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The planet Hebridan has modern cities and a highly advanced level of technology including mass communication systems, anti-gravity trains, and ion propulsion technology. Although the planet does not have a stargate, space travel is routine, and the space race known as the Loop of Kon Garat takes place each year. The planet is populated by humans, probably brought from Earth, and by the Serrakin, a humanoid race, who share the planet in a racially mixed society.

Cross Reference: Coyle Boron, Aden Corso, Eamon Finn, Warrick Finn, Ardal Hadraig, Miles Hagan, Hebridans, Ion Propulsion Engine, Golon Jarlath, Loop of Kon Garat, La'el Montrose, Muirios, Lyle Pender, Tanis Reynard, Seberus, Serrakin, Tech Con Group, Del Tynan

Episode Reference: Space Race