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The following advertisement spread for the 4Renegade Collection of clothing from The Haggar Apparel Company appeared as "A Special Promotional Section" in the August 1987 issue of Gentlemen's Quarterly.

Richard in an advertisement for 4Renegade

That's me, Richard Dean Anderson. You usually see me as MacGyver, Mondays at 8 on ABC-TV. I'm known for coming to the assistance of anyone in need, always using ingenuity rather than violence to escape from impending doom.

I used my ingenuity to escape from the set for a few days of rest and relaxation. In the mountains, I knew I'd be away from it all. There I am, just arriving at the cabin. I didn't bring much, just some clothes I could feel comfortable in. 4Renegade. Real comfort. Real relaxation. When you're taking it easy, looking good shouldn't be a challenge. Little did I know, I had lots of other unexpected challenges to deal with.

Richard in an advertisement for 4Renegade Richard in an advertisement for 4Renegade

I figured I'd do some hiking. I just couldn't keep still. As you can see, neither could the tree trunk I was trying to cross. I didn't want my vacation to get off to a shaky start. I decided to try my luck fishing. And try, and try... soon I was getting the knack of it. I could just taste the fresh fish cooking over a fire. Finally, I got a bite. This was a tough one, but I wasn't letting go. Maybe I should have. They told me this lake was stocked, I didn't realize just how efficiently! It was time to pack up and return to civilization.

Richard in an advertisement for 4Renegade Richard in an advertisement for 4Renegade

I tossed my bag into my jeep and headed home. Driving back with the cool air blowing against my face, I was finally relaxed. Until there was cool air blowing out from my front tire. This couldn't be happening!

As I stopped to change the tire, I caught the eye of a lovely young lady coming to my assistance. "Hey, aren't you MacGyver?" she asked. "You should be able to fix that flat tire in no time." Just as I was about to introduce myself as Richard Dean Anderson, I figured why bother? Besides, I had to move fast.

"I guess you're right" I said, "if I fix it in less than 5 minutes, you take me to dinner, deal?" She looked at me surprised and smiled.

Richard in an advertisement for 4Renegade

Dinner was great. I told her all about my exciting adventure. The hills I climbed, the fish I caught. Oh yeah, and that one big fish, the one that accidentally got away, almost twice the size of this one. She bought it -- hook, line and sinker.

The preceding story is a fictional account.
Schiffman, Bonnie (photographer). "MacGyver: Renegade on Retreat." Special Promotional Section. Gentlemen's Quarterly. August, 1987.