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Goa'uld Language

The Goa'uld language, spoken by the Goa'uld and the Jaffa, is related to ancient Egyptian and Arabic. It shares similar roots with the language of Abydos, and borrows from the Unas language as well. The language is simple in structure, and many words can have a multitude of meanings depending on the context and the way in which they are combined. When written, the Goa'uld language is read from right to left.

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Cross Reference: Alkesh, Ashrak, Bashaak, Cal Mah, Chaapa'ai, Chaapa'ko, Chel Nak, Goa'uld, Hak'tyl, Harakash, Harsesis, Ha'tak, Hok'tar, In'tar, Jaffa, Joma Secu, Jomo Se Telek, Kelno'reem, Kel Shak Lo, Korush'nai, Krantu, Kree, Linvris, Lok'nel, Lo'taur, Mastaba, Mikta, Na'onak, Naquadah, Nish'ta, Peltac, Prim'ta, Shol'va, Tac, Tal Mak, Tauri, Teltac, Tok'ra, Unas Language, Vo'cume, Zatarc

First Introduced: Children of the Gods