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Revanna, a forested world with grassy plains, was the location of a Tok'ra base. It was attacked by a fleet of motherships under the command of Zipacna, in the name of Anubis. During the invasion, all the Tok'ra of the base were killed including Ren'al and Aldwin, as well as the members of SG-17. Lieutenant Elliot, as the host to Lantash, remained behind to release a symbiote poison that would kill the invading army. SG-1 later returned to Revanna to retrieve and repair a damaged teltac to rendezvous with an asteroid.

Cross Reference: Aldwin, Anubis, Lieutenant Elliot, Lantash, Major Mansfield, Martouf, Ren'al, Tok'ra, Tok'ra Tunnels, Zipacna

Episode Reference: Summit, Last Stand, Fail Safe