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Kasuf, the father of Skaara and Sha're, and father-in-law of Daniel, was a native of Abydos and a friend to SG-1. After Sha're gave birth to the infant Harsesis, Kasuf was entrusted with the care of the child, and he sent a message to SG-1 for help when Amaunet captured Abydonians on P8X-873 and stole the child away. He summoned SG-1 once again when young Shifu returned to Abydos. Kasuf had taken the women and children to the safety of the caves of Kaleemah when Anubis arrived and destroyed the pyramid and the inhabitants of Abydos.

Portrayed by: Erick Avari

Cross Reference: Abydonians, Abydos, Amaunet, Harsesis, P8X-873, Sha're, Shifu, Skaara

Episode Reference: Secrets, Forever in a Day, Absolute Power