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Tanith was a Goa'uld who had been carried as a larval symbiote by Shan'auc. She believed that she had turned her symbiote against the Goa'uld, and she sought help from the Tok'ra to find a willing host. Tanith was implanted in Hebron of Paravel, a human ally of the Tok'ra, who volunteered as a host to receive the Goa'uld knowledge. Remaining true to his Goa'uld nature, however, Tanith killed Shan'auc, but he remained within the Tok'ra ranks and was used by the Tok'ra as a Goa'uld counterspy, passing disinformation to Apophis.

Tanith was eventually sentenced by the Tok'ra to be extracted from the host, but he escaped, captured a wounded Teal'c, and returned to Apophis. He escaped the destruction of Apophis's fleet at Vorash and entered the service of Anubis, traveling to Tollana in a mothership impervious to ion cannons. By threatening to destroy Tollana, he forced the Tollans to create weapons of mass destruction to be sent to Earth, but when they refused to follow through with Earth's destruction, he destroyed Tollana instead. Tanith next encountered SG-1 on P3X-116 where he was killed in battle when his alkesh was shot down by Teal'c, thus giving Teal'c the revenge he sought for the death of Shan'auc.

Portrayed by: Peter Wingfield

Cross Reference: Anise, Apophis, Goa'uld, Hebron, Narim, P3X-116, Shan'auc, Tok'ra, Tollana, Tollans, Travell, Vorash

Episode Reference: Crossroads, Exodus, Between Two Fires, 48 Hours