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Smith was the name used by the leader of the rogue NID operatives, including Jones, Sanderson, and Reynolds, who hijacked the Prometheus. Smith had been a decorated Marine in Somalia, and as a rogue agent he had worked as a cameraman for a television network for more than a year in preparation to carry out the hijacking plan. He and his team took control of the Prometheus and destabilized the hyperdrive generators, threatening to destroy the ship unless Colonel Simmons and Adrian Conrad were released and the team was allowed to complete its mission of locating a secret cache of Ancient weapons. The hijacking was thwarted by SG-1, and Smith and his team were taken into custody.

Portrayed by: Ian Tracey

Cross Reference: Adrian Conrad, Julia Donovan, Jones, Al Martell, NID Off-World Operation, NID Rogue Operation, Prometheus, Frank Simmons

Episode Reference: Prometheus