy birthday to you!!!

enjoy it and have fun!
all the best for all your following birthdays!!


Well there is less than 3 weeks till your Birthday and I hope you have a wild one.
I set my alarm for 8 a.m. every weekday morning just to watch MacGyver and through the week I watch Stargate (with you in it) 3 sometimes 4 times a day.
for 30 years of bliss and I wish you all the best not only on your birthday but everyday. Luv.,
Ms. Bobby

Dear Mr. Anderson, Again the time has rolled around to wish the person who had such a great influence on my grandson's life "A MOST JOYEOUS AND WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY AND YEAR TO FOLLOW THAT BRINGS YOU THE GREATEST HAPPINESS YOU HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED."
The way you overcame the setbacks and most of all the injuries have helped my grandson understand and come to a point where he could finally deal with his injuries that lead to his disabilities. He is now considering applying as a volunteer for the crew of Sea Shepherd. We will be there on June 4, 2006 to back up the cause. Blessings to you and your family. Rory

Happy Birthday from Montana! Best wishes for a joy filled year!


hi :one question:where do you have those ideas?mail me asap on please thank u
chris and by the way:happy birthday
please,i need to contact u asap

cakin nicolae cristian

Hope your birthday is great. Also hope to see you again on Stargate. Many people miss you. Have a wonderful day.
Elaine Clark : )

I have a message to VIP
from VIP


, , , and


Have a good Birthday and many more to come. May God Bless you.

Terri Sims

Dear Richard,

May your birthday be bright with
As bright as the stars that shine.
All gladness and joy possessing,
Accept dear, this wish of mine.

Happy Birthday!

Have a magical day with Wylie, your loved ones and friends. May all your dreams come true!

Best wishes,
Barbara Kaplowitz

There once was a man named O'Neill,many hearts did he steal
With humor and jest,he always was best
Now he's gone away,for with his daughter he must play
At Stargate he's not there anymore as he was before
We really miss Jack because he won't be back!
Please have a wonderful birthday,Mr.Anderson!!

Nancy See

Happy Birthday Richard I've loved you since I was 9, and today at 27, my feelings for you remain the same. Thank you for hope you gave me to live and bringing so much delight and pleasure into my life for so long. Sending you my kisses.
Love you always...
Happy Birthday!

Hi Rick

I want to wish you a best birthday ever with Wylie and your friends and of course your family.


Oi Richard...Te desejo de coração, muitas e muitas felicidades no seu aniversário!!! Voce foi muito importante na minha vida, aprendi muitas coisas com o Macgyver...Obrigada por vc existir!!!
Happy Birthday!!!
Feliz Aniversário!!!
Otandyobi omedetou!!!


Have a great day! Miss your humor. Hope to see you on the tube again soon. Will be front and center when March rolls around for the Simpsons episode.

Luanne Walsh

Happy birthday Richard;
It's a small world, your birthday is the day before mine and my son and Wylie both share the same day also.
So have a nice day and spend it with those you love the most.
From Texas

Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day!!!!!!
Also hope to see you in any upcoming projects....


"There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way." (Buddha)

Happy birthday Rick! Hope you enjoy your day and most especially, the time with your beautiful daughter. Children are the most precious gift you can receive. Thanks for the many years (not that I am saying you are old...) of entertainment and most especially the laughs!!!

Fans always,
Trudy and Taylor Hosking

Hey Rich,
I'm writing to you from Kansas City. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. My hubby and I are and have been SG-1 fans since the beginning. We're sorry to see you leave SG-1, you guys make/made a great team, but we understand, kids are important. Have a great day...Rhoni

Dear Richard,

This is my little message from France which wish you a very happy birthday and I hope that you and your family will have a very wonderful day.

Best wishes from France,


Happy Birthday Rick! Although I know you wanted to leave Stargate to take care of your daughter (which I certainly understand) I miss you terribly on the show! As much as I like Amanda, the show isn't the same without you. You are, and always have been, my favorite actor. Hope we will get to see you in a new movie or maybe a new TV show some time. Hope you have a terrific 56th birthday!

Betty Hall

¿µ¿øÈ÷ »ç¶ûÇØ¿ä

Kim Eun-mee

Happy Birthday Rick

I would like to wish you a happy birthday and have a wonderful day with your family.I'm gonna mis you in sg1.
I hope that all your dreams will come true. Gr. Linda

um..we're back again..
Bob's sister thinks we are DORKS. ..but we are strong!!!*sigh*
do you speak French??? ..are we boring you?? i guess we should stop typing now..
have a great life..

Bob and Ben(again)

bob likes to watch your shows..
..ben just found out about what your name is...
Bob really wants you to have a very happy birthday ..even though you probably won't even get to read ours..
have a happy..and good year
(just so you know..we are not is our CODE NAMES for safety purposes..u probably think we are dorks,losers,and stupid.. ..but we are only 12 and 13..and Bobs parents made us do it..
Bob your shows..
please disregard any miss spelling,and how boring this message is..
sorry this is really long... um..happy birthday from Bob and Ben

Bob and Ben

Happy Brithday... have a nice day! Getting old a bit isn't it? haha.
a fan forever, with love,


Mr. Anderson and Family,
Happy Birthday and any many more. Enjoy the time with your Daughter(wife says shes addorable, our daughter is about 5yrs) and if you can take off season ten of Stargate to spend time with her do it, we understand (they grow up quick). See you soon and take care of the family. Neal Family, Dennis, Lynn, Kyle, Kyrstin and Dogs

Happy 56th birthday Rick,
I hope you have a wonderful birtthday. May all your dreams and wishes come true. I can't wait to see your Simpsons episode.
Love always a fan of yours.
Cindi Dean

Happy Birthday Richard!! I am a huge fan. I have all of the MacGyver dvd's on sale. We'll season 2-4. haven't got season 1 yet. But I loved you on Macgyver. Didn't get a chance to watch you on Stargate. It comes on different times here, so never got a chance. Sorry, Congrats on your daughter. I know spending time will be great. Hopefully get to see you again on another show or another MacGyver movie??? Take care and Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday from Red Deer, Rick!
56? You're only half done!!
I wish you happiness .....


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Richard!!!!! I too am a January baby - so I guess I'm in really good company. Hate to see that you are no longer on Stargate - but hey - I understand if you want to retire - know I'd like to someday soon!!!

I wish you all the best in 2006!!!!!

Grace Hollands

Happy Birthday, Richard

I hope that you will be re-examined one day in stargate and take care of your daughter well


Dear Richard,
For your wit, charm, intelligence, integrity and generosity. . .for your talent, environmental concern, and irreverent humor. . .for that twinkle in your eyes and that bad boy-grin that always makes me smile, I wish you a very happy birthday and salute you in your 56th year. You seem to know that "every step of the journey is the journey," and that it is important to "have your CAKE and eat it too." My God--cliches!!! May many blessings come to you and to your beautiful daughter. You deserve the best because you are the best. Thank you for years of sharing yourself with worldwide fans. Please return to us now and then. Love and best wishes from a long time fan, Patti

Recommended Reading (sent this by snail mail, but sucked into black hole apparently):
Mary Kingsley, Travels in West Africa. Tales of turn of the century lady brit eco-adventurer with a sense of humor. Hard to find and a tad tome-like but maybe interesting to intrepid women-to-be and attendant dad(s). Happy new year. Enjoy your new life. Thanks for making me laugh. Gail P

Hi Rick,

This birthday wish is sent with much love and admiration for you.

Your the greatest and you get better with every passing day.

If you ever have a meet & Greet somewhere have it put on the web page so I can have a chance to get there.
There are many people who would give a great deal to give you great big hug.

Karen Alexander


Happy birthday!!!!!

I cant wait to see ur simpsons episode
Stargate is not the same without you

Love Catherine Walker

Dear Mr. Anderson, I want to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and I hope you enjoy your time with your daughter. She is soooo cute and I can tell she is the treasure of your life. As a fan of yours, I miss seeing you in front of the camera, but I know you have earned your time with your daughter. At least I share my birthday in the same month as yours, and I long for more pictures and updates on how you are doing. Again we fans are so grateful for your time with us through your acting and you write just beautiful words from your short note on the lastest stargate companion book, thanks. God Bless you and continue to have a wonderful life, Yoland from California

I can't hold this off any longer ;)

Just reading the most recent messages here is amazing! As you can see, Mr Anderson, you are loved in every corner of the world. Wishing you a happy birthday all the way from New Zealand.

Life just isn't the same without seeing you on the TV at least once a week, but DVDs help.

Hope you're enjoying your retirement (depending on how much Jack O'Neill there is in you, we might be seeing more of you yet!).

Have a great birthday and many more to come.


Happy birthday Richard from Belgium.

While hoping to re-examine you soon in Stargate, because we miss you.
If not, you are the best.
Continue and good year

Warin Laurent

alredy wrote to you once but wanted to wish you all my love and happiness again. have a great b day and a happy new year:D hope to see you again soon on TV and i wish you would go back to Stargate and if you do, tell the writers to make jack and sam fall in love!!! that would be soooo cute! luv to you and your family xxxxxxxxxx
P.S. say hi to Wylie for me

libby, age 13

Have a wonderful birthday, Richard! I think that life just gets more interesting as we get older. So have a great 56th year (or as my brother-in-law would say: "have a happy 40-16th birthday!")

hello Richard,
my name is Tamara and I'm from Slovenia- the main town is Ljubljana, but I'm coming from velenje.
I just wanted to wish you Happy birthday
here is one message for bday:
one* for luck,one* for the smile and one for the health... but i won't count anymore what else do I wish for you, I just want that all stars from the sky falls down into your hands and makes your birthday ful of hapiness and glads.


Happy birthday, Richard ! Dommage que tu quitte Stargate sg-1, tu nous manque déjà ! Mais bon, toutes les bonnes choses ont un fin ! May God bless you and may the force be with you !


happy birthday rick !!
joyeux anniversaire !!
je vous souhaite plein de bonheur !!
Vous me manquerez beaucoup dans le role du général jack o'neill et on ne vous oublira jamais !!!vive stargate sg1 !!!


Bonne anniversair a toi mais aussi a moi car je suis du 23 janvier moi aussi cousin vasy tinkiète meme pas


Happy Birthday Rick
I wish you Love, Peace and Happiness.
Thanks for all you do it.
in love Anett

Happy Birthday Rick

Everybody love you


Joyeux Anniversaire !

Hi Rick !
I wish you a happy birthday with your family !

Your french fans love you !!


Happy Birthday, Richard!

Ay-Ru Yang

Cher Mr Anderson
Merci pour tous ces moments de bonheur que nous avons passé en votre compagnie. Biensur comme tout le monde j'ai adoré MacGyver et Stargate mais il n'y a pas que ces 2 séries.Il y a aussi Ordinary Heroes et Past the Bleachers deux films poignants émouvants ou je dois dire que j'ai versé ma petite larme. Vous etes un acteur plein de talent, surtout ne changer rien .
En espérant vous voir à nouveau ,peu importe le role que vous jouerez, je vous serais eternellement une tres grande fan.
Je vous souhaite une très bonne année 2006 et un joyeux anniversaire.


Happy birthday Richard, and thank you for make me dreaming threw the stargate.


Happy Birthday, Richard!
You are an awesome actor and amazing person with whom I have been in love for two decades! Everything you do is gold and I hope we get to see more of you in 2006!
I am glad you spend alot of time in Canada, we are proud to have you here. Maybe one of these days, I will fulfill a dream and get to meet you.
Again, Happy Birthday and all the best to you in 2006


Happy Birthday and Happy New Year from Poland, Rick!
For all

P.S. I'm very happy because I'm first person in New Year 2006


Dear Mr. Anderson,
Like a bottle of fine wine gets better with age, so do you. As they say ... some age, others mature. All these years you have given us your humor,your elegance, and your patience to accept what lies ahead. I thank you for being part of our lifes all these years.
I wish you Happy Birthday and many more to come and enjoy them with your family.


Happy birthday,Rick!

love you Monika



Happy birthday Richard !
We love you !!! for all !!!
For Stargate , for Mac Gyver !!


Dan Frode Norheim

HI Richard

Happy Birthday and bonne retraite


happy belated birthday, sorry I am late. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. All the best for the new year.

aoife and amy

-happy birthday man!

-why dont you write a book?

-<this is the best player ever



I love you happy birthday
I love you Happy birthday
I love you happy birthday


Happy Birthday Richard
Thanks for your tv show I hoppe to see you soon in the TV.
I was love you in The simson


Happy Birthday and Happy new year!!
I wish you lots of happiness with your family!!
You're a very good actor, I very like your humour in stargate, for example!
Best wishes for the New Year!

17 years old
Bayonne (France)

Happy Birthday !!!!!!!



For the romantic in you... I'm not really a writer, but I think a more romantic ending for an old song ~

"If we both were born in another place and time
This moment might be ending in a kiss
But there you are with yours
And here I am with mine
So I guess, we'll just be leaving it at this."

But if you ever meet me, in that other place,
know that I've just been waiting,
for a glimpse of your souls face.
To stand again as strangers
yet sensing a time before...
To know once again I'm with you
As we walk through Time's open door.

To all those open doors....
Love, Irish

Dear Richard
Happy Birthday to you 56 years.
Je vous ai adoré dans Mac Gyver et encore plus dans Stargate SG-1.
C'est vraiment dommage que vous ayez quitté la série parce que je suis sur que tous le monde vous regrette beaucoup.Alors vraiment merci pour ce que vous nous avez fait vivre comme aventures,tant avec SG-1 qu'avec Mac Gyver.MERCI !
Un de vos plus grand fan

Happy Birthday, Rick!

I have greatly enjoyed following your career, and I am looking forward to your future projects. Thank you for bringing your humanity, humour, and integrity to the TV media. You will always be one of my most favourite people!

A devoted fan,
Cat Mercer

You have beautiful being a very good actor, your more beautiful role is without any doubt that which you hold for the protection of water and our planet.
Can your and our actions to allow our little children to still see the sun rising.
Happy Birthday Mr Anderson

Vous avez beau être un très bon acteur, votre plus beau rôle est sans nul doute celui que vous tenez pour la protection de l'eau et de notre planète.
Puisse votre et nos actions permettre à nos petits enfants de voir encore le soleil se lever.
Bonne anniversaire Mr Anderson.

USI (Utopiste Sans Illusions)

Have a wonderful Birthday. Don't worry i'm not going to bring up the age thing.I stop counting after my 40th. Happy B.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY for your 56 years, I wish a lot of hapiness moment
And me too my birthday is the 23 January but me I've 20

Make a big party and have a lot of beautiful gift


Hi at your little girls and escuse me for my english BYE


Dear Mr. Anderson,
Happy 56 years young, and many,many many more birthdays.
A longtime fan,
Sue Chilberg

Chestit Rpjden Den


Dear Richard!
Happy birthday from your greatest german fan
Monika Braun

Joyeux anniversaire Richard ,

J'ai adoré tous les rôles que tu as joué,
Mais le meilleur et sans nul doute possible Jack O'neil dans stargate.
Je suis, comme tous tes fans, triste de ton départ de la série et souhaite de tous mon coeur ton retour car sans toi se n'est plus la même chose. Alors je te souhaite pleine de bohneur avec ta fille Wylie et je garde l'espoir de te revoir dans la série. bye.

Nicolas Culnard

I love you
And happy birthday
How old are you ??
Reply me


Happy Birthday Mr. Anderson,

As a life long fan of yours, 17 years now, I would like to wish you a happy bday, and a wonderful new year.
Also as a fellow hockey admirer (please excuse my spelling) I would like to say


Good luck (like you need it) on all your future endevours, and thank you so much for bein the wonderful actor you are.
I would also like to let you no that without you and your show MacGyver, I at the age of 3, would never have found out the world didnt revolve around me, when i came home, turned on the tv and found out that i had missed MacGyver, i cryed for 2 days because i thought it would be waitin on the tv for me to get home, i had been soooo shocked,

well thanks for everything

Luv, your ever faithful fan

Hi,Richard !
Happy Birthday...
I don't know speak English, so...
i'm sorry...for my english
Salut, oui je préfére écrire français, j'espere que tu comprendra mais si j'avais écrie en Anglais ça aurai été pire que du chinois...
Sinon Joyeux Anniversaire!
Je peux te tutoyé?
Alors ça va? Dommage que tu es arrété Stargate SG1 tu était super dans la peau de Jack O'Neill enfin bref tu vas me manqué, j'aimerai savoir si tu n'aurai pas d'autre projet à la Télévision? si, oui fait moi signe...
alalalalala comme j'aimerai avoir ton talent tu es un exelent acteur et je te remercie pour toute les émotions que tu fait passé à l'écran...
je peux te posé une question?
Tu connais la Corse? c'est une petite île juste au desous de la France, en ce qui me conserne je vis à Ajaccio, et si un jour tu veux passé des vacances la bas, je connais des endrois super : Hotels, Restaurants... enfin tout le confort donc si tu a besoin m'oublie pas , y'a mon adresse juste au desus normalement.
Tu dois surment te dire: "et puis quoi encore" mais je me fait pas d'illusion je sais tu ne que lira jamais ce message mais j'aime bien écrire sans savoir quoi dire !
bon ben puisque je sais plus vraiment quoi te dire, sauf ce que tout le monde ta déjà dit: tu es super, trop beau, ultra bonne acteur...etc...
Je te dit encore Joyeux Anniversaire

PS : je peux te montré une chanson qui est vraiment magnifique (pour moi)
c'est une chanson de Robbie Williams (Chanteur Anglais)
donc voila la chanson, elle est pour toi:

I sit and wait
Does an angel contemplate my fate
And do they know
The places where we go
When we're grey and old
'Cos I've been told
That salvation lets their wings unfold
So when I'm lying in my bed
Thoughts running through my head
And I feel that love is dead
I'm loving angels instead
And through it all she offers me protection
A lot of love and affection
Whether I'm right or wrong
And down the waterfall
Wherever it may take me
I know that life won't break me
When I come to call, she won't forsake me
I'm loving angels instead
When I'm feeling weak
And my pain walks down a one way street
I look above
And I know I'll always be blessed with love
And as the feeling grows
She breathes flesh to my bones
And when love is dead
I'm loving angels instead
And through it all

elle es belle un? dommage que je ne puisse pa te la faire écouté.

Gros Bisous A bientôt

Querido Richard:

Espero que celebres tu cumpleaños con tus seres mas queridos y que realices todos tus propositos para el 2006.


thanks: por amar tu trabajo

Esta es mi cuidad.


Hi richard!! i'm so happy to speak to you and i wish you an happy birthday and a lot of happiness with Wylie and all your family. Me too i do theatre since 10 years and my dream is to become an actor like you. I know you since Macgyver and Stargate really is my favourite series. You're my idol. I expect that i can, one day, become an actor like you. Happy birthday and happy new year.


I wish you a relaxed and quiet day, a lot of happy hours with your daughter and long walks with your dog.
Happy birthday!
Greetings from Bissen, Luxemburg

Hi Richard,

A little message to wish you an happy birthday. The stargate is not the same since your not here (not the same jokes)... Hope to see you again in new TV serie. Good luck for your action with "Waterkeeper Alliance".

France (Versailles)

I wish you a Happy Birthday from France and a lot of good things for this new year.

A little French

Hi Richard,
Another year gone by, so I wish you an happy birthday!
We all miss you a lot and we hope you will appear in some episodes to say "hi".
Take care

Happy birthday!!
You should know that You are the best and You always be...

Happy Birthday General ! hope to see you sometimes in the next seasons of Stargate, miss your jokes and the way Daniel answer.

Pierre-emmanuel Yvon aka Arland

Hi Richard So happy to see you defending animals I'm with you all the way on that. Thank you they need all the help they can get.
Well, another year gone by, so wish you a wonderful birthday.
We are going to miss you & your humour & great acting.
So God Bless one more time, from a Canadian fan who can't find anything on TV worth watching now, except the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey


Well i guess i missed your B-Day, was it good? i don't need to know just sayin' hi. Oh i love your character Col. Jack O'Neill in Stargate SG-1. I wish i was on the show but i'd be a kid or a teenager cause i'm only thirteen. I also liked amanda tapping, michael shanks, christopher judge, and jonas quin in SG-1. Plus i'm probably one of your biggest fans on this planet anyway. Maybe Bratac is your biggest fan on Chuelac, you never know. Richard Dean Anderson (RDA) you were the best for MacGyver, i may be 13 but i know alot of your shows. kinda like Legend. I'm Alden Billings by the way. i hope you get this RDA ha i like that. H-56th-B-Day. i hope you like the New Year I know i wont cause i wont be around to spend it with anyone.


Hi Richard, happy birthday!


Hi Richard!
Happy Birthday!! You're my favourite actor on Stargate SG1. Your jokes are so great, also in German
I laughed many times about them.

BTW: I hope, you come back to Stargate!

Hey Rick

Stop having birthday's! It only seems like 3 weeks ago I was wishing you a happy day and here I am doing it all again!!!

I hope you have a fab day. Eat lots of cake and of course blow out lots of candles - I'm sure you'll have plenty of help

With all best wishes for a good 2006. I'm missing you on TV!

Take care.
love n hugs
Ali Morton xx


francys codecido

Happy Birthdday Rick!

You're one of my favourite actors and that's
why I hope, that you will come back to Stargate.


Hello Mr Anderson. You're my favorite actor in Stargate SG-1. You are proud and courageous and you give a good interpretation to you're actor. That is why I hope see you in the next season.

Quelques mots en français pour dire que j'espère vraiment revoir le Général Jack O'Neil dans SG-1 ou même dans Atlantis que j'adore aussi comme série de science fiction. Tout mes futures voeux pour ton anniversaire et plein de bisous pour ta fille. Tu as raison c'est important la famille. J'espère que tout va bien se passer pour toi dans l'avenir comme dans le présent. A bientôt j'espère à la télé. Je te suis depuis que tu as commençé Stargate et MacGyver et sa n'a été que du plaisir. Enrevoir et bonne continuation.

Adrien C.

Joyeux anniversaire Richard.

Je suis votre série de puis que j ai 7 ans.J'adore votre série je les jamair rater un épisode.Tout les vendredi soirs je la regarder sur M6 a 20h50 stargate SG-1.J' adore tout les acteurs de la série, richard Dean Anderson,Amanda Tapping,Michael Shanks, Christopher Judge, Corin Nemec, Teryl Rothery, Don S. Davis, Carmen Argenziano.J ' ai adorer les épisodes:
La cinquième race, L' apprnti sorcier, L a cité perdue 1/2 2/2, La dernière chance 1/2 2/2,Retour vers le futur 1/2 2/2. Pourquoi êtes vous parti des la série?

Bon à bientôt Richard Dean Anderson.
Je vous adore.

Clément Guerche

Happy Birthday Richard!!!
I hope you have many fun with your daughter.
Stargate SG-1 is the best TV-show I´ve ever seen and I am a big fan.

F. Schulz

happy birthday Richard!!! (from switzerland).
You are my favourite actor and I love MacGyver and Stargate sg-1.
I love the simpson too.
have good time with your child.

bon, j'ai essayé d'exercer mon anglais un peut. c dommage q'on te vois moins dans stargate maintenant!!
sniff sniff ouinnnnn!!
mais tu restera mon acteur preferé que se soit dans stargate,macgver, general hospital et tout et tout...

je te souhaite plein de joie avec ta fille (excuse moi si c'est un garcon!! ou que tu as 2 anfants )
Mais bon, encore et encore, joyeux anniversaire et bonne année 2006
Tout le monde t'aiment et t'adorent!!


I have Loved Richard Dean Anderson for some many years. I used to watched Macgyver. But now I really enjoy the Stargate series.
I think Richard plays a cool character in Jack.
Actually at the moment I am watching my box set of DVD's of Stargate. That I got for xmas.
I just love that programme.

Anne Inglis

Now you have time to take care of your family, but don't forget us, WE LOVE YOU Richard !!!
It'll be with the greatest pleasure that we could see you again, even only once, in SG1 ! I hope that this dream will become a reality one day...

At last, we wish you a very happy birthday !

Bon anniversaire Richard !!!


happy belated birthday macgyver!!
many wonderful wishes your way from both of us; much health, peace, love, and joy this coming year!
happy new year too!!

nardine & ramsey

I wish you a very happy Birthday and much fun in your new live-jear.
Best reges

Bon anniversaire!
Sinon que dire sur votre carrière brillante, votre jeu d'acteur parfait toujours tinté d'humour... du grand art!

Alors grand merci à vous, et bonne continuation!

Good luke from Nice (France)


Happy Birthday from France.

Good luck with your children.


From one 1950 babe to another; Have a wonderful B-day(even ifn youall are a yankee). Mine is Feb. 4th.

love & kisses ---

Katherine Marie Ferrell

Dear Rick
In 1991 I became a fan of you. But I guess this time of your accompany my life will now find an end. It seemed that you only want to be a part of your daughters life. But what´s with us - your fans? Where would you be today if not having so much true fans? I think you can do a little more for us - anyway I wish you a nice birthday and hope time will be kind to you


*~Happy Birthday~*
I wish you a great day Rick and all the love you get, from your fans around the world.
for all you've done over the years on MacGyver and Stargate!
Dont be afraid, you got older, but you dont look like ...

If somebody ever says, settle down, I hope you'll stand up and dance!

Have a happy new year with your little angel Wylie.

I miss you on Stargates season 9 ...
~It's not the same without you and your special humor~
hope I see you soon on the Simpsons

and dont forget: "Dont drink and drive"


Je ne vous connais pas, mais j'aimerai bien en avoir l'occasion. Peut-être autour d'une Bud ou d'une Heineken!

Pour moi, vous êtes vraiment un acteur à part, bourré de talent, sympa, simple et plein d'humour.
Vous m'avez fait rêver dans Mac Gyver et ensuite dans Stargate, alors...

Je vous souhaite un joyeux anniversaire et une super année 2006...


Happy Birthday Richard

Happy 2006


thank you for
-== MacGyver ==-


thank you for
-== STARGATE SG-1==-


Happy Birthday BIG GUY
Wanna walk the world with you.
Keep doing what makes YOU happy.
Much Love. XXXX


Hey Rick!!


I'm sad cause u don't wanna play O'Neill anymore.
Without u Stargate is not Stargate anymore. Miss ur jokes!

Enjoy ur birthday!!

Bye, Barbara


bon anniversaire depuis paris.


hey rick!
Have a fantabulous birthday and a wonderful new year! i miss you so much on Stargate!!! i hope to see you on TV again soon and can't wait till the Simpsons. Love you tons and give my love to Amanda Tapping next time you see her. Dialling the gate.... bye!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Happy Birthday!

Bon anniversaire Ricky et surtout continue de jouer dans stargate!!! les français t'adorent!


Happy birthday Rick!!!

I wish you all the best!

You´re the best actor I know!!!



HOLA a todos: Richard, feliz cumpleaños espero exitos para vos (mas) jeje y sos el mejor actor.


Hello Richard ,

I wish you all the best for your birthday and a happy new year!

I'm a huge fan of Stargate SG-1 and also of you !!!
Hope I'll see you on TV!?

Best wishes from Austria,

I think my message won't be read but i would like to thank you for the great job you did in MacGyver, Stargate and all other series or movies . I wish you a good continuation on TV and get every thing you need to continue your life, happy . And of course, a happy birthday


Hallo Richard
Mein Englisch kenntnisse sind begrenzt deshalb auf deutsch:
Alles Gute und Gesundheit zum Geburtstag
Deine Pläne SG1 zu verlassen würde ich als"nicht gut"bezeichnen.
Dein Humor wird mir Fehlen.

Und,zum Angeln bleibt noch zeit genug;oder?
Hoffe du hast nen guten Übersetzer.
Danke für viele amüsante Stunden und alles Gute für die Zukunft.
Grüße aus Germany

Tobias Caesar

Happy birthday Richard you are a great actor (my favorite) and i hope to see you next time in stargate, all France support you. Buy a house in France and call me, i will make you visit our beautiful country.

Au revoir et bon anniverssaire


Richard we wish you een great happy new year and happy birthay we miss you in stargate please come back

Maude and stéphane

Hi my general!

I wish you a good birthday! Many thanks for saving the Earth. Big kisses for Carter and Thor!


Hey Richard,
As everybody else: happy birthday!
May your days be counted as gold, precious. And as gold may you evaluate, refine and purify them in order to get the most of life.
55 is just heating up, keep on strong!

Brazil loves you,

Ricardo, Tania and Ethan Saboya

Happy, happy birthday and many happy returns of the day! It seems that wonderful folks are born on Jan 23 - my daughter shares your birthday and will be 22 this year! God bless and keep you. Thanks for all that you bring to the stories you tell. May the days to come be full of health and happiness for you and yours. Karen

Dear Mr.Anderson,

Stargate SG1 is just not the same without you. Please please let us see more of you in future episodes.

Happy birthday, and have a wonderful New Year.

Lots of love,

happy birthday to you lots of love and kisses dawn xxx
missing you loads in new stargate not the same without you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back. look after your family and all the animals and have a good life in whatever you are doing at the moment hope to see you on screen very soon can't wait for the simpson's episode.
loving you loads. Dawn Hansell xx

J'adore ce que vous faites ! et je vous souhaite beaucoup de bonheur pour la suite ! En france on vous aime !


Hi Babes,

Have a lovely birthday - Penblwydd Hapus!
Miss you loads on SG1


Dear Mr. Anderson

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!! I wish you all the best, mostly good health

Greetings Martin from Slovakia

PS: thank you for macgyver and STARGATE

Dear Mr Anderson,

Sorry for my english but you "ecologist" in Mac Gyver and "ironisme" in SG1 guided my life and thank you.


Happy birthday Richard!
my name is daniel and i am from israel, i want tall you that stargate sg-1 is very successful here.
and now for the greeting:
I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and a happy new years!
thank you for 8 fantastic years of Stargate, and we will wait for you here in israel

love you!!!!


Happy Birthday Richard.

hope you have a GREAT BIRTHDAY an a HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!

I'm a huge fan of Stargate SG-1

Your Fan


Happy birthday Richard! I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and a happy new years!!! Thank you for 7 more than fantastic seasons of Macgyver. I've started my season collection already. You were awesome as Mac.

Happy b/day!
Brittany Busby

happy birthday "Jack O'Neill"
I love stargate sg-1 and i wish you come back because i m a big fan.
and your daughter has well?
my big dream is to meet you!!!!!

goodbye Richard!








Happy Birthday Richard.

Thank you for 8 fantastic years of Stargate (and a Simpsons episode which I'm really looking forward to seeing)

I think we all understand and appreciate Wylie being your reason for retiring from SG1 and I'm delighted that you'll get to spend loads more time with her as well as your conservation work.

I hope that you never feel that because you're no longer on SG1, you are any less loved by all your fans. We'd love to see you in some season 10 scenes, if you could manage that, though. If not, then we'll always have the first 8 years.

Have a fantastic birthday and all the best for 2006.


Happy Birthday Rick!

I'm a fan since the beginning of Stargate SG-1, and Stargate without you isn't the same.
I watched some episodes of the season 9, it's great, BUT there is something missing.

It would be very nice if you show up in some episodes in the future. Please!

I wish you all the best in the world.

Best regards

wesh richard very happy birthday enfin bref bon anniv eclate toi bien et tu dechire a plus

bouchery alexandre

Happy Birthday Richard


Happy Birthday Rick!

I hope too see you on TV and wish you a good party!

Andrea from Germany

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!

Thank you for all you have done for us Fans! Hope I'll see you on TV...

best wishes from Germany

Dear Rick,

Like the years before I leave a message for you in this guestbook:

health and a lot of nice time with your family!!

I also want to thank you for doing 8 years of Stargate SG-1.
I completely understand that you "retired" because you wanted to spend more time with Wylie.

But PLEASE, PLEASE make Jack return in at least one episode of the following seasons!!!

I just can't imagine Stargate without Jack.
And of course I don't want to imagine that I won't see you on TV any more - that really makes me sad... ...because I'm such a huge fan of yours!

So if it's possible somehow... PLEASE!

Thanks for being such a great idol!

Celebrate your day!

Love, Nikki

Happy birthday from a 25's olders guy who like your job since a long time. And to have made me dream since my childhood.

see you later...


Mr. Anderson...

Happy Birthday and Congrats on an another wonderful year!!

Miss seeing you on T.V.


Happy Birthday Richard

Je me nome Christophe et j'ai 36 ans.
J'ai adoré votre rôle dans SG-1 , votre présence , votre humour ...
Même si la série est encore trés bien votre présence me manque beaucoup
En espérant peut-être au moins vous revoir avec quelques apparitions dans SG-1 !!!
Mais je vous ecrit pour vous souhaiter un Joyeux anniversaire !!!

@ bientôt RDA


Dear Richard

A happy birthday and hopefully there will be lots more. I hope Wylie is doing well. I admire your descion for leaving stargate because of your familie. I know that many actors have this choice to make but denay them. For 8 1/2 years you have been my sample and not because of Stargate but because of your personal charactor. Ofcaurse I don't know you in person but I've seen you and heard you in interviews, behind the scenes,etc and I just like you for what you are. That's what makes you my sample. Thanks for being there and I hope you'll think of all the fans some time when Wylie is watching Stargate (just joking).

Greatz out of the Netherlands and till next time,


Happy Birthday, Rick!

I'm 13, from Germany, haven't seen any Macgyver episode (I'm so ashamed) but every Stargate episode (except the ones from season 9, but since you aren't in, doesn't matter) and I could say I'm your biggest fan, but I won't , since there's no possibility to say that and it would never be the whole truth, so let's say it like this: I adore you already. And I don't think that'll change anytime soon.

I'm also one of those, who're really eager to know what's going on with Sam and Jack now, and we all would be so thankful (we already are) if you'd come back to stargate, at least for that one episode. I know what it's like when the father isn' t with his children every day (My father is away a lot, and it isn't so great for me either) and I'm glad that Wylie gets to see you more often now, but one episode, come on...don't leave us hanging like this...
Okay, going off-topic here, but I think you get what I mean.

Again, Happy Birthday, for 8 years of Stargate, and for just being you and such a great actor,


Happy Bday from Finland :>(a lil cold country in Skandinavia in northern europe)


Happy Birthday dear Mister Richard Dean Anderson.

Thanks for all you have given us

so good bye Mr RDA


Dear Rick,

Many happy returns! Hope you enjoy having time to kick back and enjoy life. I'm sure Wylie is really benefitting from having her dad around all the time.

Here's also hoping that you make a return to SG-1 sometime before it ends. And you are greatly missed by many, many fans...especially those of us who want to know that Sam & Jack are finally going to get what they deserve--each other! We would love to see you reappear in a guest appearance that uses you well (901 and 903 DID NOT!) and confirms the Sam/Jack relationship.

I also want you to know that many of us don't like the changes on the show. We realize they want to go on, but they should be more respectful to the show's history in doing it. Right now, we don't know for certain what happened to Jack O'Neill, and that's just not right. The show is really suffering without the influence of you and Michael Greenburg. We miss you! We certainly understand your decision to move on, but we need to know what happened to Jack...and we need to know that Sam & Jack are together. Hope you'll see your way clear to help us out in the future.

Thanks for all you've given us, and for all you do for charity, especially the plight of animals. You're the best!


Happy Birthday! I love your sense of humor and timing that you have contributed to everything you have done during your acting career. I miss you on Stargate SG-1

Jean Watkins

Happy Birthday dear Richard.

I am a great Stargate-Fan and i hope, that Stargate get a long, long future...

Your Fan


Hi Richard!

Happy Birthday!
I'm a huge fan of Stargate SG-1 und MacGyver. It's a pity that there's not longer a Jack O'Neill in a leading part of Stargate.

Alexander Schaaf

Hi Rick,

HUGE FAN of Stargate!

Hope You have a wicked birthday!!

Much love alwayz

jessie (uk)

hello Richard Dean Anderson i want speak a happy birthday méme si je sais que mon message se perdra dans la foule bon bin voila good happy birthday

NB:speak hello to Teal'c, Sam, Daniel for me please


Happy Birthday M.Anderson.
Thank you for everything you do with Stargate SG1 (so much better when it's watched in English). Thank you for this TV show, the greatest ever seen on TV.
PS : I REALLY hope that one day, we can see Sam & Jack opening their hearts...

Srg. T. Matthias

Alles gute zum Geburtstag. Ich hoffe du hast noch ein langes und erfolgreiches Leben. Mach weiter so.


Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson La serie stargate n'est pas la meme chose sans toi.


I hope you have a great birthday and a Happy New Year.

I am a late comer to both MacGyver and Stargate SG-1 but have become a big fan of the programs as well as your career. Best wishes to your future and I hope we get to see you on TV soon.


Happy Birthday, Richard!
I love you in Stargate sg1 and MacGyver.
I can love you meet
that my more dream.
I'm sorry for mistake
goodbye and
Happy Birthday, Richard!




Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!!


Dear Rick,

Who says the world isn't still a great place?! Hoping this is your happiest and most fulfilling birthday yet...and may you have have many, many more, so you will have lots of time to pass on to Wylie the values and quality you've shown us over the years... It's easy to see you've held so many of us in your hand with a single smile and a pureness of heart... We can't thank you enough.

It only takes one person to change the world. Thank you and happiest birthday ever!


Happy Birthday Rick.
Hope you'll have lots of presents & fun day with Wylie


Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!!


Mr. Anderson..

Happy Birthday and Congrats on a another GREAT year!!

Miss you on T.V.

your friend, fan and Laughing Lady

P.S. going skiing this January??


Happy Birthday, Rick!!
I'm a longtime fan. I miss seeing you on Stargate but I applaud your break to be Wylie's Dad!!! And to pursue some worthwhile environmental interests.

I hope to see you on the screen in future movies and series including some guest appearances on Stargate!! C'mere...((((hugs))))!!!

Many wishful greetings from North-Germany to Colonel O'Neill with 2 L ! I love Stargate . Hope to see you somewhere on TV in the near future. Thanks very much for the most inspiring figure in science-fiction-TV. It tops every Startrek-series or film!

Ansgar Becker

Happy Birthday! I miss you on SG-1 but I totally understand. Enjoy life and throw us a bone when you can.

Beautiful kid.

Robert White

Happy Birthday RDA!

I hope you are enjoying your fun and have many more entertaining years for you and Wylie!

Thank you so much for the years of SG1 - every time I watch I enjoy and laugh!

Have a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday from Germany.
I wish you only the best for ur future.
Hope to see u again in a movie anytime.

yours faithfully


Hi Rick!
Happy Birthday !
My friend is a big simpsons-fan, too !
I hope you enjoy the party
maybe you can visit my homepage or send me an e-mail!
I'm your biggest fan, ever!

bye bye!


happy birthday richard im your biggest fan.Send me your email for msn pls



Greetings from Germany
Anubis ;) aka Kai

PS: My birthday is on 25 january! Together, we could make a big party

Hello Mr. Anderson!!!
Happy Birthday O'Neill!!!Just the best wishes for you!Thank you for all that you have do for all your Fans!!!You are the BEST.


I will wish you and your family all the best things in the future!

Happy birthday, Rick.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK(so presumptious)
As a fan in her 50's I find that my age doesn't bother me so much as the age of my children(oldest is 36). Here's to you enjoying Wylie's birthdays and grandchildren. (they are a hoot)

Love you and enjoy all your work.
Gail English

I work at a FOX station and received a Homer telephone at holiday party. D'oh

Happy birthday...Richard (Macgyver) Dean Anderson..may all ur wishes come true!!!!


I wish you a fabulous birthday!

Hope to see you again one day in Jack O'Neill making us laugh and dream!

I wish you a merry x-mas and a happy new year to you and your family.

Best Regards!


Dear Mr. Anderson,

I wish you a Happy Birthday, all the best to you and also a Happy New Year to you and to your family.

Miss Iffat Shalev
From Israel

I hope do you come back to Stargate and i wish you a nice birthday and a good year !

from a fan of germany

ps:you are a good men and you must return to stargate sg1


Happy Birthday Rick!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are having a nice time and enjoying your life.

We miss you so much you are Mr SG-1 :p

Love and keep having fun! Carolina

Greetings from switzerland!

Happy birthday R.D.A.

It was a great time with you and Stargate SG1. Thanks.

And in german:

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!!!


Hey Rick!!!!

Happy Birthday!!! I miss you so much in Stargate you are a part of the Series dont leave it!!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday Ricky- We truly miss your beautiful face on SG-1! Please come back soon! Love and Kisses from your Shippy Friends, who miss you so~~~~~~~


Hello Mr. Anderson,

I wish you a happy Birthday and may all your wishes come true.

Birthday kisses from Nadine

Bonjour M. DEAN ANDERSON, j'ai toute la série SG1 en DVD. Je regrette qu'elle s'arrête pour Atlantis qui est à mon avis pas à la hauteur des épisodes de SG1. Vous m'avez fait rêver. Dommage que cela finisse. Je vous souhaite plein de bonheur avec votre famille, et peut-être à bientôt à SGC !.
good luck and happy birthday.

Happy birthday to you! I'm a fan since MacGyver and I watched Stargate SG 1 for you. Now there's Stargate Atlantis and I hate it you're (almost) not in it.
I wish you a happy birthday and have fun January 23.
With you the world has a beautiful person more, in- and outside.
I ya just 4 being you.

Hugs and kisses from Anjana

Dearest Ricky Dean... ...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

You're 56???... ...NO WAY! Your heart is 30 with a touch of 10.

When you were born, your parents had no idea of what a gift they gave to the world. You have developed into an ideal, unique gentleman that inspires us to give of self, enjoy life, laugh, appreciate our world and all that is in it, and take responsibility for it. I am sooo proud of you, Brig. Gen. Richard Dean Anderson.

THANK YOU for all the good things you have done. May you reap its rewards ten-fold.

THANK YOU for the years of entertainment and leaving us wanting MORE!! (Come back, my Silver Fox)

May your every wish come true, and enjoy good health, great wealth, and unlimited happiness.

.........You already have my love.


bon anniversaire à vous "Richard Dean Anderson".
Vous êtes pour nous SG1, à tous jamais.
Stéphane LION

Happy Birthday Rick

I wish you all the best and have a nice new year.

Best wishes


Happy Birthday Rick!

I'm your biggest fan from Germany!


Happy birthday richard

Merci pour tout ce que vous avez fait dans stargate sg1 et mac gyver. je vous trouve vraiment genial !
j'espere vous voir venir bientot en france pour vous rencontrer,cela serai super !


Happy Birthday Rick
all the best for you and yours
Thanks for all your work

Hello Sir,

I wanted to thank you for a great series (both Stargate and MacGyver).
You are the best! Your role-play is truly inspirational and you mean a lot to LOTS of fans here in ISRAEL.
I wish you all the best in life, may you be happy and healthy forever!
My warmest regards and love,
Gil Kehat

Happy Birthday, Rick!
Hope you have a wonderful day. It must be nice to have all these good wishes for your birthday. That says one thing - YOU ARE LOVED AND APPRECIATED! I will be one to second that emotion! Really, really miss you on the tube.
Thanks for all you do on and off the screen!
Love you for always.


I wish you a Happy Birth Day !

I love you and your role in Stargate SG-1 (please come back just few minutes), you are the best, shall you live forever.

Bye, and one more time, Happy Bithday to you ;)


Happy 56th!

I hope you have a great, relaxing and enjoyable day.

I know work is not your current priority, but, like many other fans, I really miss your presence on the screen. ‘Stargate' is definitely not the same without Jack O'Neill. I hope maybe he'll turn up for the show's 200th episode? If not, I'd love to see you sometime as a guest star on some other TV dramas, or perhaps starring in a TV movie, perhaps with an environmental theme?

Anyway, at least I can see you on the screen, by viewing ‘Stargate' DVDs, and I'm having the enjoyable task of acquainting myself with ‘MacGyver', as S2 comes out on DVD over here (the UK) in February. It is a testament to your talent that the series remains a household name to this day, and is still played all round the world!

I offer a toast of good health and happiness, and success in all your endeavours in the forthcoming year.




@Happy birthday richard continue comme ca tu déchire grave on ne toublie pas et on espere te revoire tres bientot dans une nouvelle serie ou dans un film que tu envera vers les étoiles...ciao de la part des tes +GRANDS admirateures...

kevin and kaan

Hi Richard,
We want to wish you a Merry Christmas. Plus a Birthday wish for your birthday coming up. We are sending this wish not from our home state Minnesota but from New York where Curt my husband is stationed for now. We have been here 3 wks now. Miss Minnesota and our families especially today on Christmas when we are usually all together. Next Christmas will be more lonely as good chance Curt will be across the ocean. Hope all is well with you and Wylie. Sounds like you have your hands full. I think it is great you are there for her.
Merry Christmas from Curt & Kathy Anhorn.

I have been a fan of one show of yours or another for every year I can remember. All I have to say is that I appreciate you hard work and I hope you have a rewarding and relaxing birthday.

Don Crawford

happy birthday Richard D. Anderson.
i love watching you on mg and stargate
i hope you will be on tv soon even if its just a guest apperance.. i love that u like simpsons
so much thats sooooooo cool
you are a great actor and i believe a great person wishing you a fun ,loving safe birthday and merry christmas too you and your family ..::
thanks becky .w.

Ricky I wish you happy birthday and a lot of love!!!You are the best!!!
Kisses Magda

Happy Birthday Richard!!!!
Hope you stay sometime on TV!!!!!
You're the best actor ever!!!!!


Bon anniversaire RDA!!! Tu vas nous manquer dans "la porte des étoiles Sg-1" C'est dommage.......


Happy Birthday

23 January

for all


merry christmas !!!!


Merry Christmas!!! I received season 1-4 of MacGyver for Christmas. Can't wait to watch it!

Bruce Skubon

Je voulais juste dire que je vous adore et que je vous suit depuis que je vous est découvert dans MacGyver!!!Et c'est dommage que vous ayez quitter la série Stargate SG-1 parce-que sans vous c'est plus vraiment Stargate SG-1!!!Vous manquez a TOUS!!!!BONNE CONTINUATION!!! Et vive le ship Sam/Jack!!


Happy birthday and merry Christmas Richard !

greetings from Belgium
Evi XxX

Happy Birthday Mister Anderson! You're a great Actor and I've seen every Episode of Stargate SG-1 and MacGyver Fortune .... So have a nice Birthday your greatest fan Oliver Trager

Cher Richard Dean Anderson,

Je suis fan de vous depuis que je suis tout petit tout d'abord avec MacGyver et maintenant avec Stargate SG-1.
Je vous souhaite un très bon anniversaire !
Merci encore pour tout


Dear Rick,
Wishing you all the very best for your birthday and the upcoming year. May it be filled with happiness, laughter and love.

Best wishes and happy birthday to you from Germany and one of the greatest MacGyver and Stargate fans ever


Happy Birthday Richard!!!

Hope you enjoy your Birthday


Dear Richard,

I wish you just the best for the new lifeyear. That all your wishes, dreams and hopes will come true.

Best regards, Daniela

happy birthday richard


j'aimerais vous remercier de tout mon coeur pour ce que vous nous avez apportez en jouant si bien le role de jack
merci vraiment Richard Dean Anderson
vous nous avez fait rever et voyager.
c'etait magnifique et vous pouvez etre sur que vous nous manquerez.
en attendant HAPPY BIRTHDAY RDA dufond du coeur.

merci pour tout.


thanks for years of laughter. happy birthday.


Joyeux Anniversaire RDA, je suis moi aussi né un 23 janvier tout comme vous. Je vous adresse tout mes Respects pour votre magnifique carriére. Vous m'avez fait rêver de puis mon enfance avec au début MACGYVER et aujourd'hui STARGATE.
Bonne continuation, Excelente année 2006 et Vive RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON.


Joyeuse anniversaire ;)

J'adore ton style


Happy birthday Richard !!!
You're excellent in Stargate !!! I love it !! Congratulations !!!


Richard, you are still a very beautiful mann!! May your 56th b-day be the best.

Thank you for the years of entertainment, and may we see you real soon again. Please!!!

Thank you for being the wonderful DAD that you are to Wylie, remember hugs and kisses go a long way, if nothing else just hold her hand, that shows a lot also.
Take care on your special day, relax and enjoy the day.
Happy Birthday, Elizabeth A. Nelson

Auguroni da un tuo affezionatissimo fan.
p.s. In una trasmissione italiana ho espresso il desiderio di incontrarti per stringerti la mano.Ciao



merci pr tout ce que vous nou aver donner ( de stargate a macgyver )

jesper vous revoir bientot sur scene dans de nouvelle aventure exclusive

vous etes mon idole


Feliz Aniversário, você é um ator nota 1000, não existe ator mais lindo do que você, espero que você seja sempre feliz, alegre e extrovertido, como foi nos fime que assistir até hoje.

Jeane Mires

bon anniversaire richard

merci pour ses années au SGC et depuis que tu est parti STARGATE SGC-1 C'EST PLUS PARIEL ET EN PLUS C'EST PAS TROS BIEN




pourquoi tu nous quittes pas de stargate sans général vivement que tu reviennes(meme avec ta fille^^) et merci pour tout ces épisodes trop bien


Dear RDA, I want to wish you a very happy birthday, and a Merry Cristhimas. For me you gonna be MacGyver forever, my idol. I love MacGyver. Look to my hair! Do I look like MacGyver?

Fernando Solano

Happy birthday and merry christmas, RDA, you'll always be in our hearts, and i and many other fans think you for all these 8 years of fun and emotions with stargate sg1.

Fine, and think you for everything.


Bonne anniversaire à toi et vivement ton retour.
Stargate sans SG1, se n'est plus le stargate qu'on aime.

Bonne vacance


Happy birthday Jack !!
Joyeux anniversaire Richard merci pour toute ces annees de reves !!
Dommage que tu quite le SGC mais la vie de famille t'attend alors profite en bien !!!
Bon courage !!

et merci pour tout !


happy happy mac i love you love magnus, i wänt you as a friend. I am a student at the french film school. And my biggest dream is to make a thriller with you as the lead man

magnus alexander

Happy birthday to the wonderful RDA!!!!


Joyeux anniversaire and thanks to you for Macgyver when I was younger and Stargate recently.


Bon anniversaire RDA! j'espere qu'un jour on te reverra dans stargate (ou ailleur!) et amuse toi bien avec ta fille ;)


May your birthday be the beginning of a very happy and special year for you.

I've watched you for years – and you look as great today as you did when I first saw you back in the early 80s.

The involvement that you have with children's groups and the environment is wonderful. I know you looked forward for many years to becoming a father and Wylie is very lucky to have such a caring and special father.

Selfishly, I do miss you greatly on Stargate and hope that you will make guest appearances when you can and maybe do a t.v. movie here and there so that those of us who don't live anywhere near California have a chance to see you now and again. I do look forward to watching for you on the Simpson's soon.

May your birthday be all you hope for.

Love Always,
Diane in Pennsylvania

Happy birthday Richard !!!
Je te souhaite un très joyeux anniversaire ! J'espère que tu t'amuse beaucoup avec ta petite fille Wylie.
! J'adore Stargate SG-1 dont je suis un grand fan. J'espère que tu vas bientot y rejouer! Le bureau du Général t'attend ! C'est domage car sans toi, cette serie ce n'est plus le même chose !!!!!!!
Passe un super bon anniversaire!
Eclate toi bien.
@llez Au Revoir !!!
La porte des étoiles t'appelle !!!!


Dear Rick,
I want to wish you one of your best birthdays ever! You are one of my favorite actors and i want to tell you how great all of your movies and shows are, i never miss them, when they are showing on TV. Again i wish you a Happy Birthday!


I love your Style in Stargate (In MacGyver too!)

Please, return and comeback SG1 !

Good luck for a life !
Great moment for you and your familly !


Hi Mr.Anderson!! Wow, this is nice. I have my b-day 2nd January so we will celebrite almost in the same time. Well, I wish joy, happiness and mainly health all your family. All the best for the next Year 2006.

"If we both were born in another place and time
This moment might be ending in a kiss
But there you are with yours
And here I am with mine
So I guess, we'll just be leaving it at this."

Forget not: "There's only one thing we can truly control. Whether we are GOOD or EVIL."

Love Adrienne

Hey, I think I am a little late on the whole birthday thing. Sorry! I haven't visited the website in awhile. Well everyone deserves a happy birthday, so happy birthday and I hope Wylie has fun with Karate sounds like she is doing well! For Christmas I asked for the Macgyver dvds. Ha my friends say I am obsessed, but I just like all the actions. Also I will let you in on a little inside joke....My band director says we can play your themesong to Macgyver if I can make a trumpet out of glue, shoe strings, and use only an army knife. If you have any ideas let me know. LOL! Oh yeah congrats on the Simpsons thing. Well anyway I think this message is long enough, so I will talk to you later! Say Hi to Wylie and tell her Merry Christmas.... hope she gets what she wants for christmas. HINT Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!!! And Happy New Year!!! and and ofcourse ........


Delurking and overcoming shyness to wish you a fantastic birthday ( ), and, seeing as how Christmas Eve is tomorrow, I'll kill two moochers with one puck and say happy holidays from Cape Breton, the boonies of Canada! Sounds like good times to celebrate - and it gives me an excuse to use those nifty dancing emoticons.

I'll also use this opportunity to thank you for some of the greatest TV rides I've ever experienced - at 19, I've literally grown up watching you in your various roles and I think you're absolutely fantastic.

...Of course, it also doesn't hurt that you're a hockey fan - rock on . My hero.

All the best and lots of love.


Dear Rick,

As a "50-something" fan, I have followed your career since 1976 when you first started on General Hospital. I was in college at the time and GH was my favorite soap opera.

During all these years I have followed your career. Your hard work has provided endless hours of first class entertainment for me and all of your fans.

Your sense of humor along with your boyish charm and down to earth attitude make it so easy to admire you. Of course on the shallow side, your good looks are a definite plus. And like fine wine you only get better with time!

I admire the work you are involved with from children's groups to the saving our environment. Thanks for all you do to make our world a better place for future generations.

Most of all I admire your commitment to your daughter and the way you put her needs first. A girl needs her father and Wylie is a very fortunate young lady to have you there for her.

I do selfishly miss you on Stargate and I hope that you will be able in the not to distant future to return to entertaining your devoted fans in some capacity. I know I am looking forward to the Simpson's episode next year.

I wish you a Very Happy Birthday and the very best for the coming year.


Barbara in South Carolina

Happy birthday richard!!!!!!!!!
I wish you so much happyness, thanks for all the dreams, who I had made because of you, since 10 years. ! I hope see you again.
a new time ha^^y birthday

Happy birthday Richard !!!



Hi Dear Richard:

Happy Birthday to you.
It is me again. I am your fancy Chen, Yen Han.

The series movies MacGyver and Stargate are my favorite.

May I ask you a question?

Is it true? The StarGate, if it is true, I want to become your partner and go to any galaxy and searching for any culture, creature, even adventure with you.

Someone found this news, and one planetoid will be hit our earth in 2036.

Any idea? General.

Best regards

Chen, Yen Han

c'est dommage que tu es quitté stargate
sans toi ce n'est plus la même chose.


Just to wish you many, many Happy Returns. Missing you dreadfully on TV, but glad you're taking time out for what really matters to you - you deserve it.

Have a truly happy day!


Hi Rick,
Hope you have a great B day with many more to come.
Best wishes from Minnesota.

Sharon Freed

Hello. I wish you a joyeu anniversary. The serie is not more drole without you? And good continuation in the common life


Just a wish for peace, good health, happiness and lots more birthdays!!


mr. anderson
thanks for the great shows you have been associated with, MacGyver, and especially Stargate SG-1 (which is my favorite tv show on right now), i really enjoyed your character and miss it in the current season, i wish you well and look forward to any future airings of possibly new macgver movies if any. thanks

daniel wolff

Joyeux anniversaire , et merci pour toute c'est annee dans stargate


Bon anniversaire


Herzlichen Glückwunsch/Happy Birthday Richard


Bon anniversaiiire richard

pour tout ^^


happy birthay a mon acteur fetiche qui ne veillis pas mais ragenis au fur est a mesure des années


Please come back in Stargate Sg1 until the end of the series. That's my unique wish!

I assume I don't need to say what you already know: You're the best!



hope you have a fantastic birthday, i would send you a card but that would mean you would have to send me one for my 30th which my god is not far off. guess we're not getting any younger. All the best.

Happy Birthday!!!


you are coolappy beatrh day


Joyeux anniversaire, je vous adore, vous êtes un excellent acteur. vous nous manquez beaucoup. j'espére que tout va bien pour vous. bisous Tessa.

thank's for all... We love you man...

General Silver


I wish you all the best for next year and I hope it will be full of joy and happiness!

Thank you very much for all the great memories with Stargate and especially with MacGyver, which I watched when I was 4 together with my mom and I have very nice memories of it. And I still enjoy watching it nowadays

Best wishes to you and your family!!


happy birthday and many years rick i love you


Happy birthday,you are my favorite actor. Ce que vous faite est génial (je sais pas comment le dire en anglais)...
You are genial, super and I love what you do.



HAPPY Birthday!!!
I've like MacGyver since I was six.
I hope MacGyver will publish DVD in Taiwan soon.


happy b-day richard!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wish you would still play one stargate.... season 9 isn't that great b/c you and amanda aren't in it. i'm glad amanda is going to continue w/ the show.... how about you?????

i hope you have an awsome birthday!!!!


i'll just keep it simple so
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Richard and merry christmas oh and because i'm jewish and all i just have to say happy hanukkah also

must put simpsons

Oded Eliyahu

Happy Birthday DDA (Dick Dean Anderson) Have a smashing christmas and wonderful new year full of smush (sloppy family kisses- mostly from daughters or, in my case, sisters) and random shiny do-hickies (presents). I feel it important to tell you, as a 17 year old girl, it is somewhat of a miracle that a 55 year old could make an impact in my life. You do. Thanks.
Lots of love,

Hi Mr Anderson,
I'm 17 years old , so excuse me for my very bad english .
I wish you a happy birthday .
I follow your career since MacGyver. You're the best actor I've ever seen , my dream is probably to meet you . Maybe one day ...
Thank you to be what you are , a great man and actor .



Hello dear...
So many years as your fan... I got a pic with your autograph in the late 80's, one treasure I keep with love! hehe
I wish you all the best!
Hugs and kisses from your Brasilian fan!


hello from Norway...
You got alot of fans in Norway..
IM ONE OF THEM have a marry chrismas Richard... and a happy New year

all the best:
big & small dj team Norway

Hi Mr Anderson,
I wish you could read those lines and know how far i wish you a Happy Birthday. I wish you as well a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. And i would like to thank you for all your the work you did on your movies and tv-show (especialy Stargate You where the best, and you STILL be THE BEST for me).
Thank you Mr. Anderson and Bye.

hello richard dean anderson no speak english but happy birthday to you !!!reviens dans stargate sg-1 tu nous manque terriblement surtout ton humour inégalable!!!!!!!!! des fans fanatique de stargate sg-1!!!!!!

happy birthday bonne anniversaire passe le bonjour a amanda tapping michael shanks et christopher judge et a ta petite fille et ainsi qu'a la fille de amanda tapping en gros bonjour a tout le monde et vive homer !!

magali et marie

Mr Anderson,
I would like to wish you a merry and happy birthday, thanks a lot for being you, I hope you'll work on making dreaming me, I don't speak english very well, hope you'll understand. One more time, thanks and happy birthday or Joyeux anniversaire as we say in France !!! Kisses.

hello jack, I wish you a very merry anniversary and the maid for following you and your family. you was that which brought almost all in stargate and more to see you in this series will be an enormous shock but you have also your life and that comprend.encore merry birthday and thank you for all that you made for stargate. thank you very much.


hello mr. i'm a french people and i don't speak english very well so i'm sorry if you don't understand all what i say. i want to tell you, that you're my favorite actor and i love your personnality. i wish you be happy in your life.and joyeux anniversaire!


Happy Birthday Mr. Anderson. And a big thanks. Watching MacGyver while a kid i discovered hockey, and is my favorite sport by far since then. Thanks for making me a fan of the greatest sport on the world....


Happy Birthday Richard! I recently started watching the MacGyver series on DVD and am greatly enjoying it. In fact, watching you on that series made me think that you would be a great replacement for David Caruso on CSI Miami. You would be much more believable and definitely an improvement to the show!


The Roe Family

Happy birthday Richard , you are the best soldier I have ever seen !!!
Stargate is a great series , probably the best of the world !!! I love Stargate SG1 and General O'Neill

Jack o'neill

Hey Mr Anderson!
I would wish you a merry chistmas and a happy new year! And I could not forget you birthday! I love to see you on TV! You are my super hero! I hope you will come to visit Norway someday!

Greating from Norways biggest fan!


hello rick
I would like to wish you an Happy Birthday!!

All the French love you... 4 everything...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


Happy birthday Rick!!!
You are wonderfull in MacGyver and Stargate and all of movies!!!
You are the best even if you became old
(it is a joke!!!)
bye bye


Happy Birthday!!

You're awesome! We love you at Sparhawk High!
We can't wait to see you on the Simpsons.

Becky, Ashley, and Conner

Hello Richard dean Anderson

Happy birthday and merry christmas to you and your family !
I am a french boy who really love ALL the episode of stargate because YOU play in ! You are the best actor of the USA and I think that you can play with all the actor in the world because you are excellent!! The french actor will be proud when they can play with you!!!!
Happy Birthday!!!!


Hy Rick = Ahoj Ríšo,
I am one of thousands fans, I am 25 now and I have been your fan since I was 9 or 10, from The Czech Republic - I would like to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY This wish is also from my daddy who is really crazy about MacGyver - it is his intranet nickname and he is not able to be without his "swiss knife" and sometimes he says "Do you know MacGyver " - "That's me !!!"

And now something about the picture I decided to send to you - These twingirls are my daddy's cousin's kids and I met them four years ago in Minneapolis where they live. It was my first and only visit to USA. We had a great time together and I decided to write a short poem about Minnesota.

Here it is :

10 000 LAKES
10 000 FACES

"I love
you mum"

I hope You'll like it !!!

and ALL THE BEST for your family.

Happy birthday Richard. Read some of the messages, people have left you. Warms the heart that in this hectic world, people from all over the world take the time to say thank you for all you have done for environment, animals and people and your acting career brings a common bond of fond memories between so many people. Anyway, while I speak English, guess I'm not so good at expressing myself. Best wishes for you and your family for 2006. Kathy

Hallo, Richard
have yourself a very happy Birthday and take care of yourself and those you love!
Always stay as you are.
P.S.Look at the picture. I think your daugther has always reached the last step of evolution, hasn't she?!?

Cordula Pfitzenreiter

Happy birthday and merry christmas to you and your family !
happy new year and good luck !


Hey Rick,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your daughter. Happy Birthday and may all we who turn 56 this coming year keep young at heart always.

Pat Johnston

Happy Birthday Richard. I miss you on Stargate SG1, but I know your daughter comes first. Have a wonderful birthday and another wonderful year.

Alesa Webb

hey richard
i am totally your biggest fan i bought macgyver seasons 1,2,3and 4 and
waiting for seasons 5,6,and 7 i will buy them the first day they come out in stores just today i already wathched
like 6 episodes and thats like a little for me on christmas break i totally think its great that you save helpless peaple that dont deserve it
i love the episodes with merdoc he has already died in a building crash a fire fall down a mountain and falling in a pit of oil my favorite episode out of all60 that i have seen is the secret of the parker house so have a great birthday christmas and a happy new year hope you and your family stay healthy have a great day your freind, Destiny

Dear Rick:

Here's hoping that you and Wylie had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa was good to both of you. May 2006 bring a lot of happiness and only a little bit of sorrow.
Happy Birthday to a great man who is a friend to people, animals (domestic and wild), and to all children.
Miss seeing you on Stargate SG1. Its not the same without you. But your being with Wylie right now is most important.

pat sivertson

Feliz aniversário, te desejo toda a felicidade do mundo, você merece tudo e muito mais, paz, alegria, amor felicidade, armonia, prosperidade, etc. sempre fui e serei sua fã, amo você de paixão.

Jeane Mires

Happy 56th Birthday, Rick!

I hope the best for both you and Wylie in the coming year. Although I miss seeing your smiling face on Tv and your wonderful sense of humor, I understand how important family is. You are truly a special man and a loving father. Good luck and best wishes now and always.

Linda A. Pettit

Je suis français , bonne chance à vous et votre famille, bonne chance dans vos oeuvres humanitaires, encore merci de nous avoir fait rêver !


happy birthday !

i am a french boy who really love ALL the episode of stargate because YOU play in !

i wish you a happy birthday and good luck in your life and with your daughter !

bye ( and sorry for my english i am so bad in english :p )

ps : simpsons roxx ^^


Happy Birthday and all the best wish you representative for all the user of the Fanpage, Kathrin from Germany, far far away! ;))

Happy birthday Richard , you are the best soldier I have ever seen !!!
Stargate is a great series , probably the best of the world !!!

Cyrius Rolg

Dear Mr. Anderson,
Happy birthday !!!
You are the best actor in the world!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !
Wishing all the best to you and your family.

Best wishes from Czech Republic!
Fan Svatopluk

Dear Richard,

I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday from all the team of the sgatlantis website. of all that you have done for this legendary show who is the Stargate franchise now. I really hope that you will come back soon on the screen.

In addition, a merry chistmas and a happy new year 2006


Joyeux anniversaire Richard,
merci pour ces longues heures devant Stargate SG-1
Et bonne continuation pour votre carrière et pour votre famille...


you remained in my life and in my heart in all the episodes of MacGyver and Stargate. I wish you a happy birthday with your merry family... Richard Dean Anderson, the French love you... and me as much as them joined together...
The french can't stop loving you


Happy Birthday, Rick. You will be missed on Stargate SG-1. May the Lord bless you with His provision and protection in 2006.

Nancy Jay

Hello RDA and happy birthday. They are nothing to say because the words cannot express your talent and your "humour". Ciao


happy birthday, rick


I am french and i am a very very fan of the tv series "Stargate SG1"
i wish you a merry christmas for your family

Merci pour tout ces moments de bonheur passé devant la télé à regarder stargate

Joyeux noël Richard !


Merci de nous avoir fais rêver
Joyeux anniversaire Richard Dean Anderson


Happy birthday Mr "O'Neill"

happy new year and happy chrismas for you and your family.

Toute les francias se joigent a moi "for a big Kiss" (but not a French's Kiss :p)


coucou richard je te souhaite un joyeux anniversaire.
je suis decu que tu sois parti de stargate. tu jouais bien tes roles.
au revoir geoffrey.

Hello Richard,
Happy Birthday for you, and a happy
new year for you and your daughter.
for all !!!!

Sorry my english is not so good !!!!

Die Besten Wünsche und Viel Glück !!!!

Hilde Navarro from Germany

I'm french and my english isn't good!
But I hope to you and your familly are happy. I think you are a very good actor, and very funny.


Joyeux anniversaire, et merci pour tout.
Vous êtes génial!


To the star in my life for 30 years much love and Christmas Wishes to you and Wylie and all your family in this Season of and
RDA thanks for all the wonderful years and I hope your Birthday on the 23rd of Jan. is a truly happy, wild, recuping of your energies and talent. We all need you back on some level. Still I know you need time for you and yours. Remember to love thyself first or you are no good for anyone else. Best Birthday Wishes and Seasons Greetings from your biggest fan.

Ms. Bobby & Cassie (dog)

Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the laughs, chuckles and grins. Glad to hear you're enjoying your family. You've worked hard and deserve to have some down time. Although you sound like you're working hard now as well! All the best in 2006.

Mary Ann

I wish you A Very Happy Birthday. Spend it with Wylie she'll make your day all the more beautiful. I've loved your work over the years, not just the parts you play but for the heart you have and give for all that is around you. You make a difference. I hope to see more of you in the future but if you choose not to thank you for all the laughter and tears. It's been wonderful wild ride. Have a great life. Take a couple of karate classes, the martial arts are awsome. I can't wait to see the Simpson's some wishes do come true.

"Foster and polish The warrior spirit While serving in the world; Illuminate the Path According to your inner light". (Morihei Ueshiba) Founder of Aikido The Art of Peace

Peace and Love, Sher

Have a wonderful birthday!!

Thanks for all the memories with both Stargate and McGyver. I will cherish both series forever!

Love and Thanks,
Christina ;)

Hey whad up Richard
I have only know you for a some time in tell me mom got me hooked on you. I wish what you were still on stargate the show still does not seem the same with out you.
So happy b-day
Stephanie Mac

Hy Richard !

Happy birthday while hoping to re-examine you in your best role:Jack O'neill with 2 ll! Takes care of your little daughter and enjoys every moments with her!

French love you RDA !!!


Have a wonderful birthday!


Hello!! bon anniversaire ! Tu es un très bon acteur. Je regrette que tu ai arreté sg1 et j'espere que tu va continué de jouer dans d'autres role. Si jammais tu lit sa: je voudrait te demander, si tu pouvait m'envoyer une photo dédicacé a:

Delavallée Teddy
28160 Yèvres

Richard hello
I wish you first of all an excellent birthday, that all your wishes be carried out!!:
I am one very very large fan of stargate Sg1 I am préssés to see the next season or you will practically not be present large kisses of France


Joyeux anniversaire Joyeux anniversaire Joyeux anniversaire RichardJoyeux anniversaire
Un petit coucou de France

Eric Dohren

Happy Birthday to you!! I followed "MacGyver" faithfully and I just purchased the first four seasons on DVDs. I never get bored watching the episodes and I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking on the role. No one can do a better job than you did. Have a very Happy Birthday and stay healthy!


Hello Richard,

I wish you a great birthday, instead of hoping that you will get lots of presents, I wish for you and your family - a good health!
And of course a very happy new year as well.

I hope to see more of you in the future in either films or series.

Greetings from a snowy northern Sweden
Veronica and my twinboys

Happy Birthday! No matter how old you get, you still look mighty fine. Hope you have a wonderful day.
Lynn Fowkes

Dear Richard,

I have watched MacGyver for years and I never get tired of the series. It still runs in Norway monday through friday. Hope to see you in many more series and films! I want to use this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday and also a happy new year!


Hi! I'm a french fan so excuse me if my english is not very good.

I would to wish you a happy bithday!
You have many many fan in france, and we are very very happy to see a fantastic actor like you! Long life.

Hope you have a nice party, nice present and it's very important un Very Very big CAKE!

Happy Birthdayyyyyy

Manon Labro

Hey Budy,
First of all, I wish you a merry Christmas and of course, an happy birthday.
Just a short story: When I was a child, I remember every saturday afternoon, watching MacGyver. And after the show, I was making stuff like you. It was so much fun! But not really for my mom !!
You were great in SG1 and on the other's. I miss you but I definitly understand your choices. It isn't easy to take care of your family and your work in the same time.
I think you did the best choice. Family is more important! You are aware of that! It is a big deal for everyone!!
Whatever, I guess you will be my favourite actor for awhile.

Have fun with your daughter,
Take care,

Never in my life have I done this, but I was surfing and bored... y'know how it goes, so you should be honoured *g*

Y'know, you have to wonder if you'd really sift thru all these messages, that being said

Have a good'un and woof!

D'oh! Forget the woof, my mouth tends to act independently.


happy birthday rick!!!
i love what are you doing !!
thank for your work in stargate during 8 years!!!
don't change you're super!!!


happy birthday from France sir anderson

And thank you for they is 15 years of TV show, I hope that you will make other TV show and films.

still thank you, and happy birthday and merry Christmas and happy new year 2006 in family.

one soon
jonathan C.
a fan of France since 15 years (i m 20years old )

Ps:sorry for my english

What can I say I have loved you since I can remember? Almost 10 years now and I have just turned 16. You are great and so inspirational. You have no idea the kind of effect you have on people, Thanks a lot. Have a wonderful christmas with your family and have a wonderful 56th birthday.
P.S Stargate is no way as good without you. I hope you are in season 10 and the film. Take care Ruhana. Love you always.

Ruhana Begum

Happy birthday !!!!
I love stargate sg-1 and you !
I wish you and your daugther a merry christmas and an happy new year.
Big kisses to you and Wylie.
Delphine from France
Ps:sorry for my english

happy birthday!!!!
in norway macgyver goes on tv... allmost everyday i digg it!!! i have watched it since i was little.... it is a great show.! i never get tierd of it. ill hope you can answer back that would have been super cool!! anyway have a great day!


Dear Rick!
Happy Birthday and have Fun...
greetings from your Austrian Fan

Happy Birthday Richard !

I am FAN of Stargate and MacGyver too, congratulation. It's a pity that you continuous step seasons of Stargate, This series made me much dream.

Bon Anniversaire et a bientôt,


( sorry for my english but French have a bad speak english )

Dear Mr Anderson,

1st a big Happy Birthday !

It's sad you won't play anymore in the stargate sg-1 serie anymore.

When I was a child i've loved to see you in MacGyver series.
You've stilled keeping you're happiness and jokes in both of the series you have played.
Thanks for all the seasons you have played.

Hope you will make an appearence in the next season.

your admirator.


I love your performance.
You're the best actor in the world.
MACGYVER and STARGATE SG-1 give me happy .
Please take care of yourself.
Best wishes,

I wish you a merry Xmas, an happy birthday and an happy new year
Having fun and love is what i wish for you !
Lots of kiss

Happy Birthday end have fun ..
no more to say...



well... what can I say...
so, I'm french, and my marks in english are miserables... so... I hope you'll understand the message!

happy birthday sir, be as happy as I am now , I'm a little bit disapointed because you left stargate sg1... We miss you!

We wish you a very very very very happy birthday!!!

From France, with admiration,


I'm French so sorrry for my english.
First I wish you a happy birthday!!
I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year too!
I was sad to not see you again in Stargate sg1 which was and still is my favorite show.It's not the same without you but I understand your choice: family is more important.
Kisses from France where you have a lot of fan

I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Happy Birthday.

I hope to see you soon in Barcelona.


Hye Mr.Dean Anderson.First of all I'd like to thank you for all the happyness your special "sens de l'humour" provided me during all the seasons of stargate SG1 I've passed to look up to you. I was really disapointed when know I would not be able to see you again in the 9th season of Stargate.That'your choice and If I were you I think I would have done the same act(family is more important).However I look forward to seeing you maybe in the 10th season?
Oh I forget the more important:JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE!!!!


Richard Dean Anderson, a man I have always admired and respected. I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!!! I wish you an extremely HAPPY 56th BIRTHDAY!
I can't help but wish you were still on SG-1. It's just not the same without you. I certainly understand why you left. Am looking forward to "The Simpsons"
Best of luck in all that you do. You are # 1 in my book!

Judi Murphy

HAPPY birthday an Marry christmas, and thank you for all this years with macgyver,,you are the best actor in the world,,from your biggest FAN


Wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and also wanted to let you know that you are going to be missed. How you played your characters was excellent and you made me laugh. You will always be my favorite actor. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

from, Cynthia Detrick

Through mac gyver or jack oneill, your sarcastic humor made me ever laugh.

Kind regards

Mendoza Laurent

Hi Richard. My name is Alexandra Im from Argentina. Im 32 years old. I met you when I was 16, almost all my life!!.
I was in LA on holiday in 2002 and the last summer too. I love surfing in Malibu and in Venice I dont have a baby yet because I love travelling,so I cant find the rigth man. Today I've come back from Italy an Germany (my parents are living in Sicily and my brother is living in Germany).
my best wishes for you and Wylie in this xmas time. Ten millions kisses :


Dear Ricky, I wish you and your Familiy a merry Christmas an a very happy new year. All the best for your special day, much of health and luck for your career. Much of luck and success is sending from Steffi from Germany

I am french and sorry for my english's speaking.

So what can I say for you, just that I am 17 years old and that you were and you will be my favorite actors.

So I wish you a happy birthday and hope that you will see what I am written.

I can also say that stargate will not be funny as it was when you were O'Neill, even if Mitchell make some effort, like me to speak english, to be as fun as you!!!!

So have a great birthday and if I can I will become like you a great actor!!


happy birthday ! I am sad that you stops stargate but I understand you the family is more important . thank you very much for the dream what I have lived during many year with stargate.
sorry for my bad english I'm french. happy new years , happy birthday ,happy christmas!


i'm french and my English is not very perfect sorry !

Happy birthday and Merry Christmas and Good Year
I desperate to see your disaparition in stargate, but it is for your family so i can understand that.
I'm think it will be very glad to you to make an aparition in the season 10 as a best
I waiting to see you in the simpsons i think it would be very funny

thank you for all of what you do .


bonjour richard je suis francais et donc chez nous on a du mal a avoir des nouvelles de vous sa me fait bizarre de savoir que vous avez arreté stargate car tout le monde vous adorre je voulais vous remerciez de nous avoir apporter autant de bonheur et d'humour dans sg1 vous allez nous manquer a tous et surtout a moi merci et joyeux anniversaire mon général .


Hello Mr Anderson,

I do not speak very quite English, but I will try to make an effort.

Thank you for all these years in MacGyver and Stargate SG1.
We will miss O'Neill enormously, but all at an end.

Congratulations for your daughter, my wife and me also let us be parents for the firstly time of Alexandra in February.

Thank you for you imply in the future of our planet.
Why not Richard Dean Anderson for president of the USA one day ?

That all your projects are a great success.

I wish you a happy birthday, a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


Hi Richard

Wishing you and Wylie a fantastic Christmas and New Year. Love and Peace!

As for you, happy birthday for the 23rd January. I hope you have the time of your life!

Thanks for the entertainment over the years.

With love and thoughts

Hello !!!
Bon anniversaire Richard .
Je te souhaite plein de bonheur et que toute ta petite famille va bien .
Dommage que tu es arrete Stargate .

Bises A+


Happy birthday Mr.Anderson. I hope you have a great birthday. Will you please come back to SG-1? The show just is not the same without you. Please reprise your role as Jack. Oh and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Dustin Blackfox

Hi, Mr Anderson, I'm a french fan, i wish you will have a very good birthday...Thank you very much for the dreaming you gave us all these years,you are a very good actor ^^

Happy new year, happy birthday...we love you...


Hi Rick Happy Birthday to you!!!!! We Love You On T'Aime !!!!!
I don't speak very well english but I will try for you ok
We miss you !!I hope you will come back in stagate sg1 for the season 10 or 11 !!!You are the best !!
Gros Bisous.French Kiss.
Audrey and Elodie.

a very happy birthday to you!
and a merry christmas and a happy new year for you and wylie as well.
i hope and think you will have a wonderfull day.


So, like the others : Happy Birthday !

You are a very good actor and, since i have 7 years old, i like you ! It's like you are always here in my life. First with MacGyver, and after with Stargate SG-1.

So thank you for all these moments where we laughed, alone or in family, sitting in front of TV.

We miss you !

Take care of you family !


Hello Richard Dean Anderson, I am a french fan. I'm not very good in english but i want to say: I miss you . You are my prefer actor in Stargate SG-1. I love Jack O'Neill with two L and i love MacGyver too. je vais continuez en francais pour vous dire que moi et ma meilleur amie espérons vous revoir très bientot dans les épisode de SG_1. Stargate SG-1 is the greatest series in the galaxy with the Simpsons of course.

Vive les Simpsons


Hello Richard, as I am a french fan, I decided to write in french

Merci pour toutes ces années passées dans SG1 à nous faire rêver.
Merci pour votre talent d'acteur formidable.
Merci pour être tel que vous êtes, ne pas vous prendre au sérieux.

Au nom de tout le public francais, je pense pouvoir dire que vous nous manquez énormément, et nous espérons vous revoir dans quelques épisodes de SG-1.
Et un joyeux anniversaire !


Happy Birthday

I'm a huge Stargate and Simpsons fan and I think that you are an amazing actor. Just wishing you a happy birthday
Oh and as this is being written before Christmas I wish you a Merry Christmas too For you and your family. Have a nice day and a lot of

Oh and the Simpsons rule


Hello Mr Richard

I'm french so excuse me for my english

I want to say thanks because with you in series like stargate or macgyver it's very important for me.i like your humour and joke.

Good luck for your familly

AND happy Birthday Mr Richard.


helo mr Anderson

I was impressive by your career And i think you are a very good actor and the french think that....
so happy birth day and thank you


Hi Richard, I from Argentine. I'm a fan of MacGyver. I saw all episodes. Happy Birthday!!!!
I'm very happy for write you.
One day I want meeting you but I know that it is very difficult.

Regards from Argentine.
See you................!

Alejandro Mazzitelli

Happy Birthday Mr Anderson.

Thank you for the years of entertainment! I have been a fan since MacGyver and just LOVE Stargate. It is a real pity you left the show, but your life goes on.... Enjoy your year and best wishes to you and your family.


Melissa Messenger

Single,White Female,27 yrs. old, 5'7",125lbs,Blonde hair,Blue eyes,who loves to have fun & is into physical activities of all kinds is seeking to wish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a....

?Single?,White Male,almost 56 yrs. old,6'2,with sticky up grey hair,brown eyes,and is just Sooo Very Hot.Must enjoy sports,traveling,music & The Simpsons.Must be concerned for the environment and its wildlife and must love to spend time with his daughter.

If you are this man please feel free to use the e-mail anytime....



well, I got bored so I'm back. still wishing you a happy freakin birthday and all that but..what could a guy like you want for a present that you don't already have.
I have a poem for you...
there was a young man from nantucke...nah..that's not original...
here you go.

roses are red
violets are blue
you have a cute butt
and a 'sweet' face too
you used to star on SG-1
now you are gone and it
just is no more fun.
watching the show,
night after night...
getting drunk on Guiness,
I'm as high as a kite..
Missing your 'Jackisms',
Missing 'the MAN'
I've drunk too much beer...
I must go to the can.
I love you but not as much as I love me. have a nice day.


hello Richard Dean Anderson
I like you and I'm fond of macgyver and stargate. I am sad that you stopped playing in the season 9 but happy which you are in the 8 preceding ones!! good year 2006
Orane Roch, a super fan

live simpsons them and stargate

Richard Dean Anderson, je vous souhaite un bon anniversaire et une heureuse année 2006.

J'espère vous revoir bientôt à la télévision, vous me manquez beaucoup lorsque je regarde Stargate SG-1 (saison 9)...

La France vous souhaite un joyeux anniversaire !!

Yvan, a French Fan

Dear Mr. Anderson,
I hope you have a very happy birthday. I'd like to thank you for you ongoing effort and your outstanding performance in Stargate SG-1. With the seasons being on DVD you gave us soldiers great entertainment while we were in Iraq.

Thanks again and have a great birthday.

SGT Granillo

Dear Richard .Happy B-day .
I hope you will have a great birthday with friends and family

Have a good day

And thank you for being YOU

Best wishes: Maria.F.

Happy Birthday!!!!!

You are my hero!

for everything!!!

Haaaaapppyyyyyyyyy Biiiirthdaaaaay !!!!!

Have a nice day - enjoy it!!! - and week and so on!!!! !!!

I want to give you this gif!

Sorry I couldn't put in the picture, but it is okey!!

HAAAAPPPPYYYYY Biiiirrthhhdayy!!!!


Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas !!!


Hello Rick,

best wishes from Croatia!!

Your fan, Sanja

Dear Richard !!!

You already are in this world 56 years!
I wish you for the birthday
much health, luck and money !!!
It is custom on such days
one also comes with presents there.

I pack dream from mankind
and give you a pill tree.
Unfortunately, it comes at the becoming older
strengthen very much also to troubles.

The gout is in the cross once
it is in the arm, paint also in the leg once.
There is everything on this tree to this
what help you in the case of illness can?

Your stomach is aching once
dip a green pill into the tea.
You cannot let any winch once
you had to make it fast with two black ones.

Rumbling about is past
and you feel free again.
Dazed of your favorite smell
you get air finally again.

It isn't correct with your blood pressure
don't make any anxious face.
Dissolve three red pills
and it already works uphill with you.

To the quiet you want to bed you down
then take five of the violet at once.
You then will see in the dream:
Love joys -- lovely!

You have sorrow with the kidney
take of the orange four.
The pee only goes heavily
three colored must fast here.

At headache of the white two
And the suffering is past.
You then can make funs again
and laughing about other bravely.

The brown beauty pills are very much
wholesome. But respect!
And this take this only von behind
three times daily.

You don't have any condition once
feel worn-out -- already despair
take the yellow pills with a pot of coffee,
Your body will be grateful to you.

Should ' deny you the vote once
you don't need to become disheartened either.
Take one of the blue, already comes
You behind the vote the yours.

You don't need any pills for the work
these shall suck the others once
at the set and you once
the hump down slides.

Still uniting good piece of advice for the end:
Has ' always one couple of kilo of coffee ready?
Then when medicine taken,
the coffee will do you good despite pills.

Happy Birthday dear Rick

Lis Kutzner

happy birthday Mr Anderson thanks for all. MacGyver make me so laugh when I was a child and with Jack O'Neill it was fantastic. I hope i ll see you in a great movie like Stargate 2 for example. See you soon on TV or in Theatre!!!!


After all the enjoyment of watching you all these years the least I can do is wish you the most wonderful birthday ever again. I hope you and Wylie have the time of your life. You may be one year older, but in my heart you will remain the sexiest man this side of the Milky Way and beyond.
So glad to hear you will be in The Simpson's episode. Congrats on that!
I really miss seeing you. Thank goodness for DVD's
Hope you have/had a great Christmas.
All my Love,
Amanda Kirk

happy birthday mr richard dean anderson vous éte mon acteur préferé je vous souhaite un joyeux anniverssaire longue a vous j'éspere vous revoir durant la saison 10 j'éspere vous rencontré un jour sa serai le plus beau jour de tout ma vie un grand fan de vous.

khali amar...

Penblwydd Hapus Rick (Happy Birthday)

Hope you have a great day and that you celebrate in style. Stargate SG-1 is not the same without you!.

Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddwyn Newydd Dda
(Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year)to you and Wylie


happy freakin birthday.
you have given us a lot of fun and laughs over the years, yes, I know you most did dramatic roles...only kidding here, mister movie star guy.
SG-1 is NOT the same without YOU.
Ben B. is giving it a good shot and Claudia would have been PERFECT for You..(never liked the blonde)
How many times must we plead with you to return. Well, consider this one more. what's with the simpsons? Hank Hill is better. you just enjoy this day and're not're just decaying. love and want your body..not necessarily in that order. jami xxx

Happy birthday Richard Dean Anderson ! I miss you on Stargate SG-1 because you're my favorite actor (Jack O'Neill is irreplaceable ).


I love MacGyver....

MacGyver / Jack O'Neill

I like your manner of being.

Do not change. In our heart for always.

Happy Birthday (In French) Bonne Annif ...



Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson Thanks


Hello Richard!
I wish you happy birthday.
I hope you to realise all your wishes and more.

Denysyuk Mykhaylo

Hi Rick

Sorry from my english but I am French

I wish you a very Happy Birthday
And to French:



Good birthday for your 56 years.
You are a great man engaging for great reasons. You are my role model. Still a happy birthday and happyness for you and your familly. Happy new year 2006.
Joyeux anniversaire.

Sandra Herzog

Hi Rick, Have a great Birthday, Hope the 'retirement' is all you expected it to be and more.
(Miss you on Stargate but fortunately Sky TV repeats and DVDs keeping us going!)

Lots of love and admiration.

Louise Blakelock

Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday ^^


Happy birthday !!!


Happy birthday!


Hey! Happy birthday to you and me with only 21 years difference


Dearest Rick,

I have been sending messages for a few years now, and I have to say it hardly does justice to the admiration I have for you. Your shows have been a constant in my life of ups and downs, and I hope that since I have shown the "MAC" epis to my kids, they will learn to love them as I have.

Happy Happy Birthday to a man who keeps getting better and better with age, and may all your wishes and dreams come true. Glad to know Wylie is loving her karate...I have been thinking about getting my daughter involved in it as well. Any pointers??

Anyway, I love your work and as much as I'd love to say 'I love YOU', for fear it will frighten you, I will just say I admire you very much. Thanks for being such a great guy both on screen and off.

Speaking of on screen, just want you to know that we really miss you on Stargate, and I have started buying up my "MACGYVER" Seasons on DVD. I think my hubby thinks I am a little loony. Ah well. Can't get enuff "MAC" in!

As for other endeavors, I am keeping my eyes open for the Simpson's epi in March, and I continue to keep my eyes peeled for news of you on Kate's site. Good luck in all you do, and please be safe--and no more hurting yourself. Keep the pads on when Wylie is practicing her round-house kicks.....

Always Your Admiring Fan,

Jennifer Marie Hill --AKA: Butterfly Wind Song
Hodges, South Carolina, USA

Richard, Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Irish Seagate

Hi Rick

just to say have a smashing birthday with u and wylie. also miss u in stargate cause u were my favourite character, but u got to do what makes u happy happy birthday

love from england.


Richard, wishing you and Wylie a wonderful Christmas. Miss seeing you on Stargate, but greatly respect your decision to put family first!


Dear Richard/Angus/Bradley/Jack

Whatever name you use
Whatever you do
where ever you are

I just wanted you to know

Have a very special and wonderful Birthday

Lots & Lots of kisses


hi my colonel

i wish a verry happy birthday to you

and to life many nice moments with your family

ps: if you find the time, i hope see you in the future season of stargate SG-1 or maybe Atlantis.

bye and happy birthday again

rudy decroes

I wish you a great birthday!!!!
Hugs to little Wylie.


Nancy Dooren
Enschede, The Netherlands

Hello mister,
I want to wish you a very Happy birthday!! I hope, this day is the best day of this new year for you!!
Please, excuse me for my bad english, but I am learning at school and I never had to write a mail in english!! I try !! Sorry!!
And to finish at French: Joyeux Anniversaire!!


Hello again RDA;
Wishing you and yours the best of Christmas's and in January that you have a smashingly wonderful birthday.
for all the wonderful entertainment you have provided me with for about 30 years and I have a hope that after a while you will get itchy feet to get back to acting and maybe do a movie or something!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy your day on Jan. 23 and much love to you, as always.

Ms. Bobby

Hi Rick!
I wish you the best for your birthday: joy and health, to you and your family!
I hope to can see you again in stargate, because you were more than excellent as jack o'neill and your absence is a huge lost for the show....
love you very much! you're a wonderful actor


Happy birthday Mr Richard "bart" Dean Anderson from a fan of Stargate sg-1 and atlantis.thank a lot a good continuation on live and job.


happy birthday


Richard Dean Anderson, I've really enjoyed your work and am proud to have MacGyver and Stargate SG-1 as two of my all time favorites shows, but when I heard you were kinda leaving Stargate I said D'ohh! But I was also encouraged to see you put your family before your personal career!
Matt Lorenzen

I wish you a happy anniversary, you are my star preferer, I saw all your series especially macgyver and stargate which I know by heart. I will want to be well has the place of your daughter and still a liver happy anniversary


Hello Rick.
I send u this message for your birthday.
I'm a big big big fan of u, u are one of the best actors u know.
Well i love your characters in MacGyver (that's when i saw you for the first time) et of course in Stargate SG-1.
I know you have your children and your family, so you can't stay in Vancouver, but we need you, we miss O'Neill, but me i prefer u stay with Wylie if it's what you want.
So I want to tell you Happpppppy Birthday, just continuous like u did and u do...that's all.
Oh Yeah I'm french and I'm 16 so I'm sorry for my bad english ^^.

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year Rick!


Hey Rick

I wish you a very happy birthday. I miss you on Stargate SG-1 because you're my favorite actor. I hope you enjoy this day with your family and wish you all the best for your future.

Greetings and love from Switzerland


Thanks very much.


I want to wish you happy birthday to you from france !!

So I miss you a lot in stargate sg.1 !
you are my favourite actor.

and i would like to thank you a lot for jack o'neill.
Jack makes me laugh a lot and i hope to see him in the season nine.

So happy birthday again
I say it in french
Joyeux anniversaire!!


I've enjoyed watching you over the years! I'm looking forward to your appearance on The Simpsons.

Sally Pedersen

Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you richard happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuu
You are my favorite actor and I miss you on stargate-SG1
I am a fan french and sorry for my badly english
I love stargate and I love macgyver thank you for macgyver and colonel O'neill (I am very keen on O'neill)
I adore the simpsons



and happy new year

i'm a french fan and you are a great actor
i like every sitcoms of you
mac gyver : fantastic
The legend : incredible but only thirteen episodes

and stargate the best
vive richard dean anderson and happy birthday

and good luck for waterkeeper it's our planet thank you Richard..........


Happy birthday Richard and thank for all that you have to bring in the series STARGATE SG-1, The Best Series . We miss you, fan of stargate, still thank you.

Pierre Saint-Leger

Joyeux anniversaire richard.
Pourqoui n'etes vous pas venu à la conférence stargate à paris, parce que vous n'aimez pas les français?
Je vous adore tout comme votre président.
Sans vous la série va devenir beaucoup moins marrante.
J'espère vous voir un jour car vous etes un dieu tout comme apophis.

Stevens damien

We miss you on SG1, please come back


Happy birthday and Hello to your family


Greetings from sunny (ha!) Scotland : :

Have a wonderful day, and may the coming year bring all that you wish for, for you and for all you hold dear.


all the stargate fans and me wish you a happy birthday and a happy new year for you, your family and every people who work in stargate
thanks for stargate sg-1

Happy Birthday and happy new year to you and your family! Thanks for SG1 and Mac Gyver! Good luck for the rest!!


happy birthday richard thank you for stargate sg1 qui me fait encore pour tous les univers visiter bonne dans ta nouvelle vie et please reviens dans stargate un jour et puis j'adore les simpsons :: et je ss francaise et j'ai envisager de m'engager dans l'armee et j'ai que 14 ans


Happy Birthday, thank you for Stargate SG-1 and (je ne sait pas le dire en anglais) vous êtes une personnes qui permet à beaucoup de monde de rêver et donc MERCI.
Longue vie à Stargate SG-1.


I wish you a joyeu anniversary you my star preferer, I saw all your series especially macgyver that I adore. Dommage that you are to leave stargate sg-1 will be less better without you, you will say hello has your daughter, and still a happy faith anniversary


Happy birthday. Much happiness to all your family.
Thank you for all that you do.
In a friendly way

Happy Birthday and I wish you and a your family merry X-mas and a happy new year!


p.s.: there are SG-fans in Hungary too!


You are the best star


Happy Birthday Mr Richard Dean Anderson !

And thank you for Jack O'neill & Mac Gyver!



Happy Birthday

Thank you for Stargate and Mac Gyver .
you are the best Actor

Happy Birthday


Happy birthday Richard all the best and may all Ur dream and wishes come true!

U R fantastic I love U!


Happy Birthday Richard!!!!!

Lots of Love,

Trisha Wirag

Mr Richard Dean Anderson
Happy Birthday to my favourite star !!!
We miss you on Stargate SG-1....
I love you !!!!!!



Monic C.


I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

We miss you on Stargate SG-1 - - but understand that being with Wylie is more important at this time.

God bless you and Wylie!


Many grateful thanks for your outstanding acting and the hours of entertainment you have provided. Don't completely cut us off from your presence on SG-1 - we miss you. Best wishes for you and your family.

Vanessa Howard

That's the first time i write to a star and i'm doing it because you are one of my favorite actor (and my favorite show's actor). I wish you a happy birthday from a little town in the middle of France. Thanks to you and O'neill, I've discover The Simpsons and I wont miss the one within you played. Thanks for all the things you did and I hope we'll see you soon on screens... and why not in my beautiful country.




Have a great day with your family and friends.

Big hugs!!!
from Miami/USA

First I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2006
I think Stargate'll never be the same without you
But I understand you want take the time to be a good father and a good husband ( I'm sure you are!)

I already miss O'neill's humour but I hope Christopher , Michael and Amanda 'll take over
I'm your fan for a long time ( Mag Gyver power!!!! ) and I discovered a new RDA in Stargate...
I'm writing this mess in order to wish you an Happy Birthday , even if it's a little early (I promise to come back the next 23th january
I wanted you to know that I agree with the authors of the other messages: The French people love you and will love you for ever
I hope you will be happy

thanks for those 8 years of pure happiness.

PS: I love also the Simpsons


Mr Anderson

Wishing all your hopes and dreams come true. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful, wonderful Birthday!


Dear Richard!

I wish you a happy 56th birthday and all my best wishes for your "new" life.
I miss you soooo!

forever yours

Gabi from Budapest/Hungary

First of all I wish you a Merry Christmas as well as Good Year 2006, for you, your daughter, and all your family, that it brings to you , Joy, Happiness and especially the Health, which is most important.

Then for January 23 a Happy Birthday for your 56 years.

I am one of your fan since Mac Gyver and I am large a fan of Stargate.

The humour of O'Neill will miss in the series and especially your presence.

By wishing you good continuation and success in all your projects to come.

Chantal FERRERO, 32 years from TOULOUSE (FRANCE)

thanks for the season of stargate and happy birthday richard...
the season will not be the same without you...


happy birthday to you from toucy (small town in bourgogne). Thank you and I hope you'll go back very soon for our pleasure !

fabrice dehaene

Hello !
I just want to say to you one thing:
"Happy Birthday ! And thank you for this 8 great years ! I hope you are happy with all your family !"

Bonjour !
Je veux juste te dire un truc :
"Bonne annivesaire ! Et merci pour ces 8 supers années ! J'espere que tu es heureux avec toute ta famille !"

As you can see, I'm French, but it's not a reason to doesn't read my message, right ? And don't forget this : The French love yoooooooooouuuu !

Comme tu peux le voir, je suis français, mais ce n'est pas une raison de ne pas lire mon message, pas vrai ? Et n'oublie pas : Les Français t'aime !

Ps: I love the Simpsons too ! !
And this is for you : .

Ps: J'aime les simpsons également ! !
Et ceci est pour toi : .


Happy birthday from Slovakia.
I wish you all good. Good health to you and your family.


My Beagle rescues and I would like to wish you the very best on this very special day. Be sure to check out your Birthday card I send every year to Sea Shepherd with your Birthday donation.

Thanks for making my life so much richer!

Lorie Wylie
Ohio GoBobCats!

I just want to wish you a very wonderful birthday. May your hopes, wishes and dreams of the future come true. This is my birthday gift to you.


Happy birthday, Richard! Thanks galore for so many great years of entertainment and enjoyment!


je doute qu'il se fasse chiez a tout lire les happy truc et companie enfin bre f bon anniversaire ma poule


Hello Richard !
I'm French and I'm a big fan of mc gyver and stargate !
Happy birthday !
Have a good time !
Kiss !


Hello Richard ! I just would like to wish you a happy birthday !

And I would remercit you also for all this formidable moments that you made us live during these 8 years.

Also profit well from your spare time, and be happy with your family.


I wish you the best 56th birthday ever, may all your wishes become true! Stay how you are and

Andrea Hermes

Just wanted to say happy b-day. Still see you on tv with macgyver everyday! Have a great day.


Hi Mr. Anderson

Happy Birthday, Thank you for your great performance in SG1 during these 8 years.

Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Sophie, just a fan ^^.

joyeux anniversaire richard anderson de la part de ton admirateur ,je suis un fan de stargate sg.1 j'adore tes blague bisous

kyllian 8ans

Hi Richard and happy birthday.
It's been a long time i wanted to talk to you. I'm really happy to know you're fine and your family too, above all Wylie. Look at the picture, it's me with clothes of a great man, i'm sure you know him, he has a big heart. I wish you'll continue to use it for good, like you did for many years. Sure you know i'm talking about your help for our planet. Be sure i'm at your disposal general. Thanks for everything, you changed our lives, and a man like won't give up. Happy birthday.


Richard, thank you a lot for bringing so many happiness in STARGATE SG1 during 8 years. Jack misses a lot to french fans. But I respect your decision. But in life, we had to make choices, whatever they are good or not. I wish you a merry christmas, happy new year and a happy birthday. And above all lots of love.

take care elodie

Hello Richard, i just want to say Happy Birthday.

Have a nice life


Since 1998, year when I looked for the first time an episode of Stargate Sg-1, I follow you in your more interesting adventures all the ones than the others. Being a large fan of the series and more particularly of you, I made a point of expressing you, through this message, all my compliements for this role which was yours during more than eight years. All my wishes of happiness.
Hugo Richard, French, 15 years

I benefit from this occasion for wishes you a good continuation in all
that you will do...


Hello Mr Anderson,

I would like to wish you a happy birthday , and also thank you for all the happiness that you give me in Stargate.

Thanks a lot

I wish all the best

Jimmy Paesmans


Très joyeux anniversaire et bonne année 2006, pleine de joie et bonheur!!!

Merci d'avoir été le héros de mon enfance (Macgyver) et de ma vie de jeune femme (Jack O'Neill).

Thank you very much!!!!!


Bonjour Mr. Anderson
Je vous souhaite un joyeux anniversaire et une bonne année!


thank you for everything you did in your career and good luck for everything you'll do in your life.

I wish you an happy birthday and a huge life of fun, discover and happiness with your family.
Do-Oh !!


First, I'd like to thank you for all the happiness that you give us.

In MacGyver as in StarGate you show all your talent and it's a real pleasure to see it.

So, I wish you a Happy Birthday !!!

And I hope the best of the world for you and your family.


Hi Rick! How are you? I am one of your larger fans! I love your humour! I would like to meet you one day but I cannot! I would like to live in Canada because I love this country! But I'm 15 years old! lol! And I'm french! I would like to be an actress! But if I write to you it is not to speak to you about me! I made a point of wishing you a very happy birthday! Take care of your family and thank you for what you do! Excuse me if there are faults in my writing! French kiss for you! Merry christmas and good year! Audrey

Rick the best



Happy birthday Rick !!!!!!!! you're the best !!!!!


You gave me 8 years of happiness, and I think I won't be able to stop crying, because we won't see you anymore with your team... But your daughter may find this very good because she has Jack O'Neill himself at home...
I wish you a very good happy birthday.

I want to say you that I agree with you: for me, Mr Burns is a Goa'uld.

So, good luck for future, for what you gave to Stargate, and "Happy Birthday Richard"!!!


Joyeuses fêtes de Noël et bon anniversaire !!! J'adore Jack O'Neill, je suis une grande fan de Stargate Sg-1. Toutes ces saisons ont été un peur bonheur surtout avec votre humour.
PS : HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! Je vous adore.


Happy birthday

I espere that this day will bring joy and love to you and that all your wishes this realise

kiss stefanie

HAPPY BIRTHDAY i hope you will play in an hypotetic film stargate to finish the season 10 ^^ and we all love you

perry rhodan

Je vous souhaite un merveilleux anniversaire, un joyeux noël et une très bonne année 2006. Que celle-ci, vous apporte beaucoup de bonheur à vous et à votre famille.
PS : j'espère que jack nous fera des petits "coucou" dans les saisons à venir (juste pour rassurer ses fans que tout va bien pour lui)


happy birthday Richard

you are very great actor you are a best in stargate sg-1


Happy birthday to you !!!!

Vous êtez un acteur formidable !! je vous suit depuis mac gyver ! et vous êtes géniale !!!


Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson.
I'm a very frenchy fan of Stargate.
I like Stargate SG-1. You are a great actor.
Good continuation and good time with your family.


Happy Birthday Richard!
I'm a very frenchy fan and i love McGyver and Stargate.
Good Continuation at your future and a Hello at your family.


Bon anniversaire


hello RDA

Happy birthday and merry christmas

Tu a été génial dans stargate et j'espere bien te revoir dans l'une des deux serie (sg1 ou sga)en guest star

Sinon je te souhaite bonne chance pour la suite et occupe toi bien de ta fille comme tu l'a toujours souhaité

Ps: continu dans tes actions humanitaire (c'est bien)


I don't think I can say anything that hasn't already been said, about how much we all love you and how grateful we are for the many hours of entertainment you gave us, and of all the lessons you taught as MacGyver (I grew up with MacGyver, and I hope I became a better person for that), so I'll just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you enjoy your "new" life with Wylie, but if you ever feel like popping up again in our TVs, we'll be waiting with our arms open wide!
With love,

in the happy birthday rda!!!.so to actor faboulos in the stargate,in the mc gayver.sory in exit to stargate sg -1 .me to french and fan stargate believe 15 year.i tank you for the hapiness that you made life during these years when you were in stargate, as and actor or of realizer.
To kiss me and rda ,amanda tapping christopher judge, michael shanks and ben broders.good bye rda i love you .


Just to let you know that if you turn up at my door on October 1st - looking like you do - i would sure as hell have a happy birthday!!

Just a quick note to say that i hope you have a fantastic birthday - only made more so by the company of your little girl - who i must say is developing into a stunningly beautiful young lady.

Thanks for all the long hours of laughter and fun that you gave all of us as MacGyver and more recently as the supremely hot and downright sexy playtoy of Captain/Doctor/Major/Lt Col Sam Carter!! (Are you blushing yet?!)

Aw well.....have a great time and any time you want to pop back onto our screens....well you know!

All my love, as always,
Gillz xxxxx
(18 - Scottish - and lovin it!)

Happy birthday to YouuUUuuUUuU !!!!!!


Hi Rick

Hope you have a great Birthday, many happy returns.

Danielle Andrews

i love you. My name is dominique. i m your méga fan. i love simpsons

dominique roche


These years were so very good for you and also for all your fans all over the world! And that is because of what you are: an excellent actor and man!!!Keep it like this!!!

Je suis désolé je vais écrire en français car je suis pas très bonne en anglais...

Je vous souhaite un très bonne anniversaire, un joyeux noël et une très bonne année 2006 en compagnie de votre fille !
Merci pour ces années dans stargate sg1 j'ai beaucoup apprécié...

Je laisse un de mes montages car j'adoreee votre "tête de méchant" !


Dear Richard,

Congratulations and my very best wishes for many, many happy returns !

May health, happiness and success be with you and your family at all times.

Joanna Wolf

happy birthday RDA!!!!!!


I think YOU ROCK!!!
I so relate to the sense of humor you have portayed in MacGyver and especially in Stargate SG-1 as O'Neill, YaSureYouBetcha!!
Even though I am 19, I have watched all of the MacGyver re-runs!!
I will truly miss seeing you in SG-1!! I can't wait to see you in the Simpsons!
I hope you have a totally awesome birthday!!!
Love Ya Lots, Rachel

Hello Richard.
I wish you an Happy birthday.
Thank you for the 8 saison of stargate SG1. Your come back will be very Fabulous if you change your mind.
I missed you since you have left Stargate Sg-1!! Now it's different without you!!
I wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year, good health, also to your closes.
We miss you and O'Neill.

Patrick Fontaine (Quebec,Canada)

Hello again RDA. Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas and an even wilder Birthday. Have cake!
You are the tops in my book and heart and have been for 30 years. Keep it up.
Kate and I talk frequently about you. I have never met her but I feel like I know her personally. She is what keeps me linked to you to know if you are doing anything again or if you are well and all that stuff. She is devoted to you as well. RDA you have know idea what it is like to care in so many ways about a person who I have never even met or seen in person. Yes I am an almost 60 year old woman but we still can have feelings. I promise you if it had occurred to me when I was a younger woman and if I had had the nerve then, I would have found a way to give you a run for your money. But you can relax those days are long gone and now I expect nothing from you except to work once in a while so I can continue to be content and happy.
MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR and then in January have a wild, happy, adult birthday party. Take care of yourself and Wylie till I write again.

Ms. Bobby

happy birthday to you RDA

Wish you (and your family) a year full of happiness.


baal and murdock (!)


i wish you a good and happy birthday
and give wylie a big kiss from me.
kisses esmeralda

Happy Birthday Rick

I wanted to wish to you a wonderful birthday and another year filled with joy and happiness.

You have given so much to the world, including myself and my family, and I hope that all the joy and happiness is sent back to you ten fold.

I wish you good luck and many wonderful times in this coming year and the years ahead.


I don't speak english very well, but I wish You a Happy Birthday. I thank you for the happiness that you made life during these years when you were in Stargate, as an actor or of realizer.

En Français, ça ira mieux. Je vous souhaite un Joyeux Anniversaire, et je vous remercie du bonheur que vous nous avez fait vivre durant ces années où vous étiez présent dans Stargate, que ce soit en tant qu'acteur ou de réalisateur.

Je vous souhaite vraiment du bonheur dans votre vie et que celà dure.

Vous nous manquez. On vous aime.


Happy Birthday from the little town of Palestine in the BIG state of Texas. Don't know how to do all that fancy up load'n of pictures and stuff, but here's wishin' you the Happiest of Birthday's from the deepest of my big heart!! May you have all the happiness your life can hold... and ... many more birthdays.. that too.

Leanna Vannoy

I'm french so i don't speak english well...
Bon Anniversaire!!!
Feliz Compleanos!!!
Feliz Anivers¨¤rio!!
sheng ri kuai le!!!
xronia polla!!!!!!!
yom huledet sameakh
buon compleanno!!!!
§³ §Õ§ß§Ö§Þ §â§à§Ø§Õ§Ö§ß§Ú§ñ!!!!
aid milad said!!!!!
and happy birthday!


hello,it is a small mail for your birthday.i think you are a very good actor,thank.merci stargate sans vous ce n'est plus pareil,mais grace a vous s'est stargate.bon anniversaire.


Happy birthday Richard... We miss you in stargate. Thank you for this 8 years. You are a star for me
Good bye...


Hello Richard.
En ce jour de fete nous te souhaitons une longue et heureuse vie de Papa.
Thank you for the 8 saison of stargate SG1. Your come back will be very Fabulous if you change your mind.


Cyrille et Fabien

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag

Einmal im Jahr kommt ein Tag,
An dem man nur feiern mag.
Man bekommt Geschenke, Grüße und noch mehr,
Von Leuten die man mag, gar sehr.

So ein Tag ist heute für Dich.
Ich gratuliere Dir recht herzlich.
Ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg, Freude und Glück.
Ich hoffe, Du denkst gern an diesen Tag zurück.

Happy Birthday Richard

I wish you an very happy day


Senta Schneider

[je vais esseyer en Anglais, je ne promais rien ... ]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIR !! and thanks for this 8 happy years

[alors ?]

Général hammound

14th December, 2005.

Dear Rick,
First, I wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year, good health, also to your closes.

And I wish you a happy birthday.

We miss you and O'Neill, we think of you.

Hope to see you on the screen again.

Big kisses from France.


Hello Rick
J'aimerais te dire combien je t'aime bien, depuis si longtemps. J'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à te regarder dans MacGyver et Stargate. Rick, tu as toujours été mon idole
J'adore aussi la science-fiction et j'ai même écrit un roman SF. Mon voeux serait que tu lise mon livre...
Je te souhaite un joyeux noël et un très heureux anniversaire.
merry Christmas, happy birthday.
Je t'offre en cadeau ce montage photo que j'ai réalisé pour toi.

kiss Rick Wylie


salut RDA

je te souhaite un joyeux anverssaire
et je voulait dire que je t'ador t'etais super dans le role de jack et et revient sur le plateau de stargate

joyeux aniverssaire


Hi Rick!!

So Happy Birthday!!
I hope that you are happy with your daughter and your family!!! She is lucky to have her father with her!! She has to not waste these lovely times!!
I missed you since you have left Stargate Sg-1!! Now it's different without you!!
I love the character in MacGyver too!!

So Happy birthday!!

French fan miss you!! We all love you!!


Wishing you a Happy Birthday.
May you enjoy your day with Wylie and your family.
Missing you very much.
Don't forget the cake!
Carole (Scotland)

Bonjours je m'appelle Cyril et j'ai 23 ans.

Je vous souhaite un trés Joyeux Anniversaire!

Merci encore pour les 8 années dans STARGATE SG-1. Vous nous manquez beaucoup depuis votre départ.

Dans votre carrière, je retiendrais surtout votre rôle dans la série MacGyver qui a changé ma vie et sera et restera toujours mon modèle.

On espère vous revoir.

Joyeux Anniversaire.


joyeux anniversaire vieux, reviens vite sur le plateau. si tu le veux enfin tu m'manque un peu.


Joyeux anniversaire RDA! Dommage d'avoir quitté le plateau Stargate Tu vas nous manquer.


Hi Ricky =)

Happy Birthday. I don't think you have the time to read all this posts but I would like just tell you you have shined for several years and specially with the 2 main characters O'Neill & MacGyver !! I'm just 17 years old but i remember when i watched you in MacGyver, I was just a kid but i loved the character.

All french fans (& more obvously =p) miss you since you have stop Stargate !!!


(Whoohooooo Aye Carumba )


joyeuse anniversaire au plus grand des acteurs de notre ére! t le meilleur RDA continuede nous faire rever!! et merci!


Joyeux anniverssaire RDA je te souhaite du bonheur pour toi et ta fille merci

Brigadier général Jack o'neill

Hello Richard !

I wish you a happy birthday, and I hope that, one day, you will be back in Stargate SG-1 !

for all you've brought to us

Charles Rossignol

Hi Richard
I wish an Happy birthday and I love your role in Stargate SG-1. I hope you come back in this series for 1 or 2 episodes
Alexandre France

Joyeux anniversaire RDA.


to you !
Have a nice new year and so much good things !!!!

Comeback to us as soon as possible ^______^


Hello Richard,

Happy birthday to you RDA ! All the world wishes you big a birthday with your family and your daughter Wylie.

I hope all Stargate fans will see you again in SG-1, just hope !

Long live to RDA !

Best wishes for Paris, France !

Delabre Nicolas

Happy Birthday Sexy,
Best Wishes for your new year and many more to come!


Hi Richard Dean Anderson,
Happy birthday to you !!!!
I like you in STARGATE SG-1, you are my favourite actor, but physically i prefer Amanda Tapping, sorry,
But my girlfriend prefer you physically.
Please I hope you will have a time for answer at this message it's very important for me because i would like something of you.


I wish you a blessed birthday and some much deserved time with your beloved daughter. I am the mother of eight children (ages 17-3 years old!) and I want you to know that the characters you have portrayed (specifically MacGyver and Jack O'Neill.) have encouraged me to pursue areas that I never would have thought to before. Last year I became an EMT and most recently worked as a phlebotomist. I want to thank you for choosing pivotal roles that others can use to emulate in their own lives!
Have a great 56th birthday!!


Salut Richard c Laurent encore une anné de plus au conteur de la vie !!!! La vieillesse n'a pas d'emprise sur toi !! tu est toujours aussi jeune mé comment fait tu ? J'en profite pour vous dire que votre absence dans stargate va se resentir !!! plus de blague ou de jeux de mots !! J'éspére que tu passera de bonne fétes est que tu va reçevoir de nombreux .Je tien a dire que tu restera pour moi un grand acteur(grand par la taille ,par ton talent est surtout par ta générosité )Avant de finir je voudrait de souhaité quand meme un trés trés bonne anniversaire ,ne mage pas trop de gateau est garde m'en une par au frais !!! @+ bientot avec toute mon amitié est mon admiration un fan asidue Laurent cuenca

joyeux anniverssaire, jack o'neill merci pour les 8ans de bonheur que vous nous avez fait vivre j'éspere vous revoir dans quelque épisode de la saison 10 un grand fan de richard dean anderson.

Happy birthday Richard

I hope to see you again at television. Ce fut un réel plaisir d'entrer avec toi par la porte des étoiles.

Félicitation pour ton intérêt aux bonnes causes.

À te revoir bientôt


je vous souhaite un joyeux anniversaire et beaucoup de bonheur au sein de votre famille...

Maïté Gérard

Hi Richard !
Happy Birthday ! ! !
(Sorry but i don't speak very well english)
I'm your fan !
I like MacGyver and your personnage in Stargate SG-1
I am sad that you leave SG-1
But pass a good birthday and i would like you see soon on tv.
good bye and for those 8 years in SG-1 and for all all years in "MacGyver"
bye bye ! ! !


Hello Rick! I'm French and I'm 15 years old! I'm fan of you! I wish you a very happy birthday and much happiness You're the best actor! I hope to meet you one day and the others actors of Stargate too. ( " Mr Burns is a goa'uld! " ) I like your humour and your character in Stargate and in MacGyver! When there will be something between Sam and Jack? Lol! I'm in a hurry to see the new episodes! for all that you do! French kiss! And hello with all your family!

Sam and Jack

Hi all! Specially R.D Anderson

I come from spain so sorry about my english i love your work at T.V McGuiver & Jack Oneill
Every time i see Stargate SG-1 i feel im in a dream really for that, and really happy birthday

Greetings from Spain
"sexy, very sexy"

Spanish o'Neill

hi rick !

je vous souhaite un très bon anniversaire.
merci pour tout ce que vous m'apporter ! je vous adore


Hi Rick, Just a short note to say, wish you a very Happy 56th Birthday! I still watch my taped Stargates that you are in. Best wishes, Sincerely, Sandi Crites. I will be 54 tomorrow 12/15/2005. The one thing about age is it is just a state of mind. EAT CAKE!!!! Have Fun!!Ergo says EAT PIE TOO!

Sandra Crites

happy birthday i am a fan of you and i am happy to write a text to you.good luck for the continuation.


Hello Richard,

first i wish you a happy birthday
after, i want to say you : thanks for all that you do in Stargate, i am a real fan and I miss you...

thank you and see you later


Dear Rick!

I'm a 18 years old girl from Austria called Sandra!
I just wanted to wish you a great HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!)and enjoy this wonderful day with your family and friends. I also wish you all the best for your future and all the good things like health, love, peace and fun!

Love ya so much and take care,
Sandra Wahrlich

PS: for all what you do and what you had done!!

Hi Jack!!
Happy Birthday!!!!

Voila le peu de mots que je sais dire en anglais

Thanks For 8 years of Stargate S-G: 1

Quel régale cette serie!!!!

J'espere que vous ariverez a lire tout les messages et a venir au mien,et que vous savez que je detient le plus grand secret du monde, que dis-je, de la galaxiiiiiiiiieeeee!!!!
Why you love simpsons???? I KNOW, MOUHAHAHA!!!!!!

Beer Duff for moi, Beer Duff for you...

Salutation mon Generale
et si vous voyez Thor dites lui que j'adorerai gouter ces aliments triangulaire jaune ^^ Thanks


Happy Birthday to a very special person. On a personal note, My grandmother says we are related. She says that you are my cousin. That would be the best thing in the world considering that I am your biggest fan ever since I can remember. I watch every episode every time that it is on and I have every season that is on sale now. Thanks for being you!!

Michelle Jessup

Dear Rick
je suis fan de MacGyver et de Jack O'Neill depuis longtemps, et je te souhaite beaucoup de bonheur avec ta fille et un très bon anniversaire. j'aimerais te revoir dans Stargate avant la fin de la série.


hello jack you are my actor favorite I am too fan of you PS: I am French


Le moindre froncement de sourcil....
Le moindre mouvement d'oeil...

Un grand comédien!!!!

Joyeux Anniversaire!!!!!!

Guy et Diane

Hey Jack,

Why did you stop Stargate?

I'm serious now, I think you're a very great actor (MacGyver and Jack O'Neill)

I hope we'll see you again in SG-1 or in Atlantis

What about MacGyver?

I hope you'll have a very good birthday

And I love Simpsons too

Thanks for all


Thanks for everything Richard, have a nice Nth birthday !


Happy birthday! Here's hoping that you have a wonderful day, and that you have many more in the years to come! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



I am French, I have 19ans. I have been to you for several years in France in particular with MacGyver which I looked at when I had åns. Since I became fan of stargate sg1 and in particular of O' Neill. I adore his humour, I benefit from the opportunity to speak to you to wish you a merry anniversary. I include understand perfectly your decision of decree stargate even if I am saddened by it but good the children pass before it is quite normal. By wishing you good luck for the continuation of your career and full with happiness with your family.

In a friendly way


Happy Birthday,

Thank you for all (stargate, mac gyver)
Vous êtes vraiment génial.


Happy Birthday Richard!
I wish you all the joy of the world for you and your family.Thank you for those years you gave to us: your fans.
I miss you in Stargate Sg-1 but don't worry ...there is no end to our imagination, and of course our love for both series.
I hope i will meet you one day; you're a Great Man, a rare one


Hi Rick, I'm french, sorry because I don't speak english very well, but I would like you come back in stargate sg-1
Happy Birthday Richard
for all (Mac Gyver and Jack O'Neill, with two "L")


Hello Mr Anderson !!!

Bonne anniversaire !!! et joyeux noël (!)
j'adore stargate et j'espère vous revoir quelquefois dans la serie, comme notre chere Hammond.

Good bye !!!


Happy birthday Rick !
we loved you in SG-1, come sometimes doing a winks like Don S Davis !!



hi mister anderson . I miss you in stargate . I like you so thank you so much
for macgyver and jack o'neill . we love you in france . so happy birthday or bonne anniversaire.


Happy birthday RICK !!!

Please come back in stargate : sg1 !!

A special french kiss for you !!


Happy Birthday to you Richard.

Come back to Stargate SG-1 !!!


hello rick !
i'm french and i love stargate !
i'm not goot at english so i speak quick !
you're a very good actor
thanks for all

A Big Fan


I wish you a great birthday.
Your my favorite actor!


Happy Birthday Richard. Pour moi la Porte des Étoiles est la série la plus extraordinaire. Elle est la meilleure de toutes les séries de science-fiction.Votre rôle apportait un petit côté pince sans rire ( exprésion Canadienne)
PS. Je suis Canadien Français je vie à Québec au Canada. Les DVD de la Porte des Étoiles ne sont pas disponibles en français. Pourriez-vous faire quelque chose auprès des producteurs pour qu'il introduise la bande sonore en français. Merci au nom de touts les Fans francophone du Canada

Richard Paquet

bonne anniversaire vous nous manquer dans stargate jespere bien vous revoir dans quelque episodes.
Merci pour 8 ans de joie.

ryo saeba

Joyeux Anniversaire!!! Et merci encore!
Votre plus grand admirateur Slimooo!


Joyeux anniversaire Richard Dean Anderson, vous etes mon acteur preferer !


Bonne anniversaire Richard Dean Anderson.
De la part de tout le staff de Stargate 89!

Stargate 89

Cher Monsieur Richard Dean Anderson,je vous écris car j'adore cette série,elle vraiment genial, je vous souhaite un joyeux anniversaire.J'espere vous revoir pour de nouveaux episodes meme si vous arreter de jouer

Au Revoir
J'adore cette serie !!!!!!!!!!!!
Je sais que vous adorez les simpsons.


Happy Birthday, Richard !!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday!

I've been a real fan since MacGyver times.
Love your work.
Keep inspiring us!

Pedro Soares

Je vous souhaite un Happy birthday.
Vivez heureux et revenez nous de temps en temps dans Stargate sg1, votre humour nous manque....

A bientot

Laurence Delpire

Happy birthday,
your my favorite actor, you are genial.


Happy Birthday
pour c annee de bonheur


Dear Mr Dean Anderson,

I wish you a happy birthday.

During 8 years, I was one of the most fan of you as Jack O'neill.

I would like to say you that you will ever remain him in my heart because for me you was the feel and the spirit of Stargate. It's not the same without you!!

I hope your come back, at best, as General and commander of ATLANTIS!

See you there!!

Dave Haering

Richard you are for me much more than one actor your character of O' neill is really super damage which you would have left. I am fan of you since McGyver and yes I was rocked by you. You are brilliant Mr Richard Dean Anderson I am 21 years old you are a symbol, an icon, a dream a happiness with the screen I wish you a very happy birthday


Mon cher Richard je vous souhaite un tres bonne anniversaire et bonne continuations dans la Waterkeeper Alliance.
Et merci d'être rester tellement longtemps dans la série Stargate


(Désolé de ne pas écrire en anglais)
Joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année et meilleurs voeux pour 2006.
D'avance je vous souhaite un JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE seul mots connus dans votre langue.
Happy Birthday !!!!
Merci pour ces années consacrées aux nombreux épisodes TV que ce soit dans Stargate ou Mac Gyver. J'adore ces 2 séries et même si en France nous sommes arrêté à la saison 8 de Stargate vous me manquez déjà !!
Tant d'années passées à vous regarder.... heureusement qu'il y a les DVD pour se consoler.
J'espère que vous tournerez tout de même des films ou téléfilms et qu'il seront commercialisés en France.
Je vous souhaite également un bon retour à la vie "CIVILE" et profitez bien de votre famille et plus particulièrement de votre fille : Le bonheur d'un père.
Affectueusement et encore merci pour le bonheur que vous m'avez donné.


Bonjour mr Anderson,
Juste pour vous remercier pour toute c'est année de sg1 qui on été pour moi toujours un grand plaisir a regarder.
Alors de temps en temps faite comme le général hammond revenez nous voir.
Joyeux anniversaire.


~Happy Birthday Richard Dean Anderson!~
Way to go Dude!


hello.My name is Tamara and I'm coming from Slovenia. I wish you Happy new year and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
I'm sending you also some kind of verse:
Life is like a book.Sometimes its pages are grey and sad but sometimes beatifully glad. I wish those would bring you just happiness, health, love...happy b.,dear Richard


Hi Richard!First happy birthday! and i would like to say that the 8 seasons in stargate were fantastic!I'm a fan of stargate and I loved jack oneill!I have little question for you? Are you coming back in stargate or is it finished? Could you also please send me a photo signed by you of stargate on my e-mail adress: thank you for answering it!! and again happy birthday and in 10 days happy christmas with your family

hermet thibaud

~Happy Birthday RICK~
May All your Dreams come true and Happiness be with you always! You've given us a lifetime of memories to enjoy! Thank you so much! Class of "68".
Hugs from the Great Lakes State and all our snowy neighbors!


Happy Birthday from french fans !


thanks to be such a good actor in this fabulous fiction. We miss you

bueno gael

Hapy Birthday Rick

Good new years and i wait you for the season 12 of SG-1


Thanks for what you made with stargate, which probably one of the greatest series of all time . Thank you equally for MacGyver. and for all your career. Mr Anderson you are a great man of the television...

Of course i wish you a Happy birthday


Bonjour et merçi Mr Anderson pour toutes vos années de bons et loyaux services en tant que colonel puis general au sein de l'armée de l'air de la television

ah j'allais oublier le plus important

Joyeux anniversaire



Dear Richard,

Important things first. Duh! Happy birthday! That you may get many gifts and a lot of cake. I wish you many blessings, a good health and many golden sunny days to you.

I'm sorry you don't do as much acting as first. Miss you every day, thankfully somebody invented the DVD! You're the special man with a special place in my heart.

Now where can I get the cake?


Jack's jokes we miss !!!
We'll hope you back soon in few episodes, for our pleasure.

Best regards from France.

Merci pour tous ses épisodes de stargate SG-1!!!
J'ai passé de très bon moments!!!
Merci encore et au revoir!


Dear Rick...

thanks for your success in Mac Gyver and Stargate SG°1, they're two beautiful series. Thanks for the satisfaction that you bring us, thank you, Happy Birthday and and happy christmas!!!

See you later...

In guest star in stargate Sg 1 ??

Fabrice PERRIN

bonjour Mr ANDERSON !
On vous remercie de toutes vos belles series de Mac Giver a Stargate trop top.
On vous souhaite un joyeux anniversaire et de bonnes fetes de fin d'année.En esperant de vous revoir dans notre belle serie Stargate.


Again RDA I wish you lots of fun and laughter on your birthday. Also I am sure you will have a fabulous Christmas what with having a child. That is really what Christmas is all about is the kids. Adults just need to love and be full of peace and joy.
Thank you for all your years of talent and entertainment. Much as I loved your sense of humour on Stargate I don't watch it anymore because you are gone. My all time favorite has always been MacGyver and it ticks me off that the American show people and magazines etc. don't remind all these young people of the fabulousness of that show. They still refer to Bonanza etc. and other really old shows but not MacGyver for your wonderful career. Come to my part of Canada sometime. We don't get to see fabulous people. I travel by scooter but I would get to wherever you appeared.
Again party your heart out as it will be your day. Have you let your beautiful hair grow out? Take it from a woman you look so amazing with it longer as compared to buzz cut. Leave the grey, you men look so sophisticated with it.
Well now that I have totally tried to transform you all I can say is I hope you get restless and come back and do a movie or SOMETHING.
From one old lady to one young man with such talent, enjoy your life no matter what, okay! Merry Christmas to you and Wylie and again Happy Birthday in January.

Ms. Bobby Henderson

Happy birthday to you Richard Dean Anderson.

You will stay in my heart like the best actor of the world for the eternity (I'm sorry! I don't speak very well American because i'm French).

Florian B.

Happy Birthday Richard !!!!!!!

Malgras Benjamin

Happy birthday to you !!!I wish you good luck for this new year and next years!!!
I hope to see you again in SG-1!


Moltes felicitats en el dia del teu aniversari, Rick. Espero que t'ho passis molt bé.

Happy birthday to you, Rick, with all my best wishes. You are my love.

Petons (kisses)


happy birthday RDA, the 23th january, exactly nine days after the mine, good life and good luck for the future


happy b-day RDA/Jack -- miss u on SG1. My fav scene is the one where u'r playing golf thru the Stargate with Teal'c -- Best wishes to u.


jai bien aimé les 8 saisons que tu as passé dans SG1.

happy birthday and you are one of my favourite actor.


I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!! (With many more to come ) I also wanted to thank you for all the time and energy you have put in to your acting. You have been a part of some very extrordinary (sp?) programs. Enjoy your day!!! Jenny

To a fantastic guy!!

Have an amazing day, Richard. Enjoy the time with loved ones, party hard and put your feet up.

I am sending all my love to you from one side of the world to the other.

Luv Jacque

Les enfants de Télé que nous sommes souhaitent d'abord et avant tout un bonne anniversaire au jeune père de famille.

Passe de belles années pour ta nouvelle vie en famille.


FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS RICHARD!!! Desde chile (un hermoso país, que espero algún día visites) te envío un gran saludo.
I wish you all the best for the year to come. A big hug for you and your daughter Wylie.
Feliz navidad y un próspero año nuevo.


Merçi pour toutes ces années passées en votre compagnie, bon anniversaire, en souhaitant que le jour venu, lorsque votre/vos enfant/s aura/auront grandi, retrouvant du temps pour vous vous rempiliez pour stargate saison 25 !


et oui je t'ecris de puis la Guadeloupe je t'ai suis ds MACGYVER ET DANS STARGATE SG1
tu as sus jouer des roles et qui mon baucoup amusée et j'ai pu rever grace à ces 2 series
j'ai adorer le carisme des deux personnages
en clair tu as su nous nous faire rire meme quand les situations etaient impossible
et je te dit BRAVO
ET SURTOUT profite bien tu merites ton repos
UN fan incontesté des STARGATE


Dear Richard!
I wish you a happy new year in your life, a wonderful Christmas with your family and a good start into 2006.
I want to thank you for all the effort you have put into Stargate. It's the best show ever, full of love, friendship and humor, and you are missed endlessly by everyone. We will never forget you!
I wish you all the best for your life after SG-1. I'm sure you'll be fine.
Thanks again for all the joy you have brought to millions of watchers all over the planet.
Greetings from Germany,

Freddy Krueger (actual name, indeed)
rock on

hEY RICK just a happy bday wish jan is a good month my bday is 1 14 77 . I MISS MACGYVER AND THERE IS NO SHOW THAT COMES CLOSE TO IT NOW ON REG TV. Hope you can reprise that role and come back to reg tv in the week so people who work can watch and get sidetracted and it will be good because we can learn something and no guns on that show. thanks david be wekk



Happy Birthday-hope you have a great day. Miss you on Stargate-not the same- I hope you are bored out of your mind and find another project for TV to do-soon !!!


Joyeux anniversaire RICHARD !

Apres 8 ans de bon et loyaux service envers nous, nous te souhaitons une agréable retraite meme si tu nous manque a tous !



Happy Birthday Richard I am your biggest fan

Melissa Poorbaugh

Dear Rick
I would like to wish you and Wylie a very Merry Christmas and you a wonderful birthday.
And to let you know how much you are missed on tv apparently the tv station that airs Stargate SG1 are not even showing season 9 so will just have to wait for you on DVD.
Lots of love and best wishes for 2006


Salut !
It might be a bit early, but I wish you a happy birthday ! Bon anniversaire !!! What is funny is that mine is also 23rd January ! But not the same year... 1983
I'm really fond of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis. You must be very proud of what you made, it's made me dream a lot and it still does !! I think it is the same for plenty of people all around the world...
Have fun !!!!
Bye bye


Hello Richard and Happy Birthday !!

I hope you are happy in your new life
I wish you to be in Stargate for ever, but it's impossible
Have a nice birthday,
good bye


Hi Rick!
I don't speak very well English but I'll try for you.
...How are you ? No...
have you got simpson's dvds ? No... Ok I stop ! You are my favourite actor since I know you, I love stargate sg1 and macgyver. You are a very funny man, and I wish you much happiness to you and your family. Very Good Happy Birthday! And Happy new year! Bye !
ps : I Hope my english isn't very bad.

Bon anniversaire Richard!

Chez moi on t'adore tous tu es notre acteur preferé dans Stargate, ma soeur est folle de toi si ca t'interesse y'a pas de problème je peux te la présenter mais a un e condition, reintègre SG1 pour la saison 10 lol!



Happy Birthday Richard!! Good luck for your family life and many thanks for the many years to laugh in front of stargate.
I enormously admire you like much French.

Thank you and thank you still for all your splendid career.



I am very happy to wish you a merry Christmas, one very very good year 2006 and one splendid anniversary this 23 January around your family. You deserve it so much. I love MacGyver and Stargate. I would like only that you pressurize the producers so that every season of MacGyver leaves in DVD.


Just to wish to you and wylie a merry christmas and happy new year.

Happy birthday too. Have a good time.

miss you on tv. But you are right the family is more important now.
god bless you.


Just a happy birthday to you. May the future give you good time !

Mike from France.

Happy birthday Richard, you are a very good actor, in Macgyver and in Stargate SG1 you played very good and I love Macgyver and Stargate SG1 I have friends like me loves Stargate and I'll be missing you in Stargate thank you. Marc Plouvin


from a fellow Humane Society volunteer...

Have a great birthday! You've only gotten better!

Miss you on Stargate...or should i say...your sense of humor!

from a long-time fan (who everyone else...that you come back when you can)...have a Happy Birthday!

Sue from Tampa

On January 23, 1950,
Stuart & Jocelyn Anderson
was blessed with a baby
boy. They named him Richard
Dean; he being the oldest of
their four cherished sons. He grew up to be an awesome
big brother and a fine gentleman. Richard highlighted
entertainment by his career of being a great actor and touching
countless of lives and hearts. On August 2, 1998 he became a
loving dad to his precious daughter Wylie Quinn Annarose. There
isn't anything more important to a daughter's life while growing
up like having such a dad like Richard. So what does all these 56
years add up to?
Priceless: A cherished son
An awesome brother
A great actor and entertainer
A wonderful person and friend
A fine gentleman
A loving dad (A most important role
any man can have.)
....and a very much blessed spirit.

With all my love,

Happiest of Birthdays from one Aussie Shepherd lover to another!

Mary Beth & Maggie from NJ

Hey Richard, miss you so much on TV. I watch everything you have ever done. I hope you have a great Birthday and a really great Christmas with Wylie. I would love to see ya continue acting in movies for TV you seem to be so good at those. Hope you have a great new year and wish you all the best with your family and great health. Love ya lots and miss ya on TV. PS: at least I still have you in my dreams.

Kathy in GA


A very, big Happy Birthday to you.

May the Good Lord bless you and keep you and yours.

Many happy returns.

Miss you on Stargate, but understand your priorities. You have a beautiful

Love your fan, Teri from Hot Springs, AR

Hi Rick!


I wish you all the best!
I really hope you enjoy your life as it is now, although I really miss Jack O'Neill on Stargate. It's not the same without you.

Hugs & kisses from your fan Jessy from Germany

Hope you have the happiest of Birthdays! Stargate SG-1 is not the same without you!


Hi Rick,



hi Richard

happy birthday from me. i'm a fan of both Stargate SG-1 and Macgyver. must admit missing not seeing you in Season 9. hope you and your daughter are well. also Merry Christmas to you both.

Chelmsley Wood Birmingham United Kingdom

Dear Mr. Anderson, Happy Birthday and good health in the coming New Year. May you continue to enjoy the time with Wylie. God Bless You Jan Huvaere

Happy Birthday, Rick!

One of these days we (all the fans) really should get together and plan a big b-day event.

I can not wait for your appearance on the Simpsons to air.(you look just fabulas in yellow...)

I hope that all these messages filled with love find you and your loverly daughter well.

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

All my love,

Hi Rick,
I wish you a happy birthday and all what you wish for in 2006.
I'm a huge fan since I was little boy I have the stargate collection and the macgyver collection on dvd.
So I'm a little sad that you're retired but you really have earned it.
So thank you for all of those wonderful years of entertaining.
I wish you the best and an amazing life watching your daughter growing up.
greetz from Belgium

PS: sorry for my bad english. bye bye


salut Richard. Joyeux anniversaire ca te fait combien 56 ans non C'est cool.
En tous cas je t'aime trop t'es mon acteur préféré.

Donc joyeux anniversaire et a +

Jack (Jérémy)

Un petit cadeau un smiley de

Hi, Richard!
I watch MacGyver every day, it is a really good tv series.
So, I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, and the best wishes for you and the rest of your family!
Hope you get lots of presents at your birthday!

Love Anette

Seems like we just did this and another year has flown by....but when you "youth-en" like Merlin it really shouldn't matter. Remember, it's not the years, it's the wishes for continued health and happiness in 2006...

Ca in Cincy

Happy B-day!!!!!

i wish you and your familie all the best!!!


Hey man .. I wish you a happy Birthday and a happy new year! Too good, that we here in germany, are still on season 8 ..

Have a nice day!


Happy birthday richard
with lots of love denise and carenza sudd xxx

A merry chrismas and a happy 2006.
I wish you a great birthday on 23 jan.


Mr. Anderson I just wanted to let you know that I really have enjoyed all your work.

I miss seeing you on SG1 but you left for the best reasons ever. May you and your daughter continue to be blessed and have a great relationship and happiness.

I do hope that you don't go away from our screens for a long time hop in every now and again if you can make the time. Reruns are not enough

Chicago, IL

My best wishes for a Happy Birthday! May you be blessed with health, happiness, family and friends.

New Jersey, USA

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and to tell you that you have the perfect day for a birthday as you share it with my Mom. I've always thought that was one of the good things about you. I hope you have an enjoyable day.


Jane Nimmock

Mr. Anderson...I would like to wish you a happy birthday. May God bless you and your daughter today and every day! Enjoy every moment and have no regrets!

Excuse me Rick, but is it that time again? Already? Well, if it has to be, let it be a full day of fun. We all know that YOU know how to have fun! Have a great birthday. I miss seeing your acting on TV.

With love,


Dear Richard altough you've broke evrybody's hart when you left Stargate SG-1, I a Romanian fan still love and wish you the best trough what ever you want from your career from now on and that if you have any unfulfilled wishes, you will be able to fullfill them. With all the best wishes in the world for you and your family. From Nicoleta a romanian fan.

Hi Rick, Just want to say have a very happy birthday and to let you know you're sadly missed on my TV screen back here in jolly old England. Stargate just isn't the same without you but it sounds like you're doing so much these days I doubt you miss it much.
Love and Best wishes for whatever you do,
Helen McCartney, (no relation)

Hi Ricky Dean!
We, that means my daughter Sharee and I, wish you and your sweetest Wylie all the best for Christmas and a wonderfull happy new year.
And for your birthday all our best wishes and luck, hope, health and love from Yvonne and Sharee from Germany

PS. We hope we can share many moments with you in TV and in our dreams.
Thanks for all that you give to me.
Kiss and good luck.
Yvonne + Sharee Michélle

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr ANDERSON ,with all of my best wishes for you and your family, for all

Bon anniversaire (Happy birthday) Mr Anderson. (From France)

best regards


Hi Rick,

Happy birthday from Belgium!
Also a happy new-year. Hope all your wishes come true!
So you retired, they say, it's a break I think, to watch Wylie grow, but men like you never retire! So enyoy her, like I enjoy my son (he's 5 months now, an adorable little boy).
So for now, big kiss, big hug and all the best in the world!




All the best on your birthday - hope you and your family have a fine one.



Hello Rick

My family and I want to wish you a very happy birthday. We hope your day is filled with lots of love, fun and most of all cake.

May all your wishes come true on your very special day.

All the best,
The Gyde Family


Dear Rick,

Happy Birthday to you!

I hope you have a wonderful day, and a superb year.

Warm wishes

Jennifer xx

Happy Birthday Richard! Hope you have a great holiday and a good birthday in the new year.


Mr. Anderson: My Daughter and I wish you a very "Happy Birthday" and a very safe and Happy Holiday Season. We enjoy watching you in all the movies, TV shows etc. that you have been in. We greatly miss you being on Stargate SG 1 but send best wishes for you and your daughter. It is indeed a great thing to be able to be there for your children. We hope to see you back on TV in the future at some point.

Thanks for all you have done through your acting career, for making us laugh, cry etc.


Joyce & Alicia

Hello just a short letter to say Happy birthday and to thank you for the laughter. Also thank you for opening up my eyes to the seal problem we have here in canada. it is true one person can open the eyes of many. have fun and be the best homer you can be. from far north of canada.


Hi Rick,

Just want to wish you a Happy Birthday. I'm glad that you are enjoying your daughter. I live in Las Vegas, NV and would love to open my home to you if you ever get out here. I would love to take care of your daughter. I work with children of all ages. Feel free to
e-mail me if you are ever out this way.
Enjoy your birthday and have a great day. Oh I've been to Malibu quite a few times and still have not run into you yet.
A fan Laureen

Hey!! Happy Birthday You have no idea how much you're missed on SG1!!! It's not the same without ya!! Well just stoppin by to wish you a good birthday!


Happy birthday Rick ! ! you're my fave! ! If you are ever up in WINNIPEG, give me a call!

Janice S-D

My present to you: You will NOT hear me singing Happy Happy Birthday!

I figured I would mention cake... already done... so...

Have a great one!!!

PS: My daughter takes karate as well (brown belt), great idea since she's almost in her dating years... She can 'explain' what "No" means...

just lurking

Hi Richard. I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I've been a fan since your days on General Hospital. I know many of us will miss you on the big screen, but you're really doing some great things. Congrats on your recent elected position . But, most importantly, cherish the days with your daughter. I say that from experience. My son is now 14, and I can't believe how quickly life passes us by! ~Michelle Smith

I'm only 14 years old, so I wasn't around when MacGyver was huge. I wasn't there when Stargate SG-1 aired for the first time. Now, I'm a huge fan of both series and I can't tell you (Mr. Anderson) how much I love any episode of either MacGyver or Stargate SG-1 you're in. You're hilarious. You have no idea how much I enjoy watching episodes of Stargate SG-1 you're in. I normally watch any episode that I know you're funny in (which are most episodes). When I'm sick at home, and I need to be cheered up, I just watch Stargate SG-1. You ALWAYS ALWAYS cheer me up. It really hurt me when I heard that you were leaving SG-1. Stargate SG-1 is just so DULL and boring without you. I respect your choice in leaving and I just wanna say, I hope you've accomplished all that you wanted to in life. Happy Birthday, sir! I hope you have an amazing one and remember that, even if you've retired, you've never retired from the hearts of your fans. We will all miss you.

P.S. I have a pic of you where you're wearing this half-Wild, half-Canucks hockey jersey. That is the most unique and brilliant idea for a jersey I have ever seen. The Wild are a very good team this year and I'm a huge fan of the Canucks (not the Leafs).
I have friends that say you're a really cool guy. They wanted you to know that you rock and that Stargate SG-1 sucks now because you're not in it anymore. Happy Birthday, Mr. Anderson!!
Oh and Mr. Anderson, what I included in my message was a summary of how much I respect you. If I were to type it all out, it would be WAAAY too long as this is my first birthday message to you.


Hi Rick! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a fantastic birthday! Also have a merry christmas and a safe new year! I can't wait to watch you on the Simpsons! I miss you on stargate.

Your fan

Mr. Anderson I hope your birthday on Jan. 23rd is one of your best ever. My birthday is on Feb. 2nd and I am an Aquariun and I think you are too! I would love to be a present on your table waiting for you. Relax I am an old lady who has followed your career for 30 years and even though I am sure you have good reason to retire so young you must know that I and all your fan base are devastated. I live in Edmonton, Canada so the chances of my ever seeing you live are nil much to my dismay but I sure miss watching you either in a series or movie or even a guest on a show. You have given me much joy over the many years and some of the things I find attractive about you (other than the obvious) are your attitudes to the environment, animals etc. I have a 4 year old all white female Chihuahua who absolutely loves all people. I also trained her not to bark. She is my life. I am a person who relates better to beast than to man. I am handicapped so I travel on a scooter and my Cassie (dog) travels in the basket. Everyone in the neighborhood knows and loves her. I have a dream that you could one day meet my pup. She is a special beast. I swear there is some human in her soul. You probably don't care for little dogs. I like them all but I had to go with what fit my lifestyle and ability. I have left in my will who she is to go to should I pass before her. I feel that is an owners responsibility.
Enough about me and my critter. Again the Happiest of Birthday's and I hope you and Wylie have fun together that day. You are a special human being and even more so to Wylie so enjoy both your birthday and her.
One last plea! Please, please come back to the screen at some point. I am running out of time. I have almost warn out the MacGyver and Stargate DVD's and the one movie you did that I could get. The ones you did on VCR I cannot find them to buy.
To communicate directly with you like this has made my year. You have a joyful birthday and life. Once in a while think of us folks here in Canada who think you are the greatest talent and human being. Best Wishes and much love to you from me.

Ms. Bobby Henderson

Happy Birthday Rick and Greetings from Snowy North Dakota.
Really miss you on Stargate SG-1.It just isn't the same without you. You added so much to the show. I basically have lost interest in it. Haven't watched since you left. I imagine there are others that share the same sentiments that I do.
Hope you and Wylie have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and that you have a great birthday.
Your fan always.
Susan Watts

Will there be cake?


hello rick,sir, just wanted to wish you a happy 56 birthday and to thank you for a great eight and a half, good seasons on sg-1!!! and seven good seasons of macgyver. i have all of both!!!god bless you and your daughter, wylie,she's a lucky girl, to have a great dad,like you!!!. love ya!!! carol dickau (team-sg-1)

Hey, happy birthday Richard! "Baby Circles" lol! Best of Wishes this year, and it really sucks not havin u on the show, things just aren't the same
Anywhoey, wish we could meet sometime, but i'm just a tad busy in my hockey career right now. Gettin' Scouted! Even though i'm only 2nd year bantam.

One last thing...Be good!

Belina Hooper #19


The greatest gift you can give to the world, is the gift of laughter. It is no small thing Rick, to bring joy ~ and even sometimes healing ~ to someone.... and this you give in abundance. I DO miss those weekly gifts. (: Though I have nothing for you this year (I do hope the 2004 Tibetan Turquoise arrived safely and in time) I send my warmest wishes here for a wonderful birthday. So, I raise this virtual version of a wine toast to you, along with a verrry large piece of cake. ( : Happy Birthday, My Friend, Happy Birthday. Niki

Hai Richard Dean

Happy Birthday,

I hope you live for many years to come.
I am a huge fan of you. Especially from Stargate SG1, I have all the dvd's and watch them very often.

It's such a series. And it will be good even without Jack O'Neill, of course it's a shame you went out the series.

But you're a father right, so you want to enjoy watching Wylie grow.

All the best wishes,

for everything you did and for everything you will do in the future.

With love

Rita van Buijsen

Happy Birthday Richard and many more of them. Have a great new year and take care of yourself and Wylie. Let's hope there are no more broken bones next year!


life is a roller coaster ... enjoy the ride ! many happy returns, and here's to many many more.

Miss seeing you as Jack so much, it just isn't the same, no backbone in it now you've gone.

Please come and visit us in Britain, we deserve some sunshine too!

Jackie xxx

Happy Birthday Richard! I hope the next year is great for you. I hope Wylie is well. Good luck as a trustee.

Dawn Langworthy


Just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. I have been a fan of yours for so long and I was so happy to hear that MacGyver was being released on DVD after so many years of waiting for it.


I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday.Miss seeing you on SG-1. Just isn't the same without you.Don't know about you, but I think it is great to be 50+ish.Have a great year and a Merry Christmas!!!!!!! Love Dar

Life is short and should be filled with happiness. We just wanted to thank you for all the smiles and joy you've brought to our lives. We are happy you have found contentment.

Kathleen & Jeff

Happy 56th Birthday, Rick.


Hi Richard,

Happy Birthday and many happy returns. I hope you are enjoying your free time and the next year is filled with blessings.


Have a very happy birthday and many more and hopefully we will see you back on Stargate SG1 in the future.

Geri Santos

Happy Birthday Rick!

And Hello from the Middle of the Mitten! (Mid-Michigan...)


Wishing you the best of holidays... Miss you lots in Stargate, and hope that you come back to us fans.

Enjoy your time off, and have a wonderful Birthday


Hi Rick,

I hope you are enjoying a little time off from work and spending it with your daughter. She is definitely growing up fast.
I can not wait to see the Simpson's episode you are in, I got my recorder ready. I miss seeing you on SG-1, it is not the same without all the sarcasm that you had added. I still watch the show and the Atlantis series, but as I said , it is not the same.
I wish you all the best of your birthday and lots more for the future. I also like you for being who you are and what you stand for, and that family comes first.

Again Happy Birthday.

Christl Steppich

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you Rick.

I hope you have a nice day. Lots of Love and happiness.

Your biggest Fan from Germany

Love Silke

I hope you have a wonderful and very happy birthday! You deserve a great birthday! I am still a huge fan of yours!

Sheila Pepe


I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Brenna, Connor and Darci send their love as well.

A hug and kiss in appreciation for all you do especially for your help with my kids.


Happy Birthday Rick!
Just want to wish you a great Birthday.
As I am better at expressing myself in drawing than with words, I offer you this picture of you in different roles that are, in my opinion, few of your best ones especially.....fatherhood.
Please be indulgent as I am just starting, self taught and certainly not an artist....Yet.

Aidan McIsaac

P.S. Rick if you want this drawing it is yours. (Actual size 16" X20") I thought that maybe you have a small piece of bare wall that would accept it in your new home. I'm confident Kate would accept to relay your wish as I respect your privacy. She will know how to contact me.

Hi Rick

Wishing you a HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY from South Africa.

Thanks for allowing us to share some wonderful moments of your life.

Lots of love
Jenny Stone



Here is wishing you a very Happy Birthday and hope 2006 is a joyful and rewarding one for both you and Wylie.


Happy Birthday Rick!!

Hope you have a wonderful day and another great year!

We're still only up to season 8 here in the UK so I still haven't seen all of Jack's great adventures – I totally understand your reasons for leaving, but I'm going to miss him terribly. For one thing it'll never be as funny without you – sometimes I have tears in my eyes from laughing. I can't wait to see the Simpsons episode!

I can just picture your daughter doing the karate, my friend's daughter (age 10) does that, I went to watch a demo and it's fun watching tiny (some looked 5) girls in blonde pigtails ‘beating the crap out of a dummy'. She loves to tell me the new ways she's learnt to kick and punch people, I'm sure Wylie's the same.

And thanks for doing the seal photos – I'd thought about buying a signed photo before, but none really stood out as different, until these came along. They're different, great photos of you, and I've always supported sealife-based charities myself anyway. Perfect!

Thanks for keeping us up to date via this great website of Kate's.

Lots of hugs and kisses,


Hi there!

Where's the party?? I hope there is cake involved..

I want to wish you a sparkling birthday and a wonderful, adventurous new year!

Greetz Cora

Happy Birthday Richard!

I wish you a wonderful birthday with lovely Wylie, and much luck for the best of your life.

from Japan with love


Wishing you the very happiest of birthdays. Thank you for providing us with so many years of your talent. I look forward to watching you on "The Simpsons" and will continue to enjoy Mac and Jack. You are a fabulous humanitarian, actor and person. Thank you for sharing just a bit of that with us.

Happy Birthday!



Here's wishing you always have ample reason to smile and laugh in your life.

My very best to you always!

Linda Truman
Prescott, Arizona

I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday!
Love, Célia

Dear Mr Anderson,

Here's a rose for your Birthday

Love Vicki
picture taken by rose photo

Richard, wishing you a very wonderful holiday season and a great birthday!!


Happy Birthday Richard, and Happy Chrismas too.

Se habla Español:
Feliz cumpleaños, y feliz navidad tambien.

Espero que visites algun dia mi hermoso pais.


Hi Rick , I wish you the best for this day . Happy , happy , happy birthday !!! . I also wanted to tell you that I look forward for your returning to Stargate ( it isn't the same without you !! )

María Elena

Mr. Anderson, Happy Birthday!

I'm 14, and I want you to know how much joy you bring into my family's life in your shows. As MacGyver and Jack O'Neill, you bring laughter and fun in all of your tv shows. I have all the MacGyver dvd's! We miss you in Stargate, but as long as you are happy where you are now, that is what counts. Because of you, I am making the seal slaughter infamous in my high school. I tell many people about the problems. Thank you for enlightening me to this sad situation.

Dear Richard

I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I hope this message finds you and your family well. I want to thank you for the better understanding of the world you have given me. Thanks for being such a great human being. I'm proud to be a fan of yours. I'm looking forward to seeing you in a new role. HAPPY BIRTHDAY


May you have the best birthday ever, filled with fun, surprises, and laughter!

In the past, you have often referred to Legend as your favorite project. I had the great fortune a few months ago to see this series for the first time and can now certainly see why you would say that. In fact, I so fell in love with this show that I decided to create a web site dedicated to it.

Consider it my birthday gift to you.

Wishing you much joy and happiness in your future,

Beth I


best wishes


Happy Birthday Wishes RDA!!

Best Wishes to you on your
Special day!!!

Love, Hugs, & Hot chocolate Kisses
Your Fans!!

Happy Birthday, Rick! Many, many, many more to come!!

All the best!


Hello Rick,
I wish you and your little Wylie a Merry Xmas & a wonderful & great New Year 2006. May It be great for you! And also I wish you a fantastic birthday. Have a good cake and blow the candles with your little Wylie and your friends. You know that my card will follow.
All the Best from Danielle

Happy Birthday Rick!!!!

May you have soooo much fun
on your day!!!!



Hope your day is a great one

you don't look a day over 30


Hi Richard.
Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Richard Happy Birthday to you!!!!
Have a very good Birthday Richard and a truly amazing year, and I hope that all your birthday wishes come true!
Thank you for your talent and great sense of humor. You are the best.
I wish you in this new Birthyear many beautiful memorys and a smile for every new day.

A big hug for you and your daughter Wylie.
Love Gerda Schuilenburg from Leiden The Netherlands.

Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a Fantastic Birthday!

Love and Hugs from across the pond

Take Care.

With lots and lots and lots of love from somewhere on the other side of the World, comes a very big and warm wish for a very, very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Hope you see aaaaaaall your dreams come true one after the other... or all at once (insert choice here...)and are surrounded by loved ones always.

You've given us so much of yourself over the years you will always be a part of our lives and we love that!

There will be CAKE involved right???

Love ya! Never EVER stop smiling... laughing... giggling... grinning... smirking... and other such endorphine releasing activities that out a twinkle in your eyes!!!!


PS: That's the pic of an actual cake I SWEAR!!!!


Happy Birthday, Richard!

Have that cake, blow out those candles, give Wylie a hug and enjoy your day.
Remember that we, your fans, are very thankful for the years you gave us and we will never forget you.
I want to wish you many years in good health, filled with love and joy.

I have added a poem I made, although I'm just an amateur, I still hope you like it.


Somewhere in Minnesota
There's a boy, ice-skating
Young and daring, he dreams
Wants to become the greatest
All time hockey-player

Somewhere in Canada
There's a youngster, biking
Restless in his mind
Wants the wind in his hair
And his future free

The dream is shattered
Pain is burning
In body and soul
Changing his life!

Somewhere in Vancouver
There's a young man, filming
Handsome and handy
Becoming world-famous
But still has a dream

Somewhere in L.A.
There's a proud daddy, smiling
A little girl is playing
She's young and daring
The dream has come true!

Thank you!

from Belgium with love

Rita P.

Since I can't sing, I won't...
But anyways:
Happy Birthday and all the best wishes! Let it be another special day and may it be full of joy!
Greetz from Germany

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
And of course happy birthday.


Dear Ricard!
I wish you all the best for the year to come.
And I hope that your family is allright!
From Guro

Dear Richard,

I wish you all the best for the year to come.
May you have an angel on your shoulder watching over you and keeping you safe!
You will be in thousands of hearts all over the world!


A big smooch!


Have a Fantastic Birthday, Richard!


Richard may God bless you this birthday with a year that follows filled with good health and peace for your loved ones. I hope that you find the strength to express your love to the ones around you for in a moments time they can be gone forever....


Happy birthday Rick

Best wishes for a wonderful birthday Richard. I hope your day is full of joy and laughter.


Happy Birthday Richard