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Richard Dean Anderson


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January 25, 2023

Updates - Note From Rick - Steel City Con

December 31, 2022

Updates - Note From Rick - Dogs



Steel City Con | Pittsburgh, PA | Mar 31 - Apr 2, 2023

Comic-Con Prague | Prague, Czech. | Apr 15-16, 2023

FedCon | Bonn, Germany | May 26-28, 2023



Kate Ritter has remained steadfastly respectful of my need for personal privacy. In addition to the Lexicon, Kate has created and maintained the most amazing website on my behalf, Her meticulous chronicling of my career and life activities looms as one of the greatest labors of love imaginable. She knows better than most people how much I cherish and protect my privacy so it has been no easy task for her to be as comprehensive as she is on the website. Even without regular correspondence she has been able to exhibit great insight into the workings of my head and heart. I must admit, sadly, that I have been of little help in her efforts; she has done it all on her own. For this I am eternally grateful and sincerely extend my unyielding appreciation.

Thank You, Kate! Rick

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Notes From Rick

Richard Dean Anderson