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Deep Underground Excavation Vehicle

The deep underground excavation vehicle, an example of advanced Kelownan technology, is a manned drill originally designed to mine naquadria. It took two and a half years to build at a cost of over half the annual Kelownan research budget, its fore and aft sections have been outfitted with titanium cutter heads, each of which can withstand or apply a thrust of up to 50 metric tons, and it is capable of an advance rate of up to 80 meters per hour through several kilometers of solid rock.

Upgrades made by Kianna Cyr based on Goa'uld design, and the incorporation of Tok'ra tunnel crystals in conjunction with the cutter heads, greatly improved the speed and efficiency of the device. Jonas, Kianna, Carter and Teal'c piloted the vehicle through 20 kilometers of solid rock in order to deposit a small nuclear bomb that would trigger a shift along a fault line and isolate the advancing vein of naquadria that threatened to destroy the planet. Although damaged by a magma flow that raised the hull temperature to 1200°, the vehicle was able to successfully complete the mission and to return to the surface as the bomb exploded and eliminated the threat to the planet.

Cross Reference: Kianna Cyr, Kelowna, Langara, Naquadria, Jonas Quinn, Tok'ra Tunnels

Episode Reference: Fallout