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Henry Hayes

President Henry Hayes was elected to the White House in the seventh year of operation at Stargate Command. He had selected Robert Kinsey as his running mate for his ability to provide campaign financing and electoral votes. He was unaware of Kinsey's history with the SGC, however, and he learned of the Stargate Program on his first day in office when he was briefed by General Maynard, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. President Hayes refused to be influenced by Kinsey's agenda to remove the leadership at the SGC, and he listened with an open mind as Kinsey, Woolsey, and Maynard presented evidence regarding SGC operations. Despite his suspicions about Kinsey's motivation and possible ties to illegal activities, President Hayes recognized the political implications of maintaining military control of the SGC, and he made the decision to suspend current operations for a three-month review period and to place Dr. Elizabeth Weir, a civilian, in command.

General Hammond and Henry Hayes share a mutual respect, having known each other when they were both young lieutenants, and when Hammond was relieved of command, he met with Hayes to discuss reassignment. During Anubis's attack on Earth, Hayes proved to be an effective strategist. He stood up to Anubis with grit and sarcasm, put his faith in O'Neill and SG-1, trusted Weir's command decisions at the SGC, and launched the Prometheus into battle under the command of General Hammond. When he learned the truth about Kinsey's illicit connections, he made it clear that Kinsey would be expected to resign the vice presidency, and he reestablished operations at the SGC under the command of General O'Neill. President Hayes remains a strong supporter of the Stargate Program.

Portrayed by: William Devane

Cross Reference: Bonnie, Mark Gilmor, George Hammond, John P. Jumper, Robert Kinsey, Francis Maynard, John Prior, SGC, Stan, Elizabeth Weir, Richard Woolsey

Episode Reference: Inauguration, Lost City