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For two and a half years, a little sweetheart is turning his life upside down.

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Richard and Wylie

The future of Stargate SG-1, his responsibilities as a father, his ecological causes... Richard Dean talks about these with Télé Star, between scenes of the series.

Télé Star: You are shooting the fifth season of Stargate SG-1. What will it have in store for us?

Richard Dean Anderson: Just as much romance, action, comedy, extraterrestrial creatures, with even more exciting scripts. As for a possible romance between Carter (Amanda Tapping) and O'Neill, I can only suggest you watch the next episodes... (laughing)

Your partner Apryl and your daughter Wylie live in Los Angeles, but you are shooting in Canada. The separation isn't too difficult?

Of course it's difficult. But the pleasure of working for a successful series and in an extraordinary atmosphere eases the pain of separation a little bit.

Why don't they come join you?

Our main home is in California, and Apryl and I hope that Wylie, even though she was born in Canada, will grow up there and go to school there, where she will be admitted for the next school year. Her roots and her education will be in California.

Doesn't this absence from your daughter weigh on your decision whether or not to return for a sixth year as Colonel O'Neill?

I don't know yet what is going to happen to the series. We've put forth to MGM the idea of making a big screen movie. That would be wonderful. And besides, since the adventure of Stargate began on the big screen, it would only be poetic justice.

What is the most valuable thing that Wylie has taught you?

She has allowed me to realize that I was capable of loving unconditionally. Before her, I didn't think that I was capable of such intensity. But giving my love and my time without condition to this little two and a half year old girl is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me.

She isn't asking you for a little brother or a little sister?

No, not for now. She has a lot of cousins, one in particular named Chloe, whom she gets along with beautifully.

You will be leaving on an expedition for the purpose of a series of documentaries on the rivers throughout the world...

Defending ecological causes has become very important to me. Within the scheme of this filming, I am indeed going to have to make a world tour. At 50 years old, I still feel the need to travel, to discover, and explore...

Richard and Apryl


  • At 17 years old, he travelled nearly 8000 km by bicycle from Minnesota to Canada and Alaska.

  • Today, he continues to take off on his bicycle as soon as possible between scenes of shooting Stargate SG-1.

  • He has a passion for hockey and once hoped to become a professional, but an accident to his knees [sic] changed his mind.

  • His handyman fans are going to be disappointed: he has no intention of resuming the role of MacGyver.

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