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Kelowna is one of three major nations on P2S-4C3, later known as Langara, with a technological level similar to the 1940s and a geopolitical climate similar to the Cold War. About 15 years ago the Kelownans discovered an ancient temple of the Goa'uld Thanos, who had occupied the planet thousands of years ago. Within the temple they found a stargate, as well as artifacts, writings, and naquadria, a powerful radioactive mineral which they began developing as a weapon, despite evidence that similar experiments had destroyed their planet 10,000 years ago. The Kelownans were anxious for trade with Earth, but when the Kelownan government chose to blame Daniel Jackson for a lethal lab accident rather than to admit their own negligence, diplomatic relations were severely jeopardized. Jonas Quinn, the Special Advisor to the High Minister of Kelowna, defected to Earth with a sample of naquadria, hoping to prevent a cataclysm on his homeworld.

When the three major powers of P2S-4C3, Kelowna, Tirania, and the Andari Federation, reached the brink of war, Kelowna sought help from Earth, offering naquadria in exchange for military technology that would delay the use of the naquadria weapon. However, the Pentagon offered only non-military technology and medical aid. The offer was turned down by the Kelownans, and following SG-1's return from the planet, Dr. Kieran and his team of scientists successfully tested the naquadria bomb. When global war broke out, the Kelownans, faced with their own destruction, used the weapon against their enemies with devastating results. The three nations were preparing to negotiate a peace agreement when Anubis's fleet appeared in orbit above the planet. Anubis had used a mind probe on Jonas Quinn and launched an attack on Kelowna, seeking naquadria for himself. Anubis's fleet was defeated by the combined forces of the System Lords, under the command of Ba'al, and the planet was spared.

Jonas Quinn returned to his homeworld as a member of the new Joint Ruling Council, however he returned to seek help from the SGC once more when his research revealed that Kelowna's own naquadria research may have precipitated a chain reaction that was converting raw naquadah into naquadria deep underground. The increased heat and pressure of the highly unstable mineral threatened an explosion that would obliterate Kelowna and render the planet uninhabitable. SG-1 cooperated with Jonas and his research partner, Kianna Cyr, to use a deep underground excavation vehicle to trigger a nuclear explosion near a fault line and isolate the advancing naquadria vein. The crisis was averted, and the planet was spared, however, when Ori warships entered the galaxy, Langara was one of many worlds that fell to the armies of the Ori.

Cross Reference: Andari Federation, Anubis, Kianna Cyr, Deep Underground Excavation Vehicle, Dreylock, Hale, Daniel Jackson, Dr. Kieran, Langara, Tomis Leed, Naquadria, P2S-4C3, Jonas Quinn, Tirania, Valis

Episode Reference: Meridian, Shadow Play, Homecoming, Fallout