Armageddon Expo
March 5-13, 2016

Richard returned to New Zealand to attend the Armageddon Expo, which was held on two consecutive weekends in Manukau and Christchurch, New Zealand.

At each convention, Richard took the opportunity to greet fans, pose for photos, sign autographs, and participate in Q & A panels.

In addition, before the conventions began, Richard participated in a series of interviews for radio, television, and print to promote the upcoming events.

Below are some photos and media appearances from Richard's visit to New Zealand.

About a week before arriving in New Zealand, Richard spoke by phone with writer James Croot about the enduring legacy of MacGyver, his television series Legend, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and his reasons for returning to New Zealand. Multiple versions of the interview have appeared in print, the first on February 28, and another on March 4.

Stuff.co.nz. February 28, 2016

Stuff.co.nz. March 4, 2016


Radio Hauraki - "The Hauraki Breakfast with Matt Heath and Jeremy Wells"
On the morning radio show, Matt and Jeremy talked to Richard about his interactions with fans and posed several "Thank You For Your Honesty" questions submitted by listeners.

Hauraki Breakfast - March 4, 2016
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Story on TV3 - "When Heather Met MacGyver"
Richard also visited with Heather du Plessis-Allan of TV3's "Story" for a segment that aired on March 7th. The two took a drive in Heather's jeep to explore a bit of the city and to have a conversation about such topics as driving, politics, Armageddon Expo, and MacGyver remakes.

Story - March 4, 2016
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Auckland and Manukau
In addition to completing interviews with the local media, Richard was also able to explore some of the sites near Auckland before meeting with fans for the weekend convention in Manukau.

Richard joined Matt and Jeremy on the early morning radio talk show "Hauraki Breakfast," where he answered questions about his experiences with fans as well as several questions submitted by listeners.

Richard chatted with Heather du Plessis-Allan of TV3's "Story" as they went for a ride in her jeep
and enjoyed the views from Auckland's waterfront.

Richard visited with Professor Richard Faull and others at the Centre for Brain Research at the University of Auckland
where he learned about leading-edge discoveries in the field of brain research.

At Armageddon Expo in Manukau, Richard mingled with fans at the pre-event cocktail party, signed autographs,
supported the Sea Shepherd booth, caught up with Christopher Judge and David Nykl as he posed for photos with fans,
and participated in two Question & Answer panels.

Armageddon Expo Manukau - Saturday Question & Answer Panel
On Saturday, March 5th, Richard was joined on stage by fellow Stargate co-stars Christopher Judge and David Nykl for a Q & A panel in Manukau.

Armageddon Panel - March 5, 2016
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Armageddon Expo Manukau - Sunday Question & Answer Panel
On Sunday, March 6th, Richard took to the stage for a solo appearance to address fans' questions in a Q & A panel in Manukau.

Armageddon Panel - March 6, 2016
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Note From Rick
As the convention in Manukau came to a close, Richard headed for Christchurch and a few days of down time before his next convention appearance. On Monday night, he took a moment for some reflection on his visit to a favorite destination.

March 7, 2016

I love New Zealand, I really do. A lot, in fact, I like it a lot!

But with each passing day I (ODDLY!!!) find it more and more difficult to adjust my ear to the dialect of the friendly and kind Zealander. I am sure it is the English language hidden in there, somewhere, but it gets so thin sometimes (tinny?) that it might as well be French... well... OK, not French!...

Again, you must keep in mind that without exception, the human people of New Zealand are exquisite in every way imaginable. But my lack of comprehension of the language THROUGH the dialect, makes for some obvious, "Elderly Moments" (a short-form magazine/book Charlie Correll and I were co-writing just before he died.)

Another example of an "Elderly Moment": getting honked at while waiting at a light in the left-turn lane. Or, wearing a hat for its intended purpose.

Well, this was an attempt at an update... I'll have to continue tomorrow...


Anderson, Rick

During a few days of down time between conventions, Richard had the opportunity to explore some of the sights that New Zealand has to offer.

On Wednesday, Richard spent some time enjoying Sumner Beach near Christchurch.

On Thursday, Richard visited the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) in Christchurch,
where he spoke with Rob Kerr (right) to learn about the Avon River revitalization work.

During his visit to Christchurch, Richard spoke on Thursday with Style magazine for a video interview that was broadcast on March 11th. Along the banks of the Avon River, Richard talked about raising his teenage daughter of whom he is so proud, he discussed his work with preserving waterways and oceans, and in keeping with the title of the publication, he recalled a fashion faux pas from his past.

Style - March 10, 2016
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Note From Rick
On Thursday evening, Richard once again shared a few thoughts as he reported that his sweet tooth had caught up with him in New Zealand.

March 10, 2016

Well, one of the worst things that could happen... did happen!

While shopping for supplies that would keep off the Room Service menu, and leaning toward a healthier approach to hotel survival (it's all in my book), I came across the organic nuts section, which also harbored dangerous items as gummy candy, licorice chunks, muesli dust, bins of yogurt-covered everything, gooey goo, and more and more nuts.

And then, there it was, my downfall: Crystallized Ginger. I'd been looking for this exact product ever since I left Fiji a couple of years ago. I had been lead to believe this form of ginger was now illegal (who knows?!?) in the US.

So I've been substituting a fairly snappy, ginger-flavored candy in its place. From the start, it just wasn't the same, but it DID get my Dentist's attention!!! (I was advised to STOP consumption of ALL candy, including my beloved crystal ginger! --- As a note: Except for the occasional chunk of exquisitely high-quality chocolate sampled at a variety of Sci-Fi conventions, I don't eat candy -- and except for this newly-discovered 'vein of GOLD'... I STILL DON'T.)

So, that's been a setback. But I'll get over it... as soon as my bag of Crystallized Ginger is depleted. Should be soon.

Disclaimer: DO NOT SEND OR GIVE ME ANY CANDY OF ANY KIND, EVER!!!!! I will not accept it!!

End of Installment -- More to Come.

Anderson, Rick

Note From Rick
That same night, in the wee hours of the morning, Richard attempted to backtrack and chronicle his travel adventures from the beginning.

March 10, 2016

Installment the 2nd...

As young Kate has come to learn: I have a hard time chronicling events in my life. More, any records that I do make, often lay dormant in or about a rapidly molting brain cavity, never to be moved forward into my friend Kate's proximity. So this is rare.

The first leg of this trip landed me in Sydney, Australia, where I had a layover of about 2+ hours: this because I have grown fond of Qantas Airways... for several reasons. Really, the only one worth mentioning is the actual physical accommodation in the seating. It's expensive as crap, but quite honestly, I would not survive the 12-14 hour flights from east to west that bring me to the luscious loins of New Zed Land, and other islands in the vicinity.

Qantas has beds for the journey, flat, lengthy beds that a man with a crumbling and throbbing spinal column and rancid knees truly appreciates.

The second part of the first leg simply consisted of making my flight to Auckland, which is not always a "sure thing"! But make it I did, and the ride from the airport to the same hotel as last time, was phenomenally familiar!!

Game on!!! quoth I... I'M BACK!!!

Armageddon was getting ready to HAPPEN!!! And the early comers were clearly the 'Happening-est' of ALL of my house-guests. By now it should be known, nay, understood, that I respect and adore the men, women, and KIDS who make a good, solid, commitment to costuming!!! It could be considered an art form in many circles... truly, should be considered so.

Some time has passed...well into the night, my friends...... well into the late night... to the late... late... night......

More to come.

Anderson, Rick

Armageddon Expo Christchurch
On Friday evening, Richard mingled with fans at the pre-event cocktail party, then on Saturday and Sunday he participated in two Question & Answer panels, signed autographs, and posed for photos with fans.

Armageddon Expo Christchurch - Saturday Question & Answer Panel
On Saturday, March 12th, Richard was joined on stage by fellow Stargate co-stars Christopher Judge and Corin Nemec for a Q & A panel in Christchurch.

Armageddon Panel - March 12, 2016
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Armageddon Expo Christchurch - Sunday Question & Answer Panel
On Sunday, March 13th, Richard took to the stage for a solo appearance to address fans' questions in a Q & A panel in Christchurch.

Armageddon Panel - March 13, 2016
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From Richard Dean Anderson
Although Richard managed to send out a few notes from New Zealand, he was having great difficulty getting images to send properly. However, once he returned home, he chose a few of his own photographs to share.

While in Aukland, Richard visited the Centre for Brain Research at the University of Auckland, where he learned about leading-edge discoveries in the field of cancer research and treatment. Posing here with Professor Richard Faull, he captioned this photo "Man With Brain."

One of Richard's favorite activities during science fiction conventions is people-watching, and he especially enjoys the variety of costumes worn by fans. This one in particular caught his eye. He captioned the photo, "While Walking in Christchurch... I Met a Man?"

This drawing also caught his attention, however he sent the photograph without a description or caption.

In between the two conventions, Richard enjoyed some time exploring Sumner Beach near Christchurch. He wrote, "I met this guy on my second day in Christchurch. He had dodged becoming a wee morsel, but just couldn't stay out of the sun...."

Richard explained, "Qantas pilots, flight crew -- having spent some 14 odd hours focused on getting all of us safely back to Los Angeles.... asked politely and respectfully for my presence in the cockpit. These gentlemen are MASSIVE MacGyver officianados!! I am a huge Airplane pilot fan!! I miss riding up front... used to do it all the time."

After enjoying nearly two weeks in New Zealand, Richard returned home where his very best friend, Andy, was waiting. This picture was captioned, "Often, I will sit alone and wonder..."