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Dr. Kieran

Dr. Kieran, a professor and researcher at the Academy of Science on Kelowna, had been one of Jonas's teachers at university. As the head of the Naquadria Project, he had recruited Jonas, and they had worked together for six years before Jonas's defection to Earth. They were reunited when Dr. Kieran arrived as a member of the Kelownan delegation to Earth requesting the reopening of trade relations.

Dr. Kieran exhibited increasingly erratic behaviors, as did his colleagues, Dr. Tomis Leed and Dr. Silas, the originators of the Naquadria Project. Dr. Kieran claimed that a secret underground resistance on Kelowna was poised to seize power and bring an end to the threat of war on his planet. However, it became apparent that Dr. Kieran's long-term exposure to naquadria radiation without proper precautions had led to a unique form of brain damage resulting in paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations. He was diagnosed with advanced schizophrenia, and the Kelownan resistance was merely a manifestation of his illness. Dr. Kieran was brought to Earth for treatment, and although further deterioration could be prevented, his condition is irreversible.

Portrayed by: Dean Stockwell

Cross Reference: Dreylock, Hale, Kelowna, Tomis Leed, Naquadria, Jonas Quinn, Valis

Episode Reference: Shadow Play