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Richard Dean Anderson

Following the enormous success of MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson had a few difficulties finding a role of that scope. When the role of Colonel Jack O'Neill presented itself, Richard didn't hesitate for a second and here he is again heading another successful series: Stargate SG-1. Between this show and his family life, Richard Dean Anderson is a happy man.

Where does your first name end and where does your last name begin?

Richard Dean Anderson: I was always called Rick. When I began working, I had to join the Screen Actors Guild. There was already a Rick Anderson, as well as a Richard Anderson, so I had to pull out my middle name. Richard Dean Anderson was born!

Five years ago you were living the life of a dedicated bachelor. Today you are a daddy and you have the perfect love with Apryl... What happened?

I lived a perfectly selfish existence for years, I left my family when I was 15 years old and I didn't have the opportunity to share my life with a soulmate. I got tired of doing everything solo and when I met Apryl, I found that this life of the hardened bachelor had lasted long enough. Today my life has changed, but all for the best.

Has the birth of Wylie Quinn Annarose influenced the role of Jack O'Neill?

I'm happier, but I don't think that this changes anything in my character. In the morning, before I leave for work, I have the joy of being kissed by my little girl and that puts me in a good mood for the whole day. It's possible that this good mood improves my performance as an actor.

Wylie Quinn Annarose is an unusual name, where does it come from?

I've always loved unusual things! I had chosen Zoé, but my family didn't like that name at all. One day while reading a children's story before my daughter was even born, we discovered that the name of the heroine, Wylie, would be the perfect name for the baby. At the last moment Apryl added Annarose because it's the name of a rose that I love.

Are you very involved in your daughter's life?

I'm a father hen, in fact I'd make an excellent mother. I'm delighted that nowadays the roles of parents are equally balanced. I've changed diapers and given Wylie her bottle in the middle of the night. I would have been very unhappy not to have taken part in that adventure.

You liked extreme sports. Has that changed since Wylie's birth?

Of course, I have responsibilities. It's out of the question that my daughter should end up without a daddy because he wanted to go skateboarding in the clouds! In fact, it's just as well, I'm not all that young anymore and my skeleton is held together thanks to various pins and staples!

Richard Dean Anderson Richard and Apryl Richard on the set of Stargate with Amanda Tapping

You turned 50 in the year 2000, did you have a party?

Apryl had organized a surprise party in a bowling alley. All my friends were there, more than 150 people, it's a wonderful memory.

Do you want any more children?

For the moment we are taking full advantage of Wylie, but as soon as she shows a wish for a little sister or a little brother, I think that her wish will be granted very quickly!

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