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Lieutenant Elliot

Lieutenant Elliot graduated at the top of his class at the Air Force Academy and was hand picked for the special SGC training program under Colonel O'Neill. He commanded a unit of trainees including Hailey, Grogan, and Satterfield in a variety of scenarios including a foothold situation. Although criticized by O'Neill for being indecisive, he showed courage and leadership, and he passed the training and was assigned to SG-17 under Major Mansfield.

On his first mission, Elliot was seriously injured in Zipacna's attack on Revanna, and he was taken as a host by the Tok'ra Lantash. However, Lantash was unable to heal his internal injuries, and he volunteered to sacrifice himself, to stay behind and release a poison that would target symbiotes, including his own, to defeat the invading army and allow SG-1 to escape.

Portrayed by: Courtenay J. Stevens

Cross Reference: Lieutenant Grogan, Jennifer Hailey, General Kerrigan, Lantash, Major Mansfield, Martouf, Revanna, Lieutenant Satterfield, SG Teams, Symbiote Poison, Zipacna

Episode Reference: Proving Ground, Summit, Last Stand