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An Ashrak, or "Hunter", is an assassin of the highest rank, trained in the ways of the Goa'uld, who carries out the orders of the System Lords. These assassins possess an ability to kill that is legendary. Many years ago, in the naquadah mines of Kawawn, many Jaffa had been mysteriously killed by an exotic bladed knife. Apophis had ordered the mines sealed, and when the tunnels were opened days later, a single Ashrak was found to have killed so many.

An Ashrak was sent by Cronus to kill Jolinar within Carter, using a weapon of Goa'uld design known as a harakash. Confronting Jolinar, he spoke the words, "Kree shak, Jolinar. By decree of the Goa'uld System Lords, you will die with dishonor by the power of the harakash." Although Carter survived, the Ashrak succeeded in killing Jolinar, but he was killed by Teal'c before he could escape through the stargate.

An Ashrak in the service of Anubis used a personal cloaking device to infiltrate the Alpha Site. Intending to use the hatred between the Tok'ra and Rebel Jaffa to turn them against each other, he murdered Ocker and Artok using the familiar exotic knife, and left Bra'tac for dead. Bra'tac, as he recovered from his injuries, was able to kill the Ashrak with his staff weapon.

Portrayed by: Peter LaCroix, Dan Payne

Cross Reference: Alpha Site, Anubis, Artok, Bra'tac, Samantha Carter, Cronus, Goa'uld, Goa'uld Language, Harakash, Invisibility, Jolinar, Malek, Nasyans, Ocker, Rebel Jaffa, Talia, Tok'ra

Episode Reference: In the Line of Duty, Serpent's Song, Allegiance