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Robert Rothman

Dr. Robert Rothman had once been Daniel's research assistant years ago when Daniel was preparing his dissertation. He later joined the SGC in a research capacity, studying archaeological artifacts such as the crystal skull. As someone who related better to artifacts than to people, Rothman was an academic with whom O'Neill had little patience.

Rothman joined SG-11's archaeological mission to P3X-888, the Unas homeworld, where he was taken as a host by the indigenous primordial Goa'uld living in the waters of the planet. He maintained his identity, even returning to the SGC to report that the team had been attacked by the native Unas, and he joined the rescue team, much to O'Neill's dismay, when they returned to the planet in search of Daniel. However, when the Goa'uld revealed himself and attacked the rescue party, Rothman was wounded by Captain Griff with a staff weapon, and shot and killed by O'Neill.

Portrayed by: Jason Schombing

Cross Reference: Crystal Skull, Major Hawkins, Daniel Jackson, P3X-888, SG Teams

Episode Reference: Forever in a Day, Crystal Skull, The First Ones