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The Klahoose Birthday Donation

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Richard Dean Anderson has always taken an active interest in environmental issues. In the summer of 2000, Richard participated in an exploration of the untouched wilderness of Headwall Canyon in British Columbia. During the expedition, which was filmed for an episode of National Geographic Explorer, Richard spoke eloquently about how he had been profoundly influenced by the experience.

Headwall Canyon, British Columbia

Headwall Canyon Headwall Canyon Headwall Canyon Headwall Canyon Headwall Canyon Headwall Canyon Headwall Canyon Headwall Canyon Headwall Canyon

Richard's passion encouraged his online fans to learn more about the environmental issues of the region. This eventually led to the collection of a donation to the Klahoose First Nation, which is fighting to regain control of the land around Headwall Canyon and to protect it through responsible eco-management. The donation was made in Richard Dean Anderson's name, in honor of his 51st birthday on January 23, 2001.

Donations were received from 67 people in 15 different countries. In addition, contributors sent postcards from their home countries. The map above is only a small representative sample of the postcards which were received and sent to Richard, along with a copy of the beautifully illustrated children's book, Brother Eagle, Sister Sky, which speaks to the theme of Native culture and caring for the environment.

The Gift and the Postcards

Birthday gift Birthday gift Birthday gift

Selections from Brother Eagle, Sister Sky

Brother Eagle, Sister Sky Brother Eagle, Sister Sky Brother Eagle, Sister Sky Brother Eagle, Sister Sky

The Letter Accompanying the Donation

January 23, 2001

Dear Richard,

Those of us who are your fans admire not only your talent, but also your passion and commitment. As we watched your excursion into Headwall Canyon last summer, your sense of joy and wonder touched something similar in us. We were inspired to learn more about the work of the Klahoose First Nation, and moved to support their efforts in environmental preservation and responsible eco-management. It was the cooperation and participation of your fans around the world that led to this gift.

In honor of your birthday, a donation has been made in your name to the Klahoose First Nation in support of their continuing work to preserve the beauty of Headwall Canyon for future generations. This donation represents the appreciation and gratitude of your online fans worldwide. Contributions were received from 15 different countries, and the box of postcards brings you the greetings of fans from every corner of the globe.

As we learned about the work in Headwall Canyon, we were reminded of the poignant words of Chief Seattle. Generations ago he spoke eloquently of caring for the Earth, and in keeping with this theme, we have included a copy of the book Brother Eagle, Sister Sky. Illustrated for a child, it reminds us all to "preserve the land and the air and the rivers for your children's children and love it as we have loved it." We wish you many happy moments sharing it with little Wylie.

Happy Birthday, Richard. Thank you for being the inspiration that you are. Please accept these gifts as an acknowledgement of the good that your work perpetuates.

With our very best wishes,
RDA Online Fans

Susan - New Mexico, USA
Lyn - Alaska, USA
Kay - California, USA
Nicole - Pennsylvania, USA
Kathy - Iowa, USA
Denise - New York, USA
Dorci - Nevada, USA
Carole - Pennsylvania, USA
Jess - Michigan, USA
Judith - Florida, USA
Beata - Illinois, USA
Karen - Texas, USA
Shelly - Kansas, USA
Denise - Georgia, USA
Stephanne - California, USA
Michelle - Pennsyvania, USA
Barbara - New York, USA
Randee - Illinois, USA
Lauren - Florida, USA
Carol - Tennessee, USA
Heather - Pennsylvania, USA
Diana - Minnesota, USA
Jeraldine - Georgia, USA
Nancy - Louisiana, USA
Mary - California, USA
Jenevieve - Virginia, USA
Judith - Wisconsin, USA
Jeanette - Missouri, USA
Pam - Pennsylvania, USA
Kate - New Jersey, USA
Christine - Florida, USA
Judy - New York, USA
Marcie - California, USA
Sharon - Ontario, Canada
Jane - Ontario, Canada
Marci - Alberta, Canada
Marion - Newfoundland, Canada
Brigitte - Quebec, Canada
Corinna - Germany/Canada
Tina - Germany
Silvia - Germany
Karin - Germany
Fabian - Germany
Christiane - Germany
Sandra - Germany
Linda - England
Christine - England
Alison - England
Penny - England
Cathy - England
Doreen - England
Gillian - England
Jenny - England
Elaine - England
Sandra - England
Renata - Brazil
Sylvie - La Réunion
Tessa - Netherlands
Iona - Netherlands & Finland
Mika - Finland
Martine - Finland
Emma - Sweden
Jakob - Norway
Elspeth - Denmark/Scotland
Junko - Japan
Antonella - Italy
Shiplu - Bangladesh

Note: Last names, which appeared in the original letter, have been eliminated here.