September 22, 2018

RDA Richard returned to France to attend the Lyon Game Show. By arriving a few days early, he was able to enjoy the sights of the city before meeting with fans at the convention.

During the weekend, he participated in a brief interview for French TV in which he spoke of MacGyver's enduring popularity, he greeted fans, posed for photos, signed autographs, and participated in a Q & A panel that included Ross Mullan of Game of Thrones.

Below are Richard's notes and photos from his visit to Lyon as well as some photos and media from the Lyon Game Show.

Note From Rick
September 18, 2018

Richard traveled to France a few days early, and while waiting for his connecting flight, he indulged in an imaginative flight of fancy, perhaps fueled by multiple double espressos.

September 18, 2018

Well, what's gnu?

I'm actually in France right now (2:13PM my time).

Enjoying lounge life in Air France French flag world, avec General Chuck de Gaulle. He has chosen a rather heavy, almost syrupy port upon which he will sip for our brief encounter.

I, on the other hand, have ruined yet another travel t-shirt by loudly & quickly downing my third double espresso of the morning, (which is actually a continuation of my day and night of yesterday), and subsequently soaking the soft blueness out of my T-shirt shirt, rendering it almost 'navy' for our chat (which, I think, is 'dog' or 'cat' in French... I could be wrong).

Here he comes. He's been dans la toilette for nearly 3/4 of an heure, which got me suspicious of the old frog: What COULD he have been doing for that long in the loo?

Guy's gotta wonder.

Just taxiing for take off to Lyon now.

Taking oooofff...



Note From Rick
September 21, 2018

Richard had some time to enjoy exploring the city before appearing at the Lyon Game Show on Saturday, and he shared two photos from his travels.

The first picture was taken at the fountains and Flower Tree sculpture at Place Antonin Poncet in Lyon. The second picture was taken the following morning, with a view of the city from another perspective.

Richard's selfie from the Flower Tree sculpture and fountains in Lyon
I have never lost the impulse to saunter on in to water
fountains. This one was just as tempting as my first...
Lyon, France '18
Richard's picture of his breakfast in Lyon
My breakfast this morning~ I've grown civilized.

Toward the end of the day, he returned with another brief message.

I think I walked 8 miles today, covering hundreds of side streets, and alleyways, and little shops, and videotaping stuff I was. Pix to share, but likely tomorrow as I crumble unconscious into hhs s dncsssss...

Note From Rick
October 1, 2018

After he returned home from France, Richard shared several more of his photos from his visit to Lyon, including another view of the Flower Tree sculpture, a map of his adventures, and the castle-like Notre Dame Basilica.

Richard's picture of the Flower Tree sculpture in Lyon
Rather large ceramic bouquet

Richard's picture of a map of Lyon
I was here ~ RIGHT here!

Richard's picture of Notre Dame Basilica in Lyon
Same 'castle,' different days.

Richard's picture of Notre Dame Basilica in Lyon
Transition shot, watching the clouds roll in to darken the sky

Richard's picture of Notre Dame Basilica in Lyon
The wind brought the darkness ~
a most pleasant environmental transition.

Saturday Question & Answer Panel
On Saturday, September 22nd, Richard was joined by Ross Mullan for a Question & Answer panel.

Saturday Panel - September 22, 2018
c/o tgsevenements

Photograph/Autograph Sessions and Question & Answer Panel
Richard participated in a brief interview for French TV, posed for pictures, signed autographs, participated in a Q&A panel, and stopped to show his support at the Sea Shepherd booth.

Photos and videos courtesy of TGSevenements, Caroline T., Iréne, Karine, Véronique, Nora, Sandrine, and Richard Dean Anderson. Thank you!